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ECE682 Syllabus Fall 2010

ECE682 Syllabus Fall 2010

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Published by: Arda Akman on Sep 07, 2010
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EE682, Analog VLSI, Fall 2010

Instructor: Text Book: Reference: Shirshak Dhali, Room:, email:sdhali@odu.edu Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits, by Behzad Razavi, McGraw Hill 2001. Allen and Holberg, “CMOS analog Circuit Design,” 2nd edition, Oxford University, 2002

Topics: Semiconductors (brief introduction to p-n junctions) Characteristics of MOS circuits MOS models and circuit simulation Fabrication of CMOS circuits Design with CADENCE Basic MOS circuits, biasing, DC and AC analysis Current Mirrors, Common Source, Common Drain and Common Base Inverters Operational Amplifiers Switched Capacitor circuits Assignments and Exams: Projects: (CADENC): 40 Homework Midterm: Final Grade Distribution: 85 and above: 82-84 79-81 76-78 73-75 70-72 67-69 A AB+ B BC+ C

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