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Astanga Yoga

Astanga Yoga

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ASTANGA- YOGA By Patanjali

It is predominantly concerned with maintaining a state of equanimity at all costs. All yoga schools of thought emphasize the importance of the mind . .Yoga is a way of life.

Yama: SEL F-RESTRAINT FAhimsa (non-violence). ‡ Satya (truthfulness). ‡ Asteya (non-stealing). ‡ Brahmacharya (celibacy) and ‡ Aparigraha (noncovetousness) .

NIYAMA-SELF-RESTRAINT. ‡ Swadhyaya or self-education and ‡ Ishwar-Pranidhan or meditation on the Divine . Shaucha or purity. ‡ Tapa or austerity. ‡ Santosha or contentment.

ASANAASANA-POSTURE Functions of Yogasanas Asanas basically perform five functions: ‡ Conative. ‡ Mental. ‡ Cognitive. ‡ Intellectual and ‡ Spiritual. .

. Ancient yogis. Pranayama` is a compound term (`prana` and `yama`) meaning the maintenance of prana in a healthy throughout one`s life. studied it and devised methods and practices to master it. These practices are better known as pranayama.PRANAYAMAPRANAYAMAREGULATION OF BREATH. who understood the essence of prana. More than a breath-control exercise. pranayama is all about controlling the life force or prana.

Pratyahara may be practiced with mantra meditation and visualization techniques. .PRTHYAHARA WITHDRAWAL OF MIND FROM SENSE OBJECTS Pratyahara involves rightly managing the senses and going beyond them instead of simply closing and suppressing them. It involves reining in the senses for increased attention rather than distraction.

Dharana. This consists of various ways of directing and controlling our attention and mindfixing skills. such as concentrating on the chakras or turning inwards.Dharana.-Concentration Dharana involves developing and extending our powers of concentration. .

This state rightfully precedes the final state of samadhi. unlike the other six limbs of yoga.DhyanaDhyana-Meditation Dhyana is the state of meditation. Strictly speaking. a delicate state of awareness. . when the mind attains the ability to sustain its attention without getting distracted. this is not a technique but rather a state of mind.

or total absorption.-Absorption in the self Samadhi. This is the acme of all yogic endeavors²the ultimate `yoga` or connection between the individual and the universal Soul .Samadhi. In this state of mind.Samadhi. the perceiver and the object of perception unite through the very act of perception²a true unity of all thought and action. is the ability to become one with the True Self and merge into the object of concentration.


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