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Spring 2010)

SIKKIM MANIPAL UNIVERSITY (SMU) Directorate of Distance Education


MBA Program Guide

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1. 2. 3. 4. The Program Objectives of the Program University Recognized Learning Centres Program Structure 4.1 Duration of the Program 4.2 Medium 4.3 Credit System 4.4 Academic Calendar Session Schedule Program Details Counselling Sessions Technology Enabled Learning (EduNXT) Portal Evaluation System 9.1 Scheme of Examination 9.2 Internal Assessment (IA) Last date for Submission of Assignments/Project University Examination 11.1 University Question Paper Pattern 11.2 Minimum Passing Marks 11.3 Classification of Successful Candidates 11.4 Carry-Over Provision Examination and Result Publication General Points Model Questions for University Examination Assignments Project Guidelines for Fourth Semester of MBA Course Curriculum Introduction

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MBA Program Guide

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1. The Program: The importance of „management‟ as a professional study can today be compared with that of obtaining a normal graduate degree in order to be called educated. It is just short of becoming a compulsion. Businesses and institutions are growing in complexity and size. They are cutting across space and time by embracing technology, globalization and information. Mere operational efficiency is no more sufficient. Managerial capabilities have become necessary for firms to act on a global platform. Although there are a large number of institutions offering MBA programs, many of them just churn out non employable MBAs. A good institute must incorporate what the industry requires with changing times. The SMU way to Management degree or diploma is to mould the learning towards this objective. With this perspective it has introduced several programs which are geared to meet the industry requirement. These areas are Banking, Information System, Retail Operations and Healthcare. It is planning to offer more programs in the field of environment, disaster management, and media. The master of business administration (MBA) is an integrated program designed to provide an advanced program in management for those seeking managerial positions in industry, commerce and services. The core subjects are aimed at developing knowledge and skills in fundamental management disciplines. The program also involves participation in group work with students from diverse backgrounds and is aimed at improving the decision making abilities of the participants in management related areas. 2. Objectives of the Program The program aims at realizing the following objectives:  To provide a strong theoretical and practical foundation for a managerial position  To imbibe an updated perspective on the changes taking place in the corporate sector  To promote an inquiry based learning
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in January in the subsequent year. www. 4. The Learning Centres have been equipped with infrastructure and facilities as stipulated by the University. please refer to University notification on Academic calendar on the Website.4 Academic Calendar Academic Calendar starts from 1st February (spring session) or 1st August (fall session) and ends on 31st July or 31st January of the subsequent year. The Semester will end in the following July for the spring session February (spring session) and August (fall session). Program Structure: 4. 4. However. to support effectively the learning under the distance mode. leading to Bachelor‟s and Master‟s degrees.smude. University Recognized Learning Centres: The Learning Centres recognized by SMU are permitted to provide counselling and tutoring services to SMU students in specific courses of the University. respectively.1 Duration of the Program The normal duration of the MBA course is two years. MBA Program Guide Page No. Each credit consists of 30 hours of study. For further details.: 4 . the student is permitted to take a maximum of four years to complete the The students are advised to contact the Learning Centres for further details 4. Admissions are made twice a year .2 Medium The medium of instruction is English. A student must complete 100 credits successfully to be awarded Master of Business Administration.   To promote a self learning platform such that the motivation continues even after the program is completed To equip students with the latest in terms of technology based learning system To provide the industry with the most employable people at specific levels of management 3. for the fall session. comprising four semesters. 4.3 Credit System Credit system is a systematic way of describing an educational course by attaching credits to its components.

: 5 . of Internal Credits marks MB0039 Business Communication Statistics for Management B1128 4 60 MB0040 B1129 4 60 Financial and MB0041 Management Accounting MB0042 Managerial Economics MB0043 Human Resource Management B1130 4 60 B1131 B1132 4 4 60 60 Second Semester Production and MB0044 Operations Management MB0045 Financial Management B1133 4 60 B1134 4 60 MB0046 Marketing Management Management Information System B1135 4 60 MB0047 B1136 B1137 B1138 4 4 4 60 60 60 MB0048 Operations Research MB0049 Project Management MBA Program Guide Page No. Session Schedule: Session Spring Session Fall Session st Starting date 1 week of February 1 week of August st Closing date Last Week of July Last week of January 6. Program Details Subject Subject Title Code Management Process and Organizational MB0038 Behavior Book id Name of the Books First Semester B1127 Management process and Organization Behaviour Edition : Spring 2010 Business Communication Edition : Spring 2010 Statistics for Management Edition : Spring 2010 Financial and Management Accounting Edition : Spring 2010 Managerial Economics Edition : Spring 2010 Human Resource Management Edition : Spring 2010 Production and Operations Management Edition : Spring 2010 Financial Management Edition : Spring 2010 Marketing Management Edition : Spring 2010 Management Information System Edition : Spring 2010 Operations Research Edition : Spring 2010 Project Management Edition : Spring 2010 4 60 No.5.

