Children's Ministry

1. Effective Children's Ministry

2. Developing a Heart for Ministry

3. Teaching Techniques

4. Blueprints for a Balanced Service

5. Job Descriptions

6. Working with Puppets

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Phil. 4: 13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Mark10:14 Jesus said, " .. Suffer (send forth, let) little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God."

See Mat. 19:14, Luke 18:16-43, & I Samuel chap 1 & 2.

1. Getting Started or reorganizing your Children's Ministry

A. Talk to pastor (get approval)

B. Find a place to meet

1. Make it clean (paint if needed)

2. Clear out clutter or cover items stored there

3. Add pictures, posters, decorations

C. Advertise - - - Make it exciting

1. Make calls and visits

2. Announce in church

3. Posters--- Make it attractive and attention getting

4. Get children to help - offer prizes

II. Purpose: see outline in folder III. Obtain Materials

A. I have some to offer

B. See resource page in folder

C. Go to Christian Book store or call publishing house

D. Pray for inspiration

IV. Plan what to include in service

A. Prayer D. Lesson & verse from Bible

B. Songs E. Altar Service

C. Puppets F. Prayer for sick & special needs

V. Working the Service

A. Follow the leading of the Spirit

B. Keep everything Bible based

B. Put yourself, energy, and enthusiasm into it

VI. Preparation

A. Materials organized and prepared

B. Study materials and the Word

C. Prayer

D. Take time



Intro: Personal life must be an example and we must be faithful in Christian walk and in service.

I. Purpose "Where there is no vision the people perish" Provo 29:18

A. Present Jesus as:

1. Savior (only way to Heaven)

2. Lord of our lives

3. One who loves and cares about us

4. One who wants to give us gifts: and especially the Holy Spirit

B. Teach the Word & Bible stories with application to kid's life

C. Help memorize the Word.

II. Methods:

A. Children's Church!~Jlnday School

B. Kid's club

C. Saturday bash

D. Kid's Crusade (Children's Crusade)

E. Train children to be witnessesl workers III. Get Children on fire and enthused

A. Saved

F. Sunday School

G. Vacation Bible School

B. Teach them to pray and to TRUST God

C. Concerned about souls

D. Loving Jesus and the Word IV. Resources

V. Tools

A. Puppets G. Chalk talks

B. Object Lessons

C. Memory

D. Crafts that teach

E. Skits (acting

F. Flannel grapt'!


VI. Enlist others

A. Enlist others as workers.

B. Get a prayer group behind you

C. Work with the pastor & leaders. Submit to authority (Heb. 13:17)

H. Tricks that teach

I. Slides, filmstrips, videDs

J. Overhead projector

K. Posters or' banners for songs verses, thoughts

VII. Incentives

A. Eternal rewards are most important

B. Prizes! Awards / Certificates. Making kids helpers.

VIII. Preparation

A. Materials

B. Study & Prayer & The Word

C. Take time.

Lord, Give us a Heart for the Children

I.Acts 2:17 "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh: & your sons & your daughters shall prophesy .... "

Pour out = Let loose with out restraint.

A. Life's Labels:

1. Children= Too Small Middle Age= Too busy Elderly= Too old

2. Many people look at children as: Too Small spirit vs. Bi2 spirit

B. It's better to Prepare than Repair.

1. Go fishing with a child today or go fishing for him tomorrow.

2. Children are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church of today.

3. A Child led Samson to his greatest victory before his end. Children will lead the church to it's greatest victory (greatest hour) before Jesus returns.

4. Eg: BasketbaIl= you ~ust put everything on it while it's in your hands Because once you release it, it's too late. With children same thing.

II.Prov. 22:6 'Train up a child in the way he should go & when he is old he will not depart

from it." Train= Teach, set example, show the way.

Old = When hair be2ins to grow on the face.

A. Mark 4:2-20 --4 different types of ground=Way side, Stony, Thorny, Good.

> Which ground best represents adults? All the above.

> Which ground best represents children? Good.

B. Mat. 18:3 "Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, & become as little children, Ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."

C. Statistics:

1. Of people saved today: 86% saved before age of 15 10% saved between 15 & 30

4 % saved after 30 years of age

2.Where should the thrust (drive, focal point) of our evangelistic outreach be????

a. Half the world's 6 plus billion people are 15 years or younger.

b. 40 million children in USA have never been in church.

c. Only 3% of children in world live in USA. 97% live outside US.

d. Children constitute the largest Un-reached people group in world

III. Mat.9:37,38 "Then said He to His disciples, 'the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore the lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers, into His harvest.'"

A. "Any evangelism after High School isn't evangelism, it's salvage."Jay Kessler.

B. For too long, the church has played a defensive game with the enemy, by occupying ourselves reaching teens & adults whose lives are wrecked by sin. This is good, but we must not neglect the children.

