Sean Coffey Statement On Daily News Op-Ed "Andrew Cuomo is correct.

In these tough economic times, we must all make serious sacrifices for the common good. Andrew Cuomo rightly cites to the statesmanship of labor leaders like Victor Gotbaum, Albert Shanker and Barry Feinstein during those harrowing days in the 1970s. Having read 'The Man Who Saved New York,' I find the parallels between 1975 and today both chilling as to the risks and instructive as to what our next set of political and labor leaders must do. "But some in our party are all too prone to special interest pandering, falling short of much needed reform and fiscal responsibility. In this primary for Attorney General, it is important for our next nominee to be a real reformer - not a reform imposter. It is vital that our nominee stand with Andrew Cuomo so our party stands against waste, against the public corruption tax, and for property tax relief for all New Yorkers. "I stand with the approach advanced by Andrew Cuomo is his op-ed in today's Daily News. Not because he is the leader of our party. But because he is standing up for what's right, advancing a vital center approach to growth and renewal."

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