: 6 .Third Semester MB0050 MB0051 Research Methodology Yet to be Research Methodology finalized Legal Aspects of Business * Project Do – Legal Aspects of Business – 4 4 4 60 60 * The Project work will commence from Third Semester and is expected to be completed in Fourth Semester. Third Semester Specialization (Four Subjects in each area of Specialization respectively) Finance MF0010 MF0011 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Mergers and Acquisitions Yet to be Security Analysis and finalized Portfolio Management Do Do Do – Mergers and Acquisitions Taxation Management Internal Audit and Control – 4 4 4 4 – 60 60 60 60 MF0012 Taxation Management MF0013 Internal Audit and Control MF0014 *Project Marketing Sales. Evaluation will be conducted in Fourth Semester. Distribution and Yet to be Supply Chain finalized Management Do Do Do – Consumer Behavior Retail Marketing Market Research 4 4 4 4 60 60 60 60 Human Resource Management MU0010 Manpower Planning and Resourcing Yet to be Manpower Planning and finalized Resourcing Do Management and Organizational Development Employee Relations Management HR Audit – 4 60 Management and MU0011 Organizational Development MU0012 Employee Relations Management 4 60 Do Do – 4 4 – 60 60 MU0013 HR Audit MU0014 *Project MBA Program Guide Page No. Distribution and MK0010 Supply Chain Management MK0011 Consumer Behavior MK0012 Retail Marketing MK0013 Market Research MK0014 *Project Sales. * The project guidelines are given in Page No. 22 to 31 of this course guide.

: 7 .Information Systems MI0033 Software Engineering MI0034 Database Management Systems (DBMS) Yet to be Software Engineering finalized Do Do Do – Database Management Systems (DBMS) Computer Networks Business Intelligence and Tools – 4 4 4 4 – 60 60 60 60 MI0035 Computer Networks MI0036 Business Intelligence and Tools MI0037 *Project Banking MA0036 MA0037 Financial Systems and Commercial Banking Banking Related Laws and Practices Yet to be Financial Systems and finalized Commercial Banking Do Do Do – Retail Operations Warehousing and ML0010 Supply Chain Management ML0011 Buying and Merchandising Warehousing and Yet to be Supply Chain finalized Management Do Do Do – Buying and Merchandising Store Operations Retail IT Management – 4 60 Banking Related Laws and Practices Banking Operations Retail Banking – 4 4 4 4 – 60 60 60 60 MA0038 Banking Operations MA0039 Retail Banking MA0040 *Project 4 4 4 – 60 60 60 ML0012 Store Operations ML0013 Retail IT Management ML0014 *Project Total Quality Management QM0010 Foundations of quality management Yet to be Foundations of quality finalized management Do Principles and philosophies of quality management Statistical process control and process capability Quality management tools – 4 60 Principles and QM0011 philosophies of quality management Statistical process QM0012 control and process capability QM0013 Quality management tools 4 60 Do 4 60 Do – 4 – 60 QM0014 *Project MBA Program Guide Page No.

: 8 .Operations Management OM0010 Operation Management OM0011 OM0012 Enterprise Resource Planning Supply chain Management Yet to be Operation Management finalized Do Do Do – Project management PM0010 PM0011 PM0012 PM0013 Introduction to project management Project planning and scheduling Project financing and budgeting Managing human resources in projects Yet to be Introduction to project finalized management do do do – Project planning and scheduling Project financing and budgeting Managing human resources in projects – 4 4 4 4 – 60 60 60 60 Enterprise Resource Planning Supply chain Management Advanced production and operations management – 4 4 4 4 – 60 60 60 60 Advanced production OM0013 and operations management OM0014 *Project PM0014 *Project Healthcare Services Management MH0051 Health Administration Hospital Organization. MBA Program Guide Page No. Economics and Materials Management in Healthcare Services – 4 4 60 60 do 4 60 do – 4 – 60 Fourth Semester MB0052 MB0053 Yet to be Strategic Management finalized and Business Policy do – International Business Management – 4 4 4 60 60 * The Project work will commence from Third Semester and is expected to be completed in Fourth Semester. Operations and Planning Hospital & Healthcare Information Management Finance. MH0052 Operations and Planning Hospital & Healthcare MH0053 Information Management Finance. Evaluation will be conducted in Fourth Semester. Economics and Materials MH0054 Management in Healthcare Services MH0055 *Project Strategic Management and Business Policy International Business Management * Project Yet to be Health Administration finalized do Hospital Organization.