1. The Harvest will not last forever.

2. The only possession you can take with you to heaven are your children.


IV. PASSION =Zeal, extreme compelling emotion- intense emotional drive or excitement. " ... forgetting the past & looking forward to what lies ahead, I strain to reach the end of the race & receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven." Phil. 3: 13-14

A. Passion as necessary as air to breathe. "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men" Col. 3:23

B. Passion Produces:

1. Drive-the gas in the tank

2. Possibilities "All things are possible to those who believe'

3. Life changes - - with passion our life, thoughts, actions will be different.

C. Passion bring:

1. Excitement and Energy

2. Enthusiasm and Expectancy

3. Exceptional Effecg,

D. Passion is not amusement: a=not; muse=think

E. Passion Poisons (hindrances)

1. Familiarity = doing same thing over and over

2. Coolness= results from lack of prayer & Bible, wrong companions,etc. Prov.13:20,1 Cor 15:33

3. Uncertainty= We must have focus. Must have clear vision.

5. Rambling= See our goals, & God's work

6. Hardness= Someone said 'A good heart is better than all the heads in the world:. Love I knowledge

7. "Sleepers in the field" instead of "workers in the harvest."

F. How to produce passion:

1. Desire it more than the air you beathe.

2. Associate with Passionate People. He who never gets carried away, should be.

3. Powerful prayer =seek God, consider fasting. Be persistent. Practice faith._James 5:16 'The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." "Pray without ceasing'

V. ATTITUDE = Mood, manner of acting, feeling, or thinking showing one's disposition, opinion, etc.

A.Attitude determines altitude and whether we are going up or down.

" .... When ever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy, For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow." James 1,2

1. Problems, criticism, failures will happen,

a. Keep self-esteem (knowing self-worth) you are worth the death of our LORD.

b. Keep eyes on Jesus and on goal instead of difficulties.

c. Don't panic, freeze or quit Endure.

d .. See yourself as winning: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."PhiI4:19

d. Avoid burn-out No hurry, anxious, driving, frustrating work. "It is vain to rise up early, to sit up late, .. .for He gives His beloved sleep." Ps 127:2

2. Renew, Refresh, Rejuvenate


C. Keeping good attitude - work at it

1. "Do all things without complaining: Phil. 27:14

2. Look up - keep focus on God & His kingdom. 'Set your minds on things above ... "Col 3:2

3. Slow down - we make better choices when we pause.

4. Reach out- focus on helping others reach their potential

5. Make a check on your attitude daily and you would check the indicators on your car or change your oil regularly.

D. Our Attitude is a Choice

1.Problems, tests, criticism, failures can make us stronger or weaker. (we chose) Shake it off and step up (use those things as steps up.)

2.Paul & Silas (Acts. Chap 16)

a. Had bad day.

b. Were beaten, stripped, imprisoned, put in stocks, ridiculed, falsely accused.

c. Did they:: Moa~ cry; Complain & argue, Call a lawyer & sue, Question the goodness

of God, Become confused & depressed, Get crabby, sullen or withdrawn???????

d. They Sang and praised God - They chose their attitude.

e. God delivered and brought victory'

f. We can cry about what we don't have or we can praise God for His blessings E. Ways to change attitude "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:" Phil 2:5

1. Surrender - Give it all to God. (when we hold on we often hinder God's moving. When we let go, our hands and hearts are free to embrace Him and His plan fully. Best way always.

2. Serve the Body

3. Support other workers or team members. - our attitude main factor of success or failure.

4. Start a Habit of Seeking the joy "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice."

5. Employers say: 5 % Availability 5 % Adaptability

10 % Ability 10 % Appearance 70 % Attitude

6.Two men looked out from prison bars. One saw mud, One saw stars.

What do you see?

VI...Jesus said "Follow me, & I will make you fishers of men." Mat. 4:19

A. .Children are like fish; you can catch them for Christ so very easily.

B. Christians seem to be the only ones who believe they wait to influence children's minds.

1. Advertisers don't wait

2. Secular humanist don't wait

3. Child abusers don't wait

4. Occults & Hollywood don't wait

We must reach our children before Satan has an opportunity to destroy their lives.


Lord Give us A Heart for the Children

Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, ...


Life's Labels:

Children - _

NfidilleAge- _

Elderly - _

The way many people look at children: Spirit vs. _


It's better to than _

• I believe it's better to go fishing your son today than to go

fishing him tomorrow

• Children are not the church of tomorrow they are the church of today.

Just as a led Samson to his greatest victory before the end, so it

will be the

_________ that will lead the church to it's greatest victory ... .it's greatest hour ... before Jesus returns.


• Basketball- you've got to put everything while it's in

______ because once you release it, it's too late.

• You've got to put everything while they're

_________ , Because once you release them, it's too late.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it.





Mark 4 - Four different types of ground:

1., 2. 3. 4. __

• Which ground best represents adults? _

• Which ground best represents children? _

Matthew 18:3 Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as a little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom=m of heaven.


