Shift allocation of staffs.. Doctors details.WHY DO HOSPITALS NEED IS?          Clients/ patients information. Give patients better flexibility and ease Etc. Medical transcription. . Record keeping. Billings. Inventory management. Suppliers details and accounts.

 In 1989.ABOUT BUMRUNGRAD:  Established in Sep 1980. changed location to the center of the city with increased capacity and improved facilities.  Jan 1997.  From 1991 to 2000. faced tough situation due to southeast Asian currency crisis. went public to raise funds. jointly by Bangkok bank and Sophonpanich family. .  Jul 1997. it became the best privately managed hospital in Thailand.

certified with ISO 9002 quality certification.  1997.ABOUT BUMRUNGRAD contd. . launched its website www.com. ISO certified it as a Comprehensive Tertiary Acute Medical Centre first of its kind.  1999.:  Mar 1997.bumrungrad.

Why did they need a change:  Enhance service quality.  Existing systems posed problems followed by high maintenance cost.  Enable them to make right decisions at the right time.  To deliver information and directing business. .  Retaining the best doctors was anotherr major challenge.  Better connectivity with customers.

2. extraction of data from old systems filtering them and feeding it to newly implemented one.  Training 1200 staffs and 200 doctors on the system was not an easy take. Choosing GCS. .  Adopting Hospital 2000 IS. conversion of data from Thai language to English.Tough times doesn t last but tough people do:  From a brick n mortar company to brick n click company.  Data conversion: 1.

3. Major challenge was with the DMS of FileNet corporation. But eventually became successful. Risk of failure of the new systems when the old systems were made to switch off.Contd.  Training. . 4.

.  Power Vault 650F Fiber channel storage system. Formed database for Hospital 2000 IS.  Unique operating system.  Systems connected to the Internet through leased lines through satellite connection.  Storage system ran on MS SQL platform.Hardware and Software Expansion:  Personal computers with standardized configuration.  Uniform configuration.

 Data warehousing and online analytical Processing. .  Reduced expenditure. of clients.:  Three tier system architecture.  Facilitated increasing no.  Network architecture:  Enabled uniform flow of information.  Servers and clients used TCP/IP protocol.Hardware and Software Expansion contd.

 Multilingual capabilities system.  Digital image storage and real time processing.  Elimination of cost of storage and maintenance.Renaissance in system design:  In 2007 New operating system: A unique combination of Microsoft 2005 server and SQL server 2005.  Significant revenue margin with respect to competitors.  Records and reports were available online for real time accessing.  Implementation of Amalga PACS (Picture Archive Communication System). .

Patient Info Illustration .

Any doctor could attend any patient.BENEFITS: Increased efficiency of operations.     . Centralized data storage and retrieval.  Far ahead of competitors. Type of prescription was not a hurdle anymore. due to easy availability of records.



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