: 9 .Fourth Semester Specialization (Four Subjects in each area of Specialization respectively) Finance MF0015 International Financial Management Yet to be International Financial finalized Management do do do Marketing Services Marketing and Services Marketing and Yet to be MK0015 Customer Relationship Customer Relationship finalized Management Management Advertising MK0016 Management and Sales Promotion MK0017 e-Marketing MK0018 International Marketing MK0014 *Project do do do – Advertising Management and Sales Promotion e-Marketing International Marketing – 4 60 Treasury Management Merchant Banking and Financial Services Insurance and Risk Management – 4 4 4 4 4 60 60 60 60 MF0016 Treasury Management Merchant Banking and MF0017 Financial Services MF0018 Insurance and Risk Management MF0014 *Project 4 4 4 4 60 60 60 Human Resource Management MU0015 Compensation Benefits Performance MU0016 Management and Appraisal Talent Management MU0017 and Employee Retention MU0018 Change Management MU0014 *Project Yet to be Compensation Benefits finalized do Performance Management and Appraisal Talent Management and Employee Retention Change Management – 4 4 60 60 do do – 4 4 4 60 60 Information Systems MI0038 ERP Yet to be finalized do do do – ERP E-Commerce Technology Management Java and Web Design – 4 4 4 4 4 60 60 60 60 MI0039 E-Commerce MI0040 Technology Management MI0041 Java and Web Design MI0037 *Project MBA Program Guide Page No.

Banking MA0041 Merchant Banking and Financial Services Yet to be Merchant Banking and finalized Financial Services do do do – Retail Operations Services Marketing and Services Marketing and Yet to be ML0015 Customer Relationship Customer Relationship finalized Management Management Advertising ML0016 Management and Sales Promotion ML0017 Mall Management ML0018 Project Management ML0014 *Project do do do – Advertising Management and Sales Promotion Mall Management Project Management – 4 60 Treasury Management Corporate Banking Institutional Banking – 4 4 4 4 4 60 60 60 60 MA0042 Treasury Management MA0043 Corporate Banking MA0044 Institutional Banking MA0040 *Project 4 4 4 4 60 60 60 Total Quality Management QM0015 ISO/QS 9000 elements QM0016 QM0017 QM0018 Managing quality in the organization Quality management systems Quality development methods Yet to be ISO/QS 9000 elements finalized do do do – Managing quality in the organization Quality management systems Quality development methods – 4 4 4 4 4 60 60 60 60 QM0014 *Project Maintenance management Advanced production planning and control Technology management Operations Management OM0015 Yet to be Maintenance finalized management do do do – Project management PM0015 PM0016 Quantitative methods in Yet to be Quantitative methods in project management finalized project management Project risk management do Project risk management 4 4 60 60 Quality management Advanced production planning and control Technology management – 4 4 4 4 4 60 60 60 60 OM0016 Quality management OM0017 OM0018 OM0014 *Project MBA Program Guide Page No.: 10 .

in). Counselling Sessions: The Learning Centre will provide Counseling of 180 hours per semester. Program Material: Students can obtain the program materials from their respective Learning Centers. 8. The University has no obligations in this regard.  If a student desires extra service from the Learning Centre. free of cost. will assist them in examination preparation and also will give them a platform to interact with the fellow students and academic central faculty However.smude. he/she will have to make his/her own arrangements with the Learning Centre. under no circumstances should the Learning Centres compel students to take this extra service.: 11 .  Counseling sessions will be held at the Learning Centre as per the schedule displayed at the Learning Centre. 7. It is for the individuals and professionals who wish to have MBA Program Guide Page No.PM0017 PM0018 Project quality management Contracts management in projects do do – Project quality management Contracts management in projects – 4 4 4 60 60 PM0014 *Project Public Relations & Marketing for MH0056 Healthcare Organizations Management of MH0057 Healthcare Human Resources Legal aspects in MH0058 Healthcare Administration MH0059 Quality Management in Healthcare Services Healthcare Services Management Public Relations & Yet to be Marketing for finalized Healthcare Organizations do Management of Healthcare Human Resources Legal aspects in Healthcare Administration Quality Management in Healthcare Services – 4 60 4 60 do do – 4 4 4 60 60 MH0055 *Project Detailed Curriculum is given on the website (www. Technology Enabled Learning (EduNXT) Portal Technology Enabled Learning (EduNXT) is the online learning support portal for the SMU students which will help them to increase their knowledge.

in. Marks 60 140 Total Marks 200 Note: The details of the examination schedules will be provided at the relevant time on the Website. The Assignments form a part of continuous evaluation.: 12 . University Examination: The University Examination will be conducted at designated examination centres twice a year as under: Session Spring Session Fall Session Session Commencement February August Examination July /Aug same year Jan/Feb subsequent year MBA Program Guide Page 9. Last date for Submission of Assignments/Project: The dates for the submission of the Assignments / Project Reports will be decided by the respective Learning Centres in such a way that the Learning Centre is able to submit the IA/ Project marks to the Office of Student Evaluation by the due date as specified on the Website 11.1 Scheme of Examination: Credits 4 Duration of University Exam. which are to be assessed by the Learning Evaluation System: 9. The two assignments will be evaluated.smude. Credits 4 Total Marks allotted for Assignments 60 10. 9. Internal assessment marks are based on the assignments.a flexible education programme with different types of self learning sources available just a click away.2 Internal Assessment (IA): The student must submit two assignments in each subject to the Learning Centre.smude. The average score of the two assignments will be considered for the grading of the student. The assignment will be for 15 marks per credit. in hour(s) 2 Internal University Assessment Marks Exam. The website address of the EduNXT portal – http://edunxt.

