[edit] By Reading Order [edit] Haardrad Family Saga Series 1 2 3 1. Fires of Winter (1980) 2. Hearts Aflame (1987) 3.

Surrender My Love (1994) [edit] Southern Series 4 5 1. Glorious Angel (1982) 2. Heart of Thunder (1983) [edit] Wyoming Westerns Series 6 7 8 1. Brave the Wild Wind (1984) 2. Savage Thunder (1989) 3. Angel (1992) [edit] Malory-Anderson Family Saga Series 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1. Love Only Once (1985) (Reggie/Nicholas Eden) 2. Tender Rebel (1988) (Anthony/Roslynn Chadwick) 3. Gentle Rogue (1990) (James/Georgina Anderson) 4. The Magic of You (1993) (Amy/Warren Anderson) 5. Say You Love Me (1996) (Derek/Kelsey Langton) 6. The Present (1998) (Christopher/Anastasia) /The Holiday Present (2003) 7. A Loving Scoundrel (2004) (Jeremy/Danny) 8. Captive of My Desires (2006) (Drew Anderson/Gabrielle Brooks) 9. No Choice But Seduction (2008) (Boyd Anderson/Katey Tyler) 10. Promised to a Rogue (2010) [edit] Medieval Series 19 20 1. Defy Not the Heart (1989) 2. Joining (1999) [edit] Straton Family Saga Series 21 22 1. A Heart So Wild (1986) 2. All I Need Is You (1997) [edit] Ly-San-Ter Family Saga Series 23 24 25 1. Warrior's Woman (1990) 2. Keeper of the Heart (1993) 3. Heart of a Warrior (2001) [edit] Cardinia's Royal Family 26 27 1. Once a Princess (1991) 2. You Belong to Me (1994) [edit] Sherring Cross Series 2


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1. Man of My Dreams (1992) 2. Love Me Forever (1995) 3. The Pursuit (2002) [edit] Locke Family Series

31 32 33 34

1. The Heir (2000) 2. The Devil Who Tamed Her (2007) 3. A Rogue of My Own (2009) 4. TBA - Amanda Locke's story (TBD)[2] [edit] Single novels


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Captive Bride (1977) A Pirate's Love (1978) Paradise Wild (1981) So Speaks the Heart (1983) A Gentle Feuding (1984) Tender Is the Storm (1985) When Love Awaits (1986) Secret Fire (1987) Silver Angel (1988) Prisoner of My Desire (1991) Until Forever (1995) Home for the Holidays (2000) A Man to Call My Own (2003) Marriage Most Scandalous (2006)


1. Fires of Winter (1980) (The first book in the Viking Haardrad Family series)

Norway, 851. Never a vikings captive. Spirited across an icy sea, lovely anddauntless Lady Brenna Carmarham vowed vengeance on her Viking abductors.Slavery was the fate of women captured on raids, but when she faced the manwho was not hew master, she swore she would never be owned. Forever aviking's love. Yet Garrick Haardrad, the proud and powerful son of theViking chieftain, claimed her with a primitive abandon that left herbreathless. And between them built a passion that ignited the long coldnights... until a rival Norseman challenged the bond desire had forged --and only love could bind forever! 2. Hearts Aflame (1987)

Wessex, 873. Beautiful and defiant, Kristen Haardrad met the icy fury inher captor's crystal-green gaze with defiance. She was the prisoner ofRoyce, Thane of Wyndhurst, but his slave she'd never be. This powerful Saxonlord had at last met his match in the Viking beauty--his equal in pride, instrength... and in the fierce, hot hunger of insatiable desire. But Kristencould not know the torment that divided his soul; how he ached to hold hersoft, supple body, thirsted for the ringing joy of her laughter--yet hatedher for an ancient crime that was not her own. But her golden lovelinessdrives him mad with desire, her fiery eyes taunting him, compelling him toclaim her. Until, in wordless surrender, they cast aside the shackles ofdoubt and distrust to unite forever in the searing promise of all-consuminglove. 3. Surrender My Love (1994) Wrongly branded as a spy, the dark and handsome Viking Lord Selig Haardrad suffered greatly in the dungeons for Lady Erika of Gronwood. As he hung in chains, his magnificent body wracked with pain and fever, one thought sustained him - revenge. [edit] Southern Series 1. Glorious Angel (1982)

