3 (NEW) Common Mistakes at Job Interview – Avoid These To get Job Quickly The Common Interview Mistakes , Generally

Many used to do…Let you know those… 1. Not Applying to The Right Job 2. Not Reading The Job Description Properly 3. Not Doing Much Company Research 4. Not Preparing Well For Interview 5. Feeling High Nervous 6. Not Listening Properly 7. Not Presenting , What Mentioned at Resume 8. Not Handling “Tell Me about Yourself” Question Properly 9. Not Following Body Language Standards 10. Asking unrelated questions at Interview Many Interview Mistakes are there….(Let me Discuss Those Later) I am going to tell you The realistic Simple Mistakes in Simple & Straight forward way…. (1) Asking The Interview Questions to the candidate who attended the Interview (At The Venue ) :Don’t ask the Questions with any other candidate who attended for the Interview. If you ask the questions and if you don’t know the answer for it , you will get tensed. At That Particular Time ,no one can be able to tell you answer. Even they say you the answer , you can't deliver that in the better way. So be Natural. Whatever you know is sufficient ! (2) Not Preparing Mentally to wait at Interview venue: Many Candidates used to think that, after arriving at the interview hall, they may be called within 30 – 60 Minutes. However, Many times it takes more than 2 – 4 Hours. So You be Prepare mentally to stay there and be in relaxed mentality. If you lose patience, you will be getting irritation. You can’t deliver the answers properly. If you are ready to wait long hours , you can answer with positive energy at the time of the interview.

(3) Using The Mobile and Passing The Time with SMS: Nowadays , as the trend is Mobile Trend. Freshers used to send Many SMS for Time Pass. As They have to wait at Interview venue , Many use Mobiles . Using Mobile deviates from having the Core concentration. Even , it gives a bad opinion to the Interviewer, if Interviewer passes by that route. So at the time of Interview , you can switch off your cell and read some new paper (If available there), or You can Observe, how others behaving and responding. Don’t chitchat at That Place. Nowadays, many companies are not letting to use the mobile; but still many candidates uses, as they habituated to it. So Use that time to relax yourself and prepare well for the interview.