11. In general.smude.: 13 . Clashing of subjects in case of Re-sitting: The schedule of examinations is such that every student can appear for the subjects with respect to two semesters. The scanning process which evaluates the student performance is 100% error free and hence there is no need for revaluation.e. i.1 University Question Paper Pattern There will be only multiple choice questions (MCQs) in the University Question Papers as per details given below: Question Distribution Table: Credit 4 Question Distribution Part A 40 Part B 20 Part C 15 Total Time 2 hrs. 40 Part B 2 marks 20 1 ½ min. In some cases. one mark. Minutes + 5 Minutes (for filling up the forms/revision) = 2 hrs. two marks & four marks. 2. There is no provision for revaluation essentially because the valuation is done by scanning the answer sheet.The dates of the examination along with the detailed instructions will be published well in advance on the website www. Part A 1 mark 40 1 min.)/Question Total Time Grand total = 1 Hour 55. modifications may be made based upon the subject requirements. 4. of Questions Time (in min. 5. MCQs are of three types. Total Marks 140 Note: 1. 3. In special cases. The mark distribution is based upon the complexity involved in the question. 6. The answer sheet is marked by the student by darkening the appropriate circle to indicate the answer for a question. which clash with MBA Program Guide Page No. 45 General time distribution for each type of question is as follows (applicable for a paper with 4 credits).in. 30 Part C 4 marks 15 3 min. provided the combination of semesters is odd and even. students apply for re-sitting in subjects.

SUCH STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED TO APPEAR ONLY IN ANY ONE OF THE AFFECTED SUBJECTS.  In case a student scores 35 percent independently in both components. a student shall secure at least 35% marks in Continuous Evaluation (Internal Assessment) and 35% marks in University Examination. The Grade System (aggregate) Grade A – Excellent B – Very Good C – Good D – Satisfactory E – Failure Marks (%) 70 and above 60 .other papers in the schedule of the examinations.e. he/she will be considered failed.49 –––––––– MBA Program Guide Page No. NO STUDENT WILL BE PERMITTED TO APPEAR IN MORE THAN ONE SUBJECT IN A SCHEDULED SESSION ON A PARTICULAR DAY.  The students must note that for re-appearing for IA. once the student is declared as passed.: 14 . Continuous Evaluation or University Examination) will be required to reappear in that component only. 7. but fails to score 40 percent aggregate. however. If the student appears or tries to appear in both papers.69 50 .3 Classification of Successful Candidates: A student‟s performance will be evaluated based on both Continuous Evaluation and University Examination. 11.2 Minimum Passing Marks:  In each paper. Reappearance: There is no provision for improvement of grading by reappearance in the University Examinations or Internal Assessment. the students have to fill in the Re-sitting Forms.59 40 .  A student who fails in any one of the above (i. Such students will have to appear either in both or in any one of the components of their choice. 11. results of both papers will be declared as NULL & VOID. with an aggregate of 40% for pass.

Examination Centers will not take any responsibility for the custody of the mobile phone. Possession of Mobile phone. However..  NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO APPEAR FOR THE EXAMINATION WITHOUT ADMIT CARD.4 Carry-Over Provision: Please note that since there is a carry over system for every semester.  Candidates are not allowed to bring inside the Examination Hall Mobile Examination and Result Publication:  The University will conduct term-end examinations at designated Examination Centres. 12. statistical/scientific tables.smude.  Admit Cards will be issued only to those students who fulfill the prerequisites as specified by the University.11. resitting candidates who have filled up the Resitting Form before the last date specified by the University. Learning Centers should not withhold the admit cards of any student for any reason. Please ensure that it is the correct answer sheet and that both of its sides have been printed properly. Learning Centers are not permitted to issue any authority letter for appearing in the examination.g. self-study should start automatically for the next Semester without waiting for the examination result. date of examination and other related instructions of the examinations will be published well in advance of the date of examination on the website www. the candidate will receive the answer sheet.) The Admit Card is valid only when produced along with the Identity Card issued by the University. (e. scientific/nonprogrammable calculators are allowed for specific subjects (as mentioned in the time table).: 15 . The QP booklet will be provided at the beginning of the MBA Program Guide Page No. Admit card is only valid when accompanied with University photo ID  Five minutes prior to the commencement of the examination. hence the students are strictly warned not to bring Mobile phone with them inside the Examination Hall. calculators. Admit Cards will be issued to all fresh and Re-Registered students and. The term-end examination centre. lap top computers or any object/device/ gadget that would be of unfair assistance in answering the University question papers. even in „Switched off condition‟ shall be treated as unfair means.

the candidate is required to write and/shade the Name (block capitals). if your Roll Number is 001050001 and the Test Booklet Number is 18960. Candidates are not allowed to leave the examination hall within I hour of commencement of the examination. For instance. THE CANDIDATES SHOULD NOT exchange their QP booklets with other candidates during the examination. each question has only one correct answer and must be indicated by completely darkening the Page No. you shall write it as follows: Roll Number       THE CANDIDATES SHOULD NOT exchange their test booklets with other candidates during the examination. Note that each QP booklet has a specific five-digit booklet number printed on the front page of the booklet. under any circumstances CANDIDATES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE EXAMINATION HALL AFTER TEN MINUTES OF THE COMMENCEMENT OF EXAMINATION.: 16 MBA Program Guide . On the answer sheet. carefully write the Roll Number and Test Booklet Number in numerals in appropriate boxes using 2B pencil and completely blacken the corresponding circles. In the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The identity and signature of the candidates will be verified during the examination.  On the front page of the answer sheet. Candidates are required to sign on the answer sheet in the invigilator‟s presence.examination time. under any circumstances. Roll Number (nine digits) and QP Booklet Number (five digits) legibly in the spaces provided for the purpose.

