By Pratik Sribroto Sujoy

together with lakhs of rupees. . y Your choice of a B School will affect your career and your future.Why Should You Choose Your B School Wisely? y Committing two years of your life. deserves a careful consideration. y The reputation of a top-ranked B School is likely to impress your prospective employer.

. discuss with your teachers. inquire with your parents and their peers.Some Points to be kept on mind before selection of a B-School By Determine Your Interests ² and find out if the program offered by the B School interests you. y Research . trawl the net. y Ask for Information ²Email Institutions & ask for their prospectus. y Extra Curricular Activities .Check out their extra curricular activities.Talk to your friends.

y Cost of the Course. it not begin also planning your finances. .you might not want to be too far from home. y Location . If field trips & guest lectures are part of the course.ensure the cost conforms with your budget. y Facilities Inquire about the library. scholarships.y Visit Websites . or may have regional preferences.of as many B Schools as you can. hostels.

double check if this claim is correct . y Student Retention & Graduation Rates . is it registered with the Government. y Recognition is the Institution recognized by any Government Authority. will ensure you get exposed to students from different backgrounds and experiences.y Diversity of Pupils From across the state or country.should help you determine the B School's quality and satisfaction of its students. y Foreign Affiliation if the Institution is affiliated to a Foreign University.

y Reputation . check if their criteria matches your academic background. y Size of the Classroom Determine the student-toteacher ratio in the institution. you can also check its national ranking. .Read what ex-student s say about the Institution and post queries on student forums. and ensure it is low enough to allow for individual attention.y Curriculum .Review the curriculum to ensure it is updated. y Exclusiveness If a B School is selective about the number of students it admits. also study its emphasis and ensure it is aligned with your interests and purpose.

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