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Each location contains one interproject relationship file that
includes data about the linked projects. When a collection of linked
projects includes remote projects, the manager at the remote site
needs to export interproject relationship data from his or her project
and send it to the local site where it can be imported into the local
interproject file.

Exporting interproject relationships creates a “transfer file” that
contains the schedule dates for the remote project. This step
ensures accurate schedule data when scheduling each project in
the group.

Export interproject relationships From the remote site, open the
interproject file and choose File, Export Relationships. In the
following example, scheduling information from the London office
(project BLD4) is exported to a transfer file.

For details on importing a
transfer file, see Importing
Interproject Data in the
next section.

Send the transfer file to the local site using e-mail or any other
method; import the file into the local interproject file to update
remote project dates.

1 Select projects to export,
then click Add.

2 Click Export.

3 Specify a name for the
transfer file, then click OK.

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