Candidates must hand over the answer sheet and the QP booklet to the invigilator before leaving the examination hall. Candidates caught cheating or attempting to cheat may be disqualified immediately and debarred from appearing for University Examinations in accordance with the prevailing rules of the University. course structure. For example. Darkening of more than one circle will be regarded invalid/improper. do not leave any stray marks on the answer sheet. General Points:  The University reserves the right to add/delete/change the syllabi. if a student has selected D as the answer to the given and marks card shall be sent to the respective Learning rules and regulations without any prior notice as and when required and as per changes in environment. The students are advised to keep themselves informed about the changes in the syllabus and the contents of the courseware constantly by visiting the website MBA Program Guide Page No. but. 13. Students are advised to visit the University website www. where all the circulars and important information will be hosted from time to time.  It is the endeavour of the University to upgrade the syllabus keeping in view the industrial/market requirement so as to impart the latest technology / developments to the students. tear or otherwise deface/mutilate the answer sheet in any manner.smude. cut.appropriate circle. essential to upgrade the study materials periodically. Do not fold. bend.smude. It is. The results will be published on the website www. therefore.: 17 . it should be entered in the correct manner as indicated in the following example:–     The QP booklet can be used for rough

in in addition to being in touch with LC in this All the payments shall be made by the students in the form of DD drawn in favor of “Sikkim Manipal University.  www. Any payments made by methods other than the above. therefore. will be required to appear in the examination. Management is A) Science B) Art C) Science as well as art D) None of these Part B: Each question carries two (2) marks 2.smude. 3) and 4) MBA Program Guide Page No. imperative that the student. Fees once paid cannot be shall come under the jurisdiction of Udupi (Karnataka) 14. Model Questions for University Examination: Part A: Each question carries one (1) mark 1. Roll Number and Centre Code written on the reverse of the DD. What are the advantages of client server system? 1) Faster response time to requests for processing 2) Better local cost control of operations and development 3) Increase of responsibilities and cost overhead at center 4) Enables distribution of processing from centralized to desktop computing A) 2). It is important to note that the examinations will be conducted based on the syllabus and contents applicable in that session. Legal Disputes. which is based on the latest syllabus/content of the courseware. who reappears/re-sits for back and www.edunxt. if any. 3) and 4) B) 1). who fails in a subject.: 18 . It is. shall be at the individual‟s own risk. DE” payable at Manipal / Udupi and with the Name.smude. The students are advised to retain the counter foil and photocopy of the DD with them for their reference. should submit his/her re-sitting application at the earliest to enable the University to dispatch the new publication of the courseware (only in case of change in courseware). 2) and 4) C) 1) and 2) D) 1). The implication is that a student.

smude.  The assignments are designed to encourage the students develop the habit of continuous study of the Subject throughout the Semester. www. b)-iii). MBA Program Guide Page No.smude.  All assignments should be hand written. b)-iv). Match the following Set A a) Individual branding b) Overall family branding c) Line family branding d) Brand extension branding Set B i) Using existing brand for a new product ii) Uses family brands within the particular line iii) Giving all of a products the same name iv) Using different brand name v) Using on licensing fee A) a)-iv).  The assignments must be submitted to the Learning Centre on or before the last  All assignments will be assessed by the Learning Centre faculty.Part C: Each question carries four (4) Marks 3. d)-v) C) a)-v).edunxt.: 19 . c)-iii). Assignments  All Assignments will be uploaded on the Website. b)-ii). d)-iii) 15. and the average marks before uploading the same on the IA software. c)-ii). and sending it to the office of student evaluation. the marks scored for each of the assignments. d)-ii) D) a)-iv).in and www. c)-iii). c)-i).  Learning Centre has to notify to students by displaying on the notice board. d)-i) B) a)-i). b)-ii).edu.

Date of submission Marks awarded : : : : : : Directorate of Distance Education Sikkim Manipal University II Floor.(Cover pg) ASSIGNMENT-01/02 Name Registration No.: 20 . Learning Center : : : ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Learning Center Code: Course Subject Semester Module No. Syndicate House Manipal – 576 104 Signature of Coordinator Signature of Center Signature of Evaluator MBA Program Guide Page No.