• 86% _

• 10% _

• 4%


Where should the trust of our evangelistic outreach be? It speaks for itself.

• Half the worlds 6 plus billion people are old and younger.

• children in the United states have never been in church.

• Only of children in the world live in the United States

of the world's children live outside the United States.


• Children constitute the largest group in the world.

Matthew 9:37-38

(Vs.37) "then saith He unto His disciples, the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labors are few"

(Vs.38) "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He wills end forth labourers into His harvest"

"Any evangelism after High School isn't evangelism, it's really _

(Jay Kessler)

For too long, the church has played a defensive game with the enemy. We have

occupied ourselves by older teens and adults whose lives have been

wrecked by sin. We should be reaching adults and older teens but not to the _____ of our children.

• The will not last forever.


• The only possession you can take with you to heaven are

Jesus made a statement:

Matthew 4:19 ..... "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Children are like ; you can catch them for so very easily.

Christian's seem to be the only ones who believe they wait to influence children's minds.

don't wait.


don't wait.


don't wait.


___________ and don't wait.

We must reach our children before Satan has an opportunity to destroy their lives.

1EAeHIx(j 1£eJOO~(jf.~

J{e:>W 1e:> £ITf.ei'Ivt.Ld' 'Mlm~1f.13. 1e:> eHIL'DR£X

1... FEED (teach) them on a level they can understand.

A ... Mat. 13: 19 Jesus Said ~When an~one hears the word af the Kingdom, & undersfunds It not. then comes the wIcked one and catches away that whIch was sown tn hiS hearE. n

L If we just Preach or teach the Word, will children always understand?? 2. If their spirit picks it up, will their minds also??

B ... Simplify the lesson, but don't let it get boring.

1. Preach (teach) on their level.

2. Pray and seek God for wisdom of how to present it.

3. Follow leading of Holy Spirit.

C. Realize their attention capacity. 1 .. One theme at a time'-r

a. They can become confused if too many subjects are given at once.

b. Reinforce a subject, with another object lesson, song, etc.

2. Their attention span (time) is limited.

Someone has said it is same as age : 4 minutes - 4 yrs old

5 minutes - - 5yrs old.

a. If lesson is longer use, objects, tricks that teach, flash cards, etc, to

get the attention back

b. Don't give the child an adult menu - - restaurants don't.

c. Ifwe don't get their attention, how can they learn????

d. We don't just demand attention, we "catch" it ....

e. Eye contact with a smile can get attention.

f. Walk among them, but not loose some, while gaining others.

g. Use tools that get attention:

Overhead projector, objects, prize (not bribe), awards,

h. Make them feel important >praise them

>give them responsibilities (offering, prayer, etc.) >Help them know they are important.

II ... Make it attractive & interesting.

A. .. You can't make people listen to you; you have to earn their interest.

1. Remove or avoid distractions

2. Avoid down time (period of time with nothing is going on)

3. If help is needed to keep order, then use help

4. We can't demand attention, but we can remind them and we can demand (with love and politeness) order.

B .. Make Lessons attractive and that they can relate to

C ... Keep surroundings as neat, clean and attractive as possible.


ill ... Children easily influenced

A..Children's lives easily molded, shaped, formed

1 .. Someone or something will make a mark on their lives.

2. 80 % of a person's personality is formed before the age of 6 3 ... A person learns more before the age of six than any other

six-year period in their life.


N ... Get them mentally involved.

A. Feed their imagination.

B. Ask them questions.

1. Give positive feed back even if answer is wrong

"Very good thought, but" "I didn't make the question clear, ... "

2. Better to give a wrong answer than not try at all. e. Individuals learn by.

1. Impression"i" What he sees, hears, smells, feels, tastes

We must be sure that we are making an impression on their minds that will affect their lives

2. Expression - What he thinks, speaks, acts.

They can learn by restating Bible lesson, acting it out, etc.

V ... Other involvement. This is children's church not teacher's church.

Children's Participation:

1. Singing

2. Leading song

3. Praying

4. Passing out materials.

5. Receiving offering

6. Quoting verses

7. Reading Scriptures

8 .

9 .


A ... Kids are used to TV, Video Games, etc. with action (fast moving).

We have to compete (in effect) with all this modem technology for their attention.

B .. God can provide things in miraculous ways. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart ... "

C Make best use of what you have.

C Let God motivate your imagination and ingenuity.

D Let kids help raise funds for equipment-Then they feel like it is theirs - that is a good thing

E ... Ask for help in getting things. Ask God & others. "We have not because we ask not"

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart. as working for the Lord. not for men: Col 3:23


How to Effectively Minister to Children

• Feed them on a level they can _

Matthew 13:19 Jesus said "When anyone heareth the word of the Kingdom, and understandeth it no, then cometh the wicked on and catcheth away that which was sown in hi heart ... "

Some people think you can just the Word and children will pick it

up. Their will but their will not understand.