they would dare any harm orhurt for the ecstatic passion they found in each other's love! 2. she did notunderstand how very much he desired her. Tormented by hateful gossip and a scandalous family secret. herarrogance enraged him. Yet whenfortune called him halfway across the world. Heart of Thunder (1983) Desire flamed in their burning passions.And though their desires might consume them. heir to magnificent Golden Oaks. knew atlast in her heart where her destiny lay. With a passion he had felt for no other woman. she swore to make him suffer any way shecould. yet her softly lustrous allure could notconceal the headstrong spirit which no man had conquered.until his passionspilled over into violence. sent to a Yankee finishing school by Bradford's father. also wanted her father's land. and his boldnessfrightened her. Her beauty haunted him. When sheoverheard him refuse to marry her. driven by injustice into the life of anoutlaw... Though his arrogance enraged her.until cruel misunderstandings scorched their destiny with flames of bitterfury. But. a fiery young beauty who is swept into a passionate conflict withChase Summers. But this man. Savage Thunder (1989) . that when chance brought themtogether--in the satin boudoir of a bordello--he didn't recognize theviolet-eyed angel he fell madly in love with. Let any man try. she defied and tormented him. Samantha vowed to kill him herself. she was adirt-farmer's daughter--and could only dream of being loved by BradfordMaitland.. But shecould not kill her heart. So muchwas she changed since Bradford last saw her. he realized how empty his worldwas without her. Hank Chavez dared take SamanthaBlacktone Kingsley by force. Yet they could never endure apart. itseemed but to tame a man's pride. Andif her father didn't kill him. [edit] Wyoming Westerns Series 1. their destinies bound by a love noteven fate could destroy. this romance features JessicaBlair. an arrogant Westerner who has vowed never to love. Yet nothing could soften her stubborn heart. But Angela Sherrington became ayoung lady. And no woman tamed Chase Summers..Though the sultry Alabama hellion was chased by every boy in town.he awakened in Samina a desire she had never known. Wealth and breeding had preparedher to be a fine young lady. his life was hers.and he faced a hellcat's fury. wrongfully taken from his family. And the girl who had become a woman in his arms. In her innocence. Angela wasforced to run from the man she lived for. Bradford Maitland vowed to keep his precious angel always.. From the first time she gaveherself to him.. really wasEnrique Antonio de Vega y Chávez. Brave the Wild Wind (1984) Set in the untamed Wyoming territory of 1876. But Chase wasn't a man to be trifled with' Even thought beautifulJessie could hold her own against any man in the territory and was running aranch by herself after land grabbers had murdered her father -ChaseSummers drove her to a fury of frustration. 2.

then outraged at the arrogance of this bronzed.. Unwanted and unwelcomed by hisungrateful employer..black-haired beauty who stirred his desires in ways that no woman hadbefore.. Nicholas was intrigued by this fiery. Love Only Once (1985) (Reggie/Nicholas Eden) Her life changed forever the night she was abducted from a dark Londonstreet and carried to a stranger's townhouse.a ruggedlyhandsome hired gun with eyes as black as sin. But it would take more than that tomake them admit their needs. Tender Rebel (1988) (Anthony/Roslynn Chadwick) .Though he dragged her good name through the mud. Reggie knew she would neverbe able to forget Nicholas Eden. theirvastly different worlds collided -. yet aching with the pain of unexplored desire.. the Cheyenne blood running through his veins burnedhotter than the blistering Arizona sun. Colt Thunder was a rebel.But a stubborn sense of duty -.steels Angel's resolve to makes Cassie want him. Fateand scandal had thrown them together. come hell or highwater. He is called Angel -. or they will burnher father's ranch to the ground..igniting an unstoppable firestorm of frontierpassion that threatened to consume them both! 3.while Reggie's pride reined back her own deep longings. golden-curledseducer who so deftly taught her a woman's passion. What Cassie needs is a peacemaker -butshe ends up with a widow-maker instead.Both sides have warned her to get out of Texas pronto.the wild desert stallion and theuntouched English rose -. But a painful secret from his past hardened his heart against Reggiecompletely -. Angel (1992) Hoping to cool off a twenty-five-year-old feud between two neighboringfamilies.. Impossibly handsome. and a woman's shame. In a bold and merciless land.Jocelyn Fleming was a feisty. At first Regina Ashton wasamused..and a desire to taste the sweetness of herkiss -. her restless heartled her from polite London society to the perilous beauty of the untamedAmerican West. 2. and for more than his gun alone. a loner..newly widowedafter a shockingly brief marriage to the elderly Duke or Eaton. Cassie Stuart only succeeds in pouring kerosene on the flames. Wealthy andtitled.brutally unpredictable. flame-haired English woman -. he would just as soon leave Cassie to fend for herself. It was not until tragic misunderstandings andstorm-tossed dangers almost destroyed everything they once shared that theyrealized their blazing destiny. [edit] Malory-Anderson Family Saga Series 1.

