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EXPEDITION REQUIREMENTS BRONZE LEVEL Oct 2010 International Award – Some notes on Assessment
You will be assessed on all of the aspects of expedition training you have completed on Tuesdays as well as the training received on your first weekend in Kao Yai. You should look again at the expedition training guide and go over the self assessments before the weekend. You should ensure you are familiar with and can talk about/explain: Knowledge of heat problems The Emergency Procedure Basic first aid knowledge Orientating the map using the compass Identifying your location on the map Giving a grid reference Taking a bearing Making route decisions Estimating timing You should make sure you have: Helped plan and buy group food Brought all your personal equipment During the expedition you should: Contribute to route planning Keep your campsite clean and tidy Eat/drink adequately Stay walking together as a group and offer moral support and encouragement to each other Help pitch your tent Cook a meal EMERGENCY RATIONS These are for use in an emergency! They should not require heating to eat and should be stored in a sealed plastic bag. You must carry at least 4 items from : cereal bars, nuts/dried fruit mix, 2 chocolate bars, Tuna & crackers pack, dextrose tablets, bag of sweets or equivalent. These will be checked by your assessor at the end of the expedition before you can eat them. MOBILE PHONES Your expedition is a chance for you to be independent and selfreliant for a while. SMSing your mates/parents back home does not help this. Each group will be allowed to carry one mobile

phone sealed in a bag by the assessor. It may only be used in an emergency. All other phones will be kept by the staff for the weekend and returned on the bus home.

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