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System Software Assignment 1

System Software Assignment 1

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Published by: Maloy Ghosh on Sep 06, 2010
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SIMULATION OF A COMPUTER COMMUNICATION NETWORK Design a program that will simulate a computer communication network as described below:        The

network contains a set of nodes representing computers. The nodes are connected by bi-directional communication links. Each node may generate a message at any point of time. Length of a message should be restricted within a specified link. Destination of a message should be randomly selected. For each node the time interval between two successive messages must be Poisson distributed. Transmission of messages should follow store and forward discipline. That is, a) For each node the message should be transmitted to another node that is the next member of the shortest path between that node and the specified destination. b) Selection of the next node is achieved by table look up. Required table should be precomputed and stored at each node. Capacity of a link is specified so that transmission time for a message of given length through that link may be determined. One and only one message can be transmitted through a link at any point of time. When a message finds that the required link is busy, it should wait in a queue associated with that link.

  

Program specifications: 1. The program should accept input data that defines the network. 2. It should first find the shortest path between each pair of nodes and form the necessary next node matrices for different nodes. 3. Input data should also include total simulation time. 4. Monitoring of the queue lengths should be possible. 5. Parameters like average queue length, throughput, average elapsed time should be available at the end. DESIGN OF A LEXICAL ANALYSER Design a lexical analyser for a language L that includes the following: Keyword = if | then | else | while | do | begin | end Operator = + | - | * | / | = | < | > | := Identifier = letter (letter | digit)* The program should be capable of distinguishing between unary minus and binary minus.

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