. 3. SirAnthony Malory was everything she'd been warned against -. unless Kelsey can avert the disaster. The Magic of You (1993) (Amy/Warren Anderson) Amy was a Mallory through and through. thatto honoring her grandfather's deathbed wish that her fortune be preservedfrom a greedy relative. to believethe whispered murmurings of his passionate promise.. 4. Georgina Anderson boards the Maiden Anne disguised as a cabin boy . future and honor . James Malory. The Present (1998) (Christopher/Anastasia) /The Holiday Present (2003) .. Jean. the ship's captain who had once almost had her uncle hung for piracy. Enchanted by the stunning. as wild and reckless as the most incorrigible of her male cousins. The black sheep of a proud and tempestuous family. Now circumstance and human frailty have conspired to leave them homeless as well. With fear and trepidation she enters the House of Eros resigned to becoming the plaything of some well-heeled gentleman. 6. spirited miss is a highborn lady blessed with grace. And Lord Derek Malory is the highest bidder .and it means sacrificing her own. Say You Love Me (1996) (Derek/Kelsey Langton) Her parents' deaths left Kelsey Langton penniless . 5..heronly protection from the villainous cousin and every other fortunehuntingscoundrel who coveted her flame-haired beauty and her vast fortune.. But on the high seas his resolve becomes weakened by a fierce passion . But she knows only one way to rescue Jean's home.London. Gentle Rogue (1990) (James/Georgina Anderson) Heartsick and desperate to return home to America. has an urgent need for the safety of marriage -.a dashing rakehell from a family of charming London rogues. he purchases her for his mistress . And he certainly never expected that he would fall in love with her. the handsome expirate once swore no woman alive could entice him into matrimony.and by this high-spirited beauty whose love of freedom and adventure rivals his own. Warren Anderson.. 1818.and sweeps Kelsey into a world of astonishing family secrets.and responsible for the safety and well-being of her younger sister. But Lord Derek is unaware of the true worth of the prize he has so frivolously acquired .never imagining that the proud. Kelsey must allow herself to be sold at auction.. perilous rivalries and unconventional loyalties.never dreaming she'll be forced into intimate servitude at the whim of the ship's irrepressible captain. dark-haired maid with flashing bright eyes. and to follow theenchanting dream. How she wished she dared to love such a man. wit and intelligence as well as beauty.. Lady Roslynn Chadwick was an exquisite Scottish heiress.a ruthlesslyhandsome English rogue whose brazenly sensual blue eyes spoke of pleasurebeyond imagining. Now that she had reached a marriageable age. she set her sights on a most unsuitable partner.

unrequited love -. is banished from her gang because she helped handsome rakehell Jeremy Malory steal back the jewels his friend lost in a card game. A Loving Scoundrel (2004) (Jeremy/Danny) #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey sweeps readers into the privileged world of English aristocrats as she presents a new novel of passion. and romantic pleasures featuring the incomparable Malorys -. Johanna Lindsey delights readers with an emotionally powerful tale of an irresistible scoundrel who meets his match in a brave. strong-minded young woman and can't help but fall in love. Danny demands that Jeremy give her a job. there's trouble.. is a particularly irresistible stocking stuffer. 7. And a very mysterious package has arrived that is about to forever change the life of every Malory. and The Present proves no exception. which threatens not only Danny's chances of capturing Jeremy's heart but her very life. Now Jeremy. and spirited ladies. Anyone who is familiar with Lindsey's Malory bunch knows that where there's a Malory. This package -suspiciously shaped like a book. raising the question of her true identity. 8