Write in your own words.: 21 . Please answer all the Assignments on ruled sheets. Assignments which are not original / copied shall be awarded zero marks. Write in your own handwriting.(Page 2) Important Note to the Students: – – – – – – – The student must submit all the assignments given per course per semester to the learning Center. correctness and appropriateness of information provided) Suggestions for improvement: (Subject expert will give areas of improvement and possible ways/ methods to follow to improve) MBA Program Guide Page No. reliability. Comments by the Subject Evaluator: (Subject expert will give comments on overall content. Assignments should be submitted within the time given. Write neatly and legibly in the prescribed format. Do not copy. Assignment marks will be accounted for your Internal Assessment.

The project must be completed and submitted at the LC. Project Guidelines for Fourth Semester of MBA Course Curriculum Introduction: This guide will provide you all the information you need to know for developing a project dissertation. MBA Program Guide Page No.MBA and MBA specializations 1. 2. it has been marked for four credits.16. 4. It must be approved by the LC. It must be a live project either done at the place of work or some other organization. 3. It must relate to the specialization pursued. The project must be taken up under a guide at your LC. 5. As the Project work is very important part of MBA course curriculum.: 22 . The duration of the project is for eight months starting from 3 rd Semester with synopsis preparation and ending with evaluation during the 4th Semester. The following guidelines may be adopted: .

: 23 . However.The Project Flowchart: Selection of Project title: – The title selected should be coherent with the stream of study or specialization – A list of suggested topics is provided at the end of this document. the student and the guide have the freedom to identify an appropriate topic MBA Program Guide Page No.

Submit a draft project work to the LC: The draft project work should be submitted 20 days after the study has been conducted. documents received from company. Prepare Project Synopsis: The project synopsis needs to be submitted within 15 days post registration to the third semester. make necessary corrections and proceed to the next step. field visits. observations made. 9. It needs to be prepared with the following components:  Should be of approximately 500 words  Should have an introduction  Should outline the methodology to be used  Should mention the tools / techniques to be used for data analysis  References and bibliography need to be given 2.– The title should be specific and focus towards the objectives of the project 1. ( should not be more than 500 words )  Description of study methodology  Work done:. After receiving a feedback from LC. 3. The actual Project study may take 60 working days to be completed.visits to company. sites. Submit the final report: The final project report should be submitted in 30 days after the submission of the draft project work.: 24 . number of samples collected/questionnaires filled. magazines referred 8. The draft should constitute the following:  Title of the project  Introduction  Literature review / related research outcomes (a brief review of similar or related studies conducted elsewhere. MBA Program Guide Page No. list of functionaries met. registers and files seen.  Books. journals.

Page number Example: R.The final project report should consist of the following components:  Cover page  Title page  Acknowledgement  Bonafide Letter (from the company where the project was undertaken)  Table of contents  List of Tables  List of Figures  List of Symbols. 75 S. Abbreviations and Nomenclature  Chapters o Introduction o Aims and objectives of the study o Literature review / related research outcomes (should not be more than 500 words) o Methodology used: Data collection method. Place of Publication. validity of the data o Data analysis and interpretation / Research findings o Recommendations and conclusions o Limitations of the study and scope for further research if any  References/Bibliography Format for Bibliography: Books: Author‟s or Editor‟s Names. Hospital Administration and Human Resource Management. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers. K.C. pg 89-93 Journals: Author. MBA Program Guide Page No. Date of Publication. New Delhi: Prentice Hall Publication. Publisher. “Article Title”. Joshi. sampling methodology. Page Numbers of the article. Pg. 2009. Periodical Title.Goyal. 2008.: 25 . research tools used. Title of the Book. Quality Management in Hospitals. Year of Publication.

Harvard Business Review. Chicago: July 2009. Executive summary: Should be 500 words. “The Layoff”. Keila Rooney.Example: Bronwyn Fryer.: 26 . The project work terminates with the viva voce / presentation. The student should demonstrate or make a power point presentation of their project at the Learning Centre to the University approved External and Internal Examiners. pg 17-24. Vol 54. “Consumer Driven Healthcare Marketing: Using the Web to get up close and Personal”. Please be in touch with your LC for actual date of project evaluation. The power point slides for presentation should be submitted along with the final project report. a copy of the executive summary should be submitted separately also. Pg 241 10. A summary of the project is to be submitted. Journal of Healthcare Management. March 2009. The following are the constituents of the summary: o o o o o Title Statement of the problem Methodology used Main findings / outcome of the study with respect to objectives Recommendations Project Duration: Activities 1 Synopsis Conduct Study Project Draft Final Project Preparation Viva / Presentation 2 Semester 3 3 4 5 6 1 2 Semester 4 3 4 5 6 MBA Program Guide Page No. Viva Voce / Presentation: Viva will be conducted as per the schedule given by the Office of Additional Registrar – Student Evaluation. besides being a part of the project report.

