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Students Learn How Music Gets Made With Brookline Access TV and Adam Ezra Group

Students Learn How Music Gets Made With Brookline Access TV and Adam Ezra Group

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Published by Laura Maas

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Published by: Laura Maas on Sep 06, 2010
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Students learn how music gets made with Brookline Access TV and Adam Ezra Group

Wicked Local staff photo by Kate Flock

Students in Brookine Access TV's music video program film the Adam Ezra Group for their video project, Aug. 10, 2010.
By Laura Paine/staff writer Wicked Local Brookline Posted Aug 13, 2010 @ 06:44 AM Brookline ² In an age where music is easily accessible and quickly created, Brookline Access Television and the Adam Ezra Group teamed up to teach youths how easy it can be to compose a radio-ready song, complete with a music video, to tell their story. Throughout the weeklong workshop, participants learned about the band¶s collaborative approach, discussed songwriting strategies and worked together to create an original song based on ideas the kids came up with. Adam Ezra, founder of the group, said rock and pop music ³appeals to almost every kid.´ ³For some reason, schools, for the most part, aren¶t connecting with kids on that level, and because the music budgets and art budgets are being slashed, one result is that kids grow up and feel like they aren¶t musical,´ Ezra said. ³But everybody¶s musical. If you like music, if you like listening to music, which everyone does, then you¶re musical. It¶s just a matter of recognizing that it¶s not rocket science. It¶s just a bunch of guys playing some simple parts on top of each other.´ He teaches students how to write a song by telling a story about something that has happened to him, and then plays a song he wrote based on that experience. ³Then we add one musician at a time into that song until it goes from story to song to rock song,´ Ezra said. ³They see what each instrument does in that song to make it work and then we decide what song we want to write together as a group.´

At the BATV workshop, the group of seven girls, between the ages of 10 and 14, chose to write a pop-rock song about growing up, entitled ³Time¶s Runnin¶ Out.´ ³Our song is about a girl, maybe middle school- or high school-age, looking back on her life at things in the past that have happened and is faced with a decision,´ 10-year-old Newton Highlands resident Jordy Hurley said. ³She doesn¶t know what to do.´ Once the concept and lyrics for the song are written, Ezra takes them home, writes a song with his guitar and works the rest of the music out with his band. They played the song for the girls the next day, took notes, made edits and began the recording process. ³This is the first year we have ever done this, and Brookline has done this, so the process of getting a good recording and all that is tough. We¶re still figuring that out,´ Ezra said. Throughout sound testing and the recording stages, the girls were given four small video cameras to get live shots of the band from a variety of angles to go along with the BATV cameras set up throughout the room. Brookline resident Erin Lynch, 14, who recently moved to the United States from Dublin, Ireland, said she enjoys working with cameras and has some experience in video editing. ³[I like] shooting videos,´ Lynch said. ³We¶re going to do editing on the computer and I like stuff like that.´ BATV education coordinator Krissie Jankowski said most of the scenes for the video will take place outside. The screening party will take place on Aug. 13, and the public will be able to view the video on BATV after that date. ³I think [the workshop] was great,´ Jankowski said. ³I think that we ended up taking something [Ezra¶s] been doing for a long time in his workshops and bringing it to another level with the music video. Adam and the whole band were fantastic to work with.´ Lynch said the band was ³really nice.´ Samantha Adams, 12, of Newton Centre, said working with the band made the experience ³a bit more professional and easier to do.´ ³It¶s really cool,´ Adams said. ³It¶s a different thing, but I think doing it makes me feel more like it is my song and it is cool to hear it played.´ Jankowski said bring the Adam Ezra Group, who has opened for acts such as Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, was a good way to bring something different into the community and she hopes to do it again during the school year. Laura Paine can be reached at lpaine@cnc.com.
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