Consumer Behavior


use or dispose of products. services. . ideas or experiences to satisfy needs and desires.What is consumer Behavior  It is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select. purchase.  It looks at the field of marketing and how it is influenced by the actions of consumers and how we as consumers are influenced by marketers.

gender family structure. race and ethnicity and geography 3. social class and income. Understanding consumers¶ needs 2. The global consumer .Consumers· Impact on Marketing Strategy 1. Segmenting consumers ± by usage. age. Relationship marketing ±building bonds 4.

3. 4.Need for understanding consumer behavior 1. 5. 2. Shorter product life cycles Evolving consumer preferences Environmental concerns Changing lifestyles Faster technology adoption .

Needs and wants     Do marketers create artificial needs? Are Advertising and Marketing necessary Do marketers promise miracles Consumerism .

Micro consumer behavior individual focus Psychology Ecology Microeconomics Sociology Demography Macroeconomics History Cultural Anthropology Macro consumer behavior social focus .

has the issueschosen brand solved the consumers problems and has it met the consumers expectations?  MARKETER PrePre-purchase issues.How does the consumer decide that he/she needs a product. best sources of information Purchase issues ± the buying experience and what does the product say about the consumer Post purchase issues.What cues do consumers use to choose and infer which brands /products are superior Purchase issues .do situational factors such as peak and off season displays affect consumer¶s purchase decision Post ±purchase issues .How are issuesconsumer attitudes towards products formed or changed.What determines whether a consumer will be satisfied with a brand choice and whether she will buy it again?       .Consumer Behavior is a process  CONSUMER PrePre-purchase issues .

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