3. Project Evaluation: Evaluation Pattern for MU 0005 / MF 0005 / MK 0005 / MI 0028 / MA 0031 / ML 0005 / MH 0044. It starts immediately after the registration into the 3rd semester and ends with a viva that will be conducted in the 4th semester. 4. 1. 11. Project Topics PROJECT TOPICS FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT A study of performance appraisal / performance management system in XYZ organization Assessment of role stress amongst the employees of XYZ organization Job satisfaction survey at XYZ organization Competency mapping in an organization Training effectiveness in an organization Page No.The project duration is 8 months. No. 2. 5. Evaluation Criteria Synopsis Methodology Analysis / Findings Project Report Viva Total Internal 5 10 25 25 35 100 External 5 10 25 25 35 100 Evaluation Pattern for MB0021 Evaluation Criteria Synopsis Methodology Analysis / Findings Project Report Viva Total Internal 10 20 50 50 70 200 External 10 20 50 50 70 200 Suggested Projects topics for MBA but are not limited to: Sl.: 27 MBA Program Guide .

21. 11. based on Small & Medium Enterprises. 20. Developing a Service Delivery Model to bridge the gap between services expected & provided by ICICI Home Loans. 15. 9. Mapping training need of employees: Training Need Analysis PROJECT TOPICS RELATED TO MARKETING Formulation of Marketing Strategies to Improve Market Share of LG Microwave Ovens Improving the Effectiveness & Efficiency of Operations at Cox & Kings India Ltd. A study of Compensation Management System A detailed study of promotion and reward policy of organization A study of quality of work life in an organization. 26. 28. PROJECTS TOPICS RELATED TO FINANCE The study on Indian Financial System post liberalization The impact of Global recession on Information Technology sector in India The impact of recent global economic slump on Indian capital market A comparative study of bancassurance products in banks A Comparative study of Equity linked Savings Schemes floated by domestic Mutual fund players. 27. 17. 22. 13. 12. 8. 24. A Comparative Study of cost of capital in Automobile/Steel/Pharma/ Finance industry Page No. Study of organizational culture OCTAPACE profile. 16. 10. 18. 7. Demand Forecasting for Orion-ERP Package for ICICI InfoTech in Bangalore. Bangalore A Market Feasibility Study for New X-ray Machines from Wipro-GE Medical Systems Distribution Mapping & Dealer Satisfaction Survey for Nokia Mobile Phones. 25. Motivational analysis of organization A comparative study of team effectives in an organization: Team effectiveness assessment measure. 19. A Study to improve Awareness level of Triraksha Welfare Scheme among farmers for Tractors & Farm Equipment Ltd A Study to increase Penetration Level & Brand Loyalty among existing consumers of Samsung India Electronics Ltd.: 28 23. A Study of Marketing Strategies & Distribution Channels in North Karnataka for Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd. MBA Program Guide . 14. Strategies for Increasing the Occupancy Rate of the Taj West End Hotel.6.

(Health screening dept. Out-patient department. In-house pharmacy. 50.) and recommendations to increase patient satisfaction. 45. etc) A study on the identification of causes of delays in patient transfer (internal/ external) and recommendations to decrease waiting time and increase patient satisfaction. Hassan Automation of Banking database.: 29 . 36. 41. 34. 39. A comparative study on waiting time in various hospital departments and recommendations to decrease waiting time (Out-patient dept. Financial Inclusion. 31. 42. 30. etc. 47. General ward.29. VIP suites. MBA Program Guide Page No.The scope and effect in Indian economy Rural banking in India Dematerialization – The scope and effect. billing. XYZ Bank. etc). Mumbai A webpage design using JAVA-Google page PROJECTS TOPICS RELATED TO MBA-HCS A study on the identification of high risk groups prone to spinal disorders / diabetes / heart attacks (or any other lifestyle condition) and corresponding prevention recommendations. 46. Out-patient services. 40. Mangala hospital. Automation of Customer Relation Database. The future of Investment banks in the post Lehman Brothers era PROJECTS TOPICS RELATED TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS Role of software agents as a collaborative tool-Ecommerce Hospital Management System-Database Approach. 44. and older adults) and recommendations on wellness practices. A study on the identification of causes of delays in in-patient discharges and recommendations to avoid delays and increase patient satisfaction. school children. 48. 33. A comparative study on patient satisfaction in (executive suites. A study on the wellness practices in a target group (MNC employees. 49. 35. Profitability and Operational Efficiency of Public Sector banks Profitability and Operational Efficiency of banks in India A study of working capital management in small scale industries The scope of Microfinance in Indian context. 38. A SAP Product A study on Electronic data storage.Steel factory. A study on patient satisfaction in any one department in a multi-specialty hospital. 37. 32. Laboratory services. billing. A comparative study of Finance performance of banks using various ratios. 43.