• One at a

------ -------

Going into a restaurant a child gets a _

Adults get the _

Parents say - Kids say - _

Parents say - Kids say - _

• Make it _

You can't make people _

to you; you have to

Children are so easily , they are so easily _

_____ and . They are so very impressionable;

_____ or will make a mark on their lives.

____ of a person's personality is formed before the age of _

A person learns more before the age of than any other _

period in their lifetime.

• Mental Involvement is the key

It's been said that the span of a child is the same as their

Example: 4 minutes - 4 year old 5 minutes - 5 year old

The attention span of children is directly to the

amount of that there is. You should have no

problem holding their for one hour or more if you are

feeding their _

There are two ways in which an individual learns:

1. - That is what he sees, hears, smells, feels, and tastes.

2. - What he thinks, speaks or acts

1. Be in right relationship with God & your spouse & family.

Your relationship with God is about you and Him, not the ministry. Your spouse & family should know they come before the ministry.

2. Plan ahead. (It takes more to prepare for a children's service than to do one)

3. Be on time. (Workers required to be there 45 minutes before service begins).

4. Set up & get organized. (Be ready 30 min. before the kids arrive).

5. Pray and give last minute instructions. (With all volunteers again)

6. Know your job and be the best! (Excellence, only one shot at a 1 st. impression)

7. Everyone is a minister. (prayed up, looking for someone to minister to)

8. Have a greaJ service.

Follow the Holy Spirit (otherwise don't get side-tracked)

Be flexible, go with the flow. Provo "A man makes his plans, but God directs his steps.

9. Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate

Play to your strengths. Delegate your weaknesses.

Strive to improve your weaknesses by implementing a new strategy next service.

10. Example of low energy service on next page.

This example is for a 2 hr. service. If you have less time for the service, adapt it to fit your time and needs.


1. Be in right with and your _



2. Plan _

3. Beon __

4. Set up and get _

5. and give last minute _

6. your job and be the __

7. Everyone is a _

8. Have a service! (Review the service schedule)

9. , and _

EXAMPLE SHEET OF A LOW ENERGY SERVICE Children's Service - Sunday 10:00 AM

1. 9:30 Pre-Service: A. Organized activities, fellowship with children.

2. 10:05 Introductions: A. Greet Children as they enter

B. Welcome the children & 1 st time visitors

C. Review Rules & discipline procedures

3. 10: 10 Crowd Breaker: A. Pray for creative ways to introduce yourself, &

your agenda for the day.

4 ... 10: 15 Awards: ",;.6,.. Reward those who listen & paying attention.

5. 10:20 Action Songs:

A. If your Happy C. Not by Might

B. I Magnify the Lord D. God is Great

6. 10:40 Tithes & offering

A. Mini-message on giving

7. 10:50 Announcements

A. Today's activities & upcoming events

8. 10:55 Worship Primer: 9 ... 11 :00 Worship Song & prayer/ministry

A. Candy throw- God wants to bless you. Heb. 11:6 A. Lord I give you my heart

10 ... 11 : 15 Message

A. Preach the Word

11. 11:35 Video

A. (Optional) must confirm your message

12. ] 1:40 Ministry

A. Prayer for their personal needs, families, Salvation, Baptism of Holy Ghost, Healing

13 . 11: 5 5 Games

14 Awards

15 Dismissal

A. Children do not leave without a parent

Explanation of Schedule---Blue Print for a Balanced Service

1. Pre-Service

Organized activities keep the children safe and focused. Build relationships and break down walls with genuine fellowship Important for setting up a successful service.

2. Introduction

A. Lots of hugs, Hand shakes, High fives, Eye contact, Touch. Show you


B. Acknowledge visitors. Make them feel welcome.

C. Reviewing rules & discipline procedures are a must. These guiding principals are vitally important, so children learn appropriate boundaries & expectations while in Church. Keep it positive. Not supposed to be a heavy thing. Can be done'fn fun way, even using characters and puppets. The key to discipline is relationship. The kids should feel so much Love, Compassion, Acceptance, from the workers they wouldn't risk straining that relationship through misbehavior.


1. No Gum

Discipline Procedures 1. 1st. time, we'll talk to you (warning)

2. 2nd. Time, we'll move you to another seat.

3. 3rd time, we'll have a PastorlParent Conference at end of service.

2. No Restroom or water breaks during service.

3. Must have a name tag

4. Everyone sits back, hands folded. smile on face (nice white teeth)

3. Crowd Breake r-should break the ice & help kids to loosen up & have fun.Perhaps a competition song or a Jesus cheer.

4. Awards -A behavior rewarded is a behavior repeated. Not a bribe (payment to do something=unlawful), but reinforce positive behavior.

5. Action Songs= should be filled with action.

A. Another key to successful ministry later, is channeling their energy at this time.

Don't quench their childlikeness. Who said the anointing had to be serious? Need to use up some of their energy.

