Symptoms of heart attack-
1. Central crushing chest pain
2. Heavy sweating
3. Nausea or vomiting
4. Dizziness
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Carrot, Cabbage, Sweet Potato,
Apricot, Dark Leafy Greens.
Eat food rich in Beta Carotine
Regular exercise can
improve heart function
High BP / high cholesterol /
High blood sugar / high body weight.
Check your blood sugar regularly Diabetes speeds up arteriosclerosis or the thickening
artery wall.
Practice yoga and meditation. Stress can lead to high BP and sudden heart attack
Undergo a lipid profile atleast
once a year.
Cut down the saturated or animal fat from your diet
Eat Garlic Studies has confirmed Garlic’s ability to lower BP, reduce
phospholipids & cholesterol. Garlic strengthen heart
action, increased immune response, reduce
stroke and stabilize blood sugar levels.
Flex seeds, Fresh pressed oils of
wheat germs
Eat food rich in essential fatty acids
Quit smoking Smoking can damage the inner walls of
the arteries thereby increasing cholesterol
deposition and hampering blood flow.
Monitor your BP regularly Reduce your salt intake
Maintain a fair Body-Mass Index. Obesity can lead to high BP, high cholesterol & diabetes,
a complicated maze which could lead to heart attack
• A heart attack is an injury to the heart
muscle caused by loss of blood supply to
the heart, due to a blood clot etc.
• It may be fatal or mild / moderate.

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