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TITLE Mumbai Team Charters

Presenter Date
Team Point of Contacts August 31, 2010

10. 2. music. 4.IT Safety Measures Points that has to be taken care by all 1. Whenever you face any issue please raise ticket by mailing your problem to helpdesk@bloomenergy. Printed document should not left on the printer. Installation of pirated software in system . 7. restricted on server. 3. 5. Backup of important files in Home folder. Storage of personal data for e. 9. Swiping of access card. Changing of password after every 3 months. 8. Downloading unwanted things prohibited. videos etc. Mailbox archive to be performed after size exceeds 500mb & copy of archive should be placed in their respective home folder. 6. Whenever the Test Station is shut down please inform IT for performing Maintenance. 11. Turning off Laptop / Desktop before leaving for the day. 2 Confidential .g.

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