B. Start with songs to interact with each other. Then move them step by step to praise that interacts with God alone.

C. Every volunteer needs to get involved in the action.=setting example.

D. If you don't put on a "show" for the kids, they will put on one for you. Of course this Is more than a show, but with energy, passion, and compassion we can reach them.

6. Tithes & Offerings -take this opportunity to teach aspects of giving, principals of sewing and reaping. Blessings of giving.

7. Announcements -do not have to be boring.

They are important -get attention. Don't talk down to kids. Okay to be enthused. Ask questions :"Who likes hot dogs (ice cream)" leading up to announcement.

8. Worship Primer --the basics of worship must be taught.

A mini-message to prime the pump can turn the light on, and inspire little hearts to express their love and devotion to God.



A. Model passionate worship

B. Create a hunger.

C. Guide them through worship

D. Don't order them or tell them to do things of worship,

E. Rather lead them into it. "Isn't it wonderful to feel God's blessings and love as we sing His praises." "Dorftyou love to lift your hands to Jesus who died for you?"

F. While in God's presence don't miss opportunity to minister & meet needs of the children. It's just a natural flow.

10. Message & Memory verse

A. Use: Object lesion Illustrations Skits

Puppets Pictures Stories

Video Testimonies Volunteers

Tricks that teach Scientific Illustrations

B. Be Creative ---- Be animated ---- Make it fun. You are competing with TV,

VCR, Play station, Game Cube, Computer Games. Etc.

C.They must flEE IT, not just hear it. Feed their imagination. D.Stick to one them~ ..... Keep it Simple.

E.You can demand a kid's attention, but you'll not really have it until you ~ it.

11. Video -use different tools available to reinforce the same message.

12. Ministry Not only are we to teach/preach gospel, but we are obligated to Demonstrate it as well-We can't afford to miss an opportunity to Pray with and minister to the needs of the children.

13. Games -After the ministry Kids need to spend some more energy. Games help.

A. With games at end, you can be sure you are through important part of service.

B. Last thing they remember is Fun.-is good extender of time too.

C. A game or quiz can help teach lesson .. Kids love to compete .. Make sure all can win. 14. Awards -Be sure to reward kids openly. Praise them for their example & good behavior.

Again behavior rewarded is behavior repeated. (Words, certificates ,ribbons, points)

15. Dismissal-Quickly remind children of announcements. Dismiss in an orderly fashion. Shake hands and hug necks as you say good-bye to children. No child leaves without parent.



Organized activities keep the children and . Build

_______ and break down through genuine fellowship. This is

critical in setting up for a successful service.


A. Lots of and and . Touch the

children. them that you care.

B. visitors. Make them feel welcome.

C. Reviewing rules and discipline procedures are a These guiding

principals are vitally important; as they will help the children learn appropriate

and while in church. This


is not supposed to be a heavy thing at all but it has to be established before

each service; and can and should be done in a fun and creative way each week. Use special characters and puppets too.


1. No Gum.

2. No restroom or water breaks during service.

3. Must have a name tag.

4. Everyone is to be sitting back hands folded, have a smile on your face with nice white teeth.

Oiscipline Procedures

1. 1st time, we'll talk to you. (a warning)

2. 2nd time, we will move you to another seat.

3. 3rd time, we will have a Pastor/Parent conference at the end of the service.

The key to discipline is . In time these kids should

feel so much love, compassion, and acceptance, from the workers that they

wouldn't want to straining that relationship through misbehavior.

Crowd Breaker

Crowd breakers break the ice and help kids to up and have fun.


A behavior is a behavior . We do not bribe. We

reinforce positive behavior. A bribe is payment to do that, which is unlawful or evil.

Action Songs

Action songs should be filled with action! Another key to successful ministry later, is ________ their energy during this time. Don't quench their

Who said the anointing had to be ? You

need to . Start with songs that cause interaction with

each Then move them step-by-step to where their praise is interacting

with alone.

Every volunteer needs to get in the action. They are setting the

If don't put on a show for them the will put one on for you.

Tithes & Offerings

Take the to teach about the many aspects of giving, and the

principals of sowing and reaping.


Announcements do not have to be boring! They are . Make sure

you have their attention. Don't ever talk over children thinking "they're just kids".

Worship Primer

The what, where, why, how and when's of worship must be _

A mini-message to prime the pump can turn the light on and inspire little hearts to express their love and devotion to God.


1. passionate worship.

2. Create a


3. them though worship.

While in God's presence don't miss the opportunity to and meet

the needs of the children. It's just a natural flow.


Use object lessons, illustrations, skits, puppets, pictures, stories, testimonies, video,

volunteers, etc. Be creative. Be . Make it fun. You're _

against the TV, VCR, Play station, Game Cube and computer games. They've got to

see it not just hear it. their imagination. Stick to one theme. Keep it simple!

