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Lucas Delacruz-Moyrong 5th Cossick.

What are Pronouns? 

Pronouns are a class of words that substitute and replace nouns and noun phrases in speech; noun ³stunt doubles.´

Subject Pronouns 

These types of pronouns include:
he, she it they we You I

Timmy likes to bowl. He likes to bowl.

Subject pronouns take action in a sentence.

Object Pronouns 

These pronouns include:
him, her me you it us them

Rob Rob V

Stunt Double Him V

Object pronouns are part of the action.

Possessive Pronouns. 

These pronouns include:
his,hers its ours mine yours their, theirs

³That is my house.´ ^ - Possessive Adjective ³The house is mine.´ ^ Possessive Pronoun

Possessive pronouns function as pronouns that show possesion.

Intensive & Reflexive Pronouns
Intensive Pronouns 

Reflexive Pronouns 

These pronouns puts emphasis on other pronouns

These pronouns rename other pronouns  

³ He himself will do the job´
himself emphasizes He.  

³ She gypped herself in her statement´
herself renames She

Why are Pronouns Important? 

Pronouns are important because they ³keep the flow´ of a sentence by taking places repeated nouns. Without pronouns, we would always have call ³things´ by that name.

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