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SME3242 Instrument Assignment 1

SME3242 Instrument Assignment 1

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1: An instrumentation system for temperature measurement is described by a block diagram as shown in Figure Q1 where u is the input and y is the output of the system. SME 3242 INSTRUMENTATION

Figure Q1

a) Using Figure Q1, derive the overall system accuracy.


b) The transfer function for RTD is 0.5mV/ºC ± 1%, Wheatstone bridge is (15 ± 0.25) mV/ kΩ and amplifier 10 ± 0.5, calculate the worst uncertainty of this system. Find
the root mean square (RMS) of the worst system uncertainty. c) List down 4 methods of defining accuracy.


Question 2: Define and give one example each for the following operational characteristic of an instrumentation system: i. Span ii. Resolution

(T n ra

Question 3: A level sensor inputs a range from 4.50 to 10.60m and outputs a pressure range from 3 to 15 Pa. Find the linear relation between the input and output of this system. What is the pressure for the level of 9.2m. What is the level for pressure of 8 Pa.

2 2. Question 8: A group of Mechanical Engineering students are designing a signal conditioning using a circuit in Figure Q8.5s.00V. The sensor output voltage given by expression V = (0. The pressure sensor output 25mV/kPa and has a time constant of 3. a temperature sensor was suddenly changed from 25C to 100C.2 Question 6: A photocell with a 35ms time constant is used to measure light flashes.3 3.5 4. Determine the average time constant of the sensor. Determine the value of R1. Develop signal conditioning to provide 0 to 5 volts as the pressure varies from 100 psi to 250 psi and has a 50 kΩ output impedance.4 3. t (seconds) V (volts) 0 0.06V/C) [T – 20].9 0.5 V. • Derive an equation of the output in term of the input for the signal conditioner • Develop a suitable signal conditioning circuit for the system . The following table gives the voltages measured and the times.8 0. R2 Maximum input = 20 mV R1 R4 R3 + Maximum output = 5 V + Figure Q8 Question 9: The temperature measurement of a furnace from a temperature sensor gives an output a range of 30 to 50 mV.8 0.3 0. The maximum input for the signal conditioning is 20 mV. R2 and R3 if R4 = 23 kΩ in order to get the maximum output of 5 V. How long after a sudden dark–to–light flash before the cell output is 80% of the final value Question 7: A pressure sensor outputs a voltage varying as 150mV/psi. The output from the sensor is connected to a signal conditioning circuit to give an output of 0 to 2. Sketch the circuit of the signal conditioner.1 1.4 0.Question 4: An alarm light goes ON when a pressure sensor voltage rises above 4. How long after the pressure rises suddenly from 110 kPa to 380 kPa does the light go ON? Question 5: At t = 0.

Design a low pass filter that can reduce noise 95% at frequency 0. Question 12: Design and sketch the circuit diagram of a low pass RC filter to attenuate 0. obtain the cut-off frequency of this filter. R1 = 10kΩ. The overall gain for the filter is 2. Calculate the cutoff frequency for the filter. Question 11: A bridge circuit has R1 = R2 = R4 = 100Ω and V=10.0V as R3 varies from 100Ω to 180Ω. Sketch the circuit.4 MHz. Using the input impedance. Question 13: Sketch circuit for the high pass filter and derive its transfer function Vout/Vi. Obtain the attenuation of the filter for a 500Hz input signal. obtain the cut-off frequency of this filter. Obtain the attenuation of the filter for a 400Hz input signal. Using the input impedance. Use R1 = 1kΩ. R1 = 1kΩ. . Sketch the Bode diagram of this filter. Determine the attenuation to the input signal at frequency of 500 Hz. Design a signal conditioning system connected to the bridge that provides an output of 0.8MHz noise by 98% when the overall gain is 3. Sketch the bode diagram for this filter. Sketch the Bode diagram of this filter.Question 10: Design and sketch the circuit diagram of a low pass RC filter to attenuate 1MHz noise by 95% when the overall gain is 5.0V.0V to 5.

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