You can demand a child's attention but you'll never really have it until you it.


Use the many different tools that are available to teach and the

same message.


Not only are you to teach & preach the Gospel, but you are obligated to _________ it as well.


After the ministry you'll need to crank things up again because they'll be ready to spend some more energy. Ending with games does three things:

1. Kids don't leave during an _

2. Last thing they remember is _

3. If service goes long, good games help keep the children's _


Be sure to reward children Praise them for their example and good

behavior. Again a behavior is a behavior _


Dismiss in an fashion. Shake hands and hug necks as you say good-bye

to the children. No child ever leaves children's church without a or

approved _

Classroom Duties

Before Class;

1) Be in class 20-30 minutes before service starts.

2) Be prayed up and prepared.

3) Be at the door to receive and greet kids.

4) REMEMBER every child needs a name tag.

After Class ;

1) Do all dishes used during service times

2) Clear all counters.

3) Wipe off all tables used.

4) Vacuum any messes on floors.

5) Put all toys and supplies back into their proper storage.

6) Make sure all windows are shut.

7) Turn off all heaters, turn off all lights, and lock all doors.

It is the responsibility of the Children's Pastor to see that these duties are done after each service.

Children's Workers Requirements

1) Must be born-again. baptized in the Holy Ghost, and a member of our church.

2) Must be loyal to the Pastor, and the Vision of the church.

3) Must be in agreement with the fundamental doctrines, and Statement of Faith.

4) Must be faithful in church attendance.

5) Must be able to make a minimum 3 month commitment.

6) Must attend all staff meetings, and training sessions.

7) Must support the local church financially with their Tithes and Offerings.

8) Must be a soul winner

9) Must dress modestly and appropriate, and be well groomed.

10) Must live a separated Christian life worthy of the call that God has placed upon

your life

11) Be ready to perform all duties required of you by the Children's church department.

12) Must be open to instruction and correction.

13) Must be in class on time. (preferably 30 minutes prior to the service)

14) Must prepare for the service throughout the week. Successful services are dependant upon Prayer, Planning and Preparation.

15) Must give a 3 day notice to the Pastor if you are going to be absent from your class.

16) Must give a 30 day notice if you ever transfer to another area of ministry or need to step down.

Please read and sign the foUowing ;

I have read the above requirements and I pledge myself to abide by them to the very best of my ability. I clearly understand that failing to abide by any of the above requirements is grounds for dismissal.

Signature; _

Date _

Pastor's signature; Date _

Children's Church Adult Monitor Job Description

1. Primary responsibility: To monitor and minister to the children in your area before, during and after a Children's Church service.

a. Greet and seat children as they enter.

b. Fellowship and minister to children while waiting for service to begin.

c. Encourage child participation in all Children's Church activities (praise and worship, offering, teaching, games, etc.)

d. Be a friend to the children.

e. Be sensitive to the needs of the children and minister to them as the Holy Spirit directs.

f. Participate with the flow of the service (worship, offering, ministry time,

teaching, games, etc.).

g. Distribute PAT tickets, handouts, candy, etc.

h. Take children to the restroom only using the "two person" rule.

i. Monitor the children as they exit Children's Church making sure children are with their parents.

j. Prepare chapel area for the next service (i.e. straighten chairs, pick up trash)

k. Participate as security when needed.

2. Assist, train & work with the Jr. monitors that may / may not be assigned to you.

3. Participate in recruiting other monitors.

4. Attend monthly monitor's meeting with the monitor assistant coordinator.

5. Arrive 45 minutes before the service for prayer and assignments.

6. Commit to six months of service.

7. Choose which service you will commit to: Sunday mornings or Midweek services

Monitor Date

Children's Pastor


Putting Your Volunteers to Work

The key to multiplication is Delegation.

1. Identify what You need to be doing

2. Identify things Others can do and let them do those things

3. Qualify your workers (Ex. 18:21)

4. Defme exactly what you want done (Job descriptions)

5. Train and Teach those you recruit

6. Support and Encourage

7. Confront those who are doing it wrong

8. Don't let volunteers get In a Rut

9. Always set the Pace, be the leader lO.Train Leaders

Putting Your Volunteers to Work

The key to multiplication is _

1. Identify what need to be doing

2. Identify things can do and let them do those things

3. your workers (Ex. 18 :21)

4. Defme exactly what you want done '--- ___J

5. and those you recruit

6. Support and _

7. those who are doing it wrong

8. Don't let volunteers get in __

9. Always set the , be the leader




Name Sex: 0 Male

Street Apt. # _

City State __ Zip _

E-mail Age __ Date of Birth __ 1 __ 1 __

HomePhone(~_~) _

o Female

Work Phone ('-_~)' _

1. What prior ministry experience do you have and for how long? _

2. What would you consider to be your strengths? _

3. What would you consider to be your weaknesses? _

4. List any special skills or talents you have. _

5. What is it that you would like to do? _

6. How would you describe your temperament and personality type? _

Explam: ___

7. What would you consider to be your giftedness? _

8. What age group would you prefer to work with? _

"- 9. Do you prefer "up-front" or "behind the scenes" or both? _


1) How to use puppets

a) Practice at home (in front of mirror is good)

b) Move puppet to show expression = moods, emotions, personality.

