Baby Chinchillas Chinchillas are little creatures in the rodent family.

They live in high altitude areas in South America, North America, and New Zealand. They are highly valued for their fur, which is extremely soft and warm. They have features of many

different animals. Their legs are like bunnies', their tails strongly resemble squirrels'. Their big ears reassemble mice' ears, but their personality is like nothing I've seen before, they are playful, jumpy, and aren’t stubborn at all. Baby Chinchillas can fit in the hand of a man. Their little heads are adorable. They have big black eyes, mouse-like ears, and a little flat pink nose. Their fur is softer than silk, and thick as lush grass, with thin, long tails. They squeak like dog toys They are very energetic and active. All chinchillas are agile and can swiftly jump from rock to rock. They travel in colonies and hunt for food.

Gianni Cappelletti .Baby Chinchillas are little bundles of joy.

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