A comparative study on cost analysis of the various departments in a hospital and cost-cutting recommendations. Table of contents 7. Cover page 2. 62. CSSD employees. A Study on the identification of the causes of delays in cashless hospitalization and suggest recommendations to reduce time lags. A study on Waste disposal management in a hospital and recommendations for safe disposal. 55. ward boys. Abbreviations and Nomenclature MBA Program Guide Page No. A comparative study may also be undertaken between the departments. Bonafide Letter 5. 53. 63. A study on involvement of Doctors / nurses / paramedics in rural healthcare and suggestions to improve involvement.: 30 . List of Tables 8. etc). Recommendation to improve liaison of medical reps and doctors. 60. Abstract 6. A study on job satisfaction of nurses / paramedic staff in ICU / Operation Theatre/ wards / etc. 58. A study on medical representative triumphs and trials. 61. 52. doctors. A study on formulation of marketing strategies to promote a healthcare service (e. and corresponding recommendations to improve work safety. A comparative study of the same may also be done. List of Figures 9. A study on the efficiency of CSSD (or any other department of a multispecialty hospital) A cost analysis study in general ward (or any other department) of a hospital to develop user charges.: „Women Wellness check-up‟ promotion).51. 54. 57.g. Acknowledgement 4. Title page 3. 59. A study on work safety for employees in the radiology department / waste disposal department / lab / housekeeping / etc. A study on hospital acquired infections and prevention recommendations. and corresponding recommendations to improve job satisfaction. Template for Preparation of Project Report for MBA course Contents 1. House-keeping staff. List of Symbols. A study of sickness absenteeism among various groups of hospital employees (nurses. 56. A comparative study of in-house pharmacy and retail pharmacy.

MBA Program Guide Page No. Chapters 11.: 31 .10. Mainly it must consist of Acknowledgement towards the organization you study and to the company where you have done your project followed by the people who have helped you in the process. References/Bibliography 12. INSTRUCTIONS: About Cover page and Title Page: <TITLE OF PROJECT REPORT> A PROJECT REPORT Under the guidance Of ______________________________ Submitted by ______________________________ in partial fulfillment o f the requirement for the award of the degree Of MBA IN [Finance/Marketing/Human Resource Management/Information Systems/ Banking/Retail Operations/ Operations Management/ Project Management/ Total Quality Management] <MONTH> & <YEAR> Acknowledgement: Acknowledgment is the regards given to the people and organization who have helped you in completing the project undertaken.

& College> College > Executive Summary: Executive summary should be of one page summary of the project report. Table of contents: It is the list of all the contents in the report and all the detailed content precedes this table of content. 1 Title Introduction 1.: 32 . Font Style-Times New Roman and Font Size-14. A Specimen is shown below TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter No. It should consist of the statement of the problem.Bonafide Certificate: BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Certified that this project report titled …………………………………………….. MBA Program Guide Page No. of College>> <Full address of the Dept.<NAME OF THE CANDIDATE(S)>..1 2. It should be typed in double line spacing. SIGNATURE HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT <Department> <<Full address of the Dept & College >> SIGNATURE FACULTY IN CHARGE <Academic Designation> <Department> <Full address of the Dept & <<Full address of the Dept. main findings.3 2 Literature review.…………” who carried out the project work under my supervision.2 1.” is the bonafide work of “…………. and recommendations for the further use. 2.1 1.2 14 21 1 5 10 Page No.

… Note: By the word Table. Table 1: <caption the table1> 2.5 line spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head. Figure 1: < Caption of the Figure> MBA Program Guide Page No. The caption of the figure must be present below the figure.5 line spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head. is meant tabulated numerical data in the body of the project report as well as in the appendices (If any). maps. 1.: 33 . List of Figures: Give the same name for the table as they exactly appear below the figures in the text. Table 1 <Caption of the table> Feild1 Field2 Field3 Feild4 Feild5 Feild6… List of tables 1. The caption of the Table must be present above the table. 1.List of Tables: Give the same name for the table as they exactly appear above the tables in the text. graphs. photographs and diagrams may be designated as figures. All other nonverbal materials used in the body of the project work and appendices such as charts.

should be used. Chapters: Mainly the chapters can be broadly classified into 3 parts 1. You find a specimen for a typical reference Instructions:  The text in the printed copies must in black color. Standard symbols. Figure 1: <caption the Figure 1> 2. Concluding chapter.  Headers and Footnotes should be used sparingly.  Each chapter should be given a relevant title.5 line spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head.  Tables and figures in a chapter should be placed in the position with respect to the reference where they are cited. abbreviations etc. Introductory chapter 2. They should be typed single space and placed directly underneath in the very same page. –––––––––––––––––––––––––– MBA Program Guide Page No.5 line spacing should be used for typing the general text. NOTE: Always the report must be ended with the concluding chapter and future enhancements References/Bibliography: The listing of references should be typed 4 spaces below the heading “REFERENCES” in alphabetical order in single spacing left – justified. The reference material should be listed in the alphabetical order of the first author. … List of Symbols. Abbreviations and Nomenclature: 1. which refers to the material they annotate.  1. The title of the project must be reflected in the left side of the header and chapter name must be in the right side of the headers.List of Figures 1. The main text will be divided into several chapters and each chapter can be further divided into several divisions and sub-divisions. Page numbers are to be placed in the right side of the footer. Chapter(s) on the main content of the project 3. The name of the author/authors should be immediately followed by the year and other details. Any website reference must be referred preceded by the publications reference.: 34 . The general text shall be typed in the Font style „Times New Roman‟ and Font size 14.