c) Move it to show it is happy, carefree, shy, sad, crying

d) Make puppets head nod in agreement, shake to disagree, tilt head to show it is listening

e) Move mouth with each syllable

f) Drop your hand until the eyes are looking at the audience or the other puppet

g) When it is talking, move the head back & forth to look at audience & to other puppet

h) When it is not.tarkmg .should still move to look alive, & listening to you or puppets i) Use a voice to fit the puppet, but don't strain your voice

2) Puppet House

a) You can make one out of pipe and curtain or out of paneling with hinges

b) You can get a push (tension) curtain rod, put in a doorway with a curtain

c) Drape a sheet over a table, sit on the floor behind table & hold puppets up - Or just turn table on side and get behind it.

d) A large box (like refrigerator comes in) cut back out of it & with hole cut out and curtain stapled to it works really well. You can spry paint it in your yard.

3) What to do

a) Choose puppet to fit the part or redress it

b) Make puppet be alive

c) Choose a script that will help teach the lesson or a point that you want to bring out.

d) Write a script that will fit or, if you and helper are good at it, you can adlib.

e) Let it help teach the memory verse

f) Use it to get the children's attention.

g) Having the puppets sing a special is good.

h) Pin or tape your script up on curtain.

i) Children can make sack of finger puppets & retell story at home

4) Obtaining puppets

a) Large puppets can be expensive

b) You can make them and there are patterns available c) Hand puppets work very well also.

5) Cautions

a) If puppet acts smart, critical or some way that we don't want the children to act, we must have it apologize, and probably pray about it

b) Don't overuse puppets - - they are good attention getters and can teach a lesson, but

they can be over used also .

c) Never use questionable subjects or language with the puppet.



I am not recommending these sources, their views or their products. I am only supplying a list that you could get a catalog or packet from them and judge for yourself if the material is usable for you and your work.

• Audio- Visual And Sound

'Equipment .

... Ace Sound Inc. 5555 S. Peoria Tulsa, OK 74105 (918) 744-9405

• Cutting Edge Communication 2221 Walnut Hill Lane

Irving, TX 75038

(214) 756-0888

(multimedia systems, video projectors and screens)

... Wholesale Tape & Supply Co. 2841 Hickory Valley Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421

(800) 251-7228

(audio and video tape sales)

• Long's Electronics 2630 South 5th Avenue Irondale, AL 35210 (800) 633-3410

(Audio & visual equipment, bulk tape supplies)

• Curriculum

• Willie George Ministries P. O. Box 770

Tulsa, OK 74101-0770 (918) 234-5656

(800) 888-7856 (Pre-school and children's curriculum)


• A BEKA Curriculum P. O. Box 18000 Pensacola, FL 32523 (800) 874-2352

(Christian school curriculum)

... Carole Carner

14139 East 19th Place Tulsa, OK 74108 (918) 438-0833 (Nursery curriculum)


• Games, Prizes, Carnival Items & Specialty AdverlisinJL__

• M. G. Novelty

300 North MacArthur Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (405) 948-1234

~., Oriental Trading Company P. O. Box 2308

Omaha, NE 68103

(800) 228-2269

... Rhode Island Novelty 675 West Shore Road W~ck,RI 02889 (800) 528·5599

• Gospel Ma~g_ic _

• Top Hat Magic and Costumes 4016 S. Yale

Tulsa, OK 74135

(918) 663·5550

(800) 466-2542

(Burning Bibles, Gospel magic)

• U.S.T. Magic

1227 East 119th Street Grandview, MO 64030 (800) 255-6124

(Magic supplies, give-aways, decorations, free catalog)


• Miscellaneous

• American Humane Society Children'S Division

63 Inverness Drive East Englewood, CO 80112

(303) 792:~9QO

• International Bible Society P.O. Box 35700

Colorado Springs, CO 80935- 3570

(800) 524-1588 (Bibles)

• Music

• Willie George Ministries Heaven's Best Music Ken Blount

P. O. Box 770

Tulsa, OK 74101-0770 (918) 234-5656

(800) 888-7856

(Ken Blount praise and worship cassettes, CD's, soundtracks, an, music videos)

• Hosanna Integrity Music, Inc do Church Resource Divisior 1000 Cody Road

Mobile, AL 36695

(800) 239-7000

• Len Mink Ministries P. O. Box 62184

Cincinnati, OH 45262-0184 (800) 426-5766

(513) 777-0949

(Gospel Duck, free catalog)

• Jim Wideman P. O. Box 1214

Broken Arrow, OK 74013 (918) 252-9681

• Puppets And puppetry Supplies

• Axtell Expressions 230 Glencrest Circle Ventura, CA 93003 (805) 642-7282

(Ventriloquist supplies, puppets,

• Covenant Creations P. O. Box 1675

Broken Arrow, OK ~4013 (918) 455-7719

• One Way Street, Inc.

