By commonsensical understanding, could be defined through many different perspectives. From being understood as moral attitudes like criminal, liar etc., to a typical technique of managing human¶s life. By semantic definition, politics is derived from a word called ³polis´, means a ³city state´. Its citizen called ³polity´, and the relationship between ³polis´ and ³polity´ called ³politik´

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State Power Decision Making Process Public Policy Distribution or Alocation Who Gets What

Vatican The Pope, Vatican Territory, and Catholic people They also have their representatives (Embassy & Ambassadors) all over the world Vatican is called a Trans-National State because of its citizenship that across the (regular) nation-states

(UNESCO 1954)
1. Political Theory -Political Theory -History of Political Ideas 2. Political Institutions -The Constitution -National Government -Regional & Local Government -Public Administration -Economic & Social Functions of Government -Comparative of Political Institutions 3. Parties, Groups, and Public Opinion -Political Parties -Groups and Associations -Participation of the citizen in the Government & Administration -Public Opinion 4. International Relations -International Politics -International Organization & Administration -International Law

Nationalism All nation are rooted in nationalism (people¶s psychological attachment to a particular nation, based upon a common history, common language and literature, comon culture, and desire for political independence) Many people are more loyal to their nations than to their religions, their social classes, their races, even their families

A name of a Treaty that ended a 30 year war between princes in the Middle of Europe A name of treaty that initiated a validation of the concept of ³nation-state´ as political unit in the world politics

Coercion is show of force or the use of threat to intimidate other person or group. Man¶s capacity to coerce the behavior of another through the threat of sanctions.

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