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EVALUATION TOOL (Write the title of your seminar


Name (optional): _________________________________ Section: ____________

Date: ___________

Instruction: Please check the number corresponding to how you rate the seminar based on each item. The rating is as follows: 5 = Highly Satisfied 4 = Moderately Satisfied 3 = Satisfied 2 = Poorly Satisfied 1 = Dissatisfied I. REGISTRATION 5 Punctuality a. time the registration started Well-Organized a. registration process b. registration booth Ushers/ Usherettes a. manner of approach b. grooming and appearance II. VENUE 5 Lights a. adequate for the stage set-up b. proper brightness and contrast Sounds 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1

a. audible and clear b. appropriate to the theme c. loudness Stage Design a. appropriate to the theme b. creativeness c. appeal d. appropriate color scheme Physical Set-Up a. ventilation b. provided enough seats c. systematized and organized entrance and exit III. PROGRAM 5 Topic a. relevance to the course b. interesting to the audience c. informative Series of Events a. well-organized b. started on time Masters of the Program a. dressed appropriately b. voice clear and audible c. lively and entertaining d. use of appropriate words IV. SPEAKER 5 Punctuality a. came on time as expected 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1

b. started on time c. ended on time as scheduled Manner of Dressing-up a. appropriate for the event b. well-kempt and presentable Mastery of the Topic a. ability to answer questions b. knowledgeable enough Discussion a. spontaneous flow b. clear and audible c. well understood d. words used were easily understood

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