P. O. Box 2398 Littleton, CO 80161 (303) 790-1188

($2 catalog and sample newsletter) _ Paula's Puppet Parade Route 4, Box 116 Okmulgee, OK 74447 (918) 267-4784

• Puppet Productions P. O. Box 1066 Desoto, TX 75123 (89.9) 851:2151

.. Puppets That Praise 8455 Oak Street Newburgh, IN 47630 (812) 853-5651

.. Sheram Puppets

P. O. Box 1325 Columbus, OR 43216 (614) 443-7496

.. Son shine Puppet Co.

P. O. Box 6203

Rockford, IL 61125

(815) 965-8080 (Full-bodied costumes and teaching materials)

The Train Depot

5015. Tampa West Boulevard Tampa, FL 33634

(813) 885-5686

(800) 229-5437

(Clowning supplies, puppets, and magic supplies)

.. ~eman Ministn"'e""s~P. O. Box 1214

Broken Arrow, OK 74013 (918) 252-9681

(Puppet trax tapes, puppet

_ s.l!!l!.!ies, and more) _

• Teaching Aids

.. Willie George Ministries P. O. Box 770

Tulsa, OK 74101-0770 (800) 888-7856

(918) 234-5656

(Videos for children and family, MInistry of Excellence video series for pastors and leaders topical leadership training , videos)

~:'$ tf.\'\..~-e.-r (~lI. b \ 15~~ ~'1

.''''~t-/ d'fe!'\TC- '-"s T "'-, cJ

c"'- ..... ('~ 0 Ii' <=--'-

9. o. 03.0;x 'tr,s-o

;::r 0 f \ ; '" ,'('(',.., b lf~O.L

\-,(00- 4-'+if-lf-'itf

.. Bill Hovey Visuals 5730 Duluth Street Minneapolis, MN 55422 (612) 542-9970

(Overhead transparencies & (lipcharts of Bible stories, $1 catalog)

.. Claridge Products And Equipment, Inc.

P. O. Box 910

Harrison, AR 72602-0910 (501) 743-2200

(Projection screens, easels, cl:!s!J!boards0!.ulletin boards)

* Child Evangelism Fellowship National Headquarters

P.O. Box 348

Warrenton, MO 63383

(314) 456-4.a21

(800) 748-7710

.. Faith Venture Visuals 510 East Main

Lititz, PA 17543

(717) 626-8503

(Free catalog, overhead projection specialists and supplies)

.. Scene·O·Graphics Corporation

343 Housel-Craft Road Bristolville, OR 44402 (216) 889-2028

(Bible scenes, flashcards, teaching aids, world champion Bible cards)

.. Shining Star Publications P. O. Box 2649

4350 Equity Dr.

Columbus, OH 43228

(800) 321-3106

(Books, wooden puzzles, flannel board stories, teaching aids)

.. Thompson's P.O. Box 11600

Oklahoma City, OK 73136 (800) 522-9095

(complete educational supplies, furniture and equipment catalog)

• Videos And Films

)--;-;illie George Ministries] P. O. Box 770

Tulsa, OK 74101-0770 (800) 888-7856

(918) 234-5656 C l

t,,11 -'(, -r f=v<"", :..Ie.... °8"'·.

.. Ken Anderson Films P. O. Box 618

Winona Lake, IN 46590 (219) 267-5774

(Christian films and videos)

.. Cithedi"ai FilID-s P. o. Box 4029

West Lake Village, CA 91359 (800) 338-3456

(Christian films and videos)

• Christian Cinema, Inc. 108 Butler Avenue Ambler, PA 19002

(800) 777-0244

(~hristian, Disney films, and videos)

.. Cornerstone NIIDlstries P. O. Box 43189 Birmingham, AL 35243 (205) 967-6076

(800) 633-4369

(Video sales and rental, Gospel tracts, 16mm film rental)

.. Educational Evangelism, Inc.

P. 0, Box 820 Euless, TX 76039 (817) 267-7500

(Dr. Tuell's Biblewalk Series)

• Gospel Service, Inc.

P. O. Box 262302 Houston, TX 77207-2302 (800) 231-9641 (Filmstrips and slides)

.. Mass Media Ministries 2116 North Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218 (410) 727-3270

(800) 828-8825

• Sacred Film Library P. O. Box 1269

West Chester, PA 19380 (800) 345-8106

(610) 359-1500

(16 mm Christian film and video rental, Disney films)

• World Wide Pictures

1201 Hennepen Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55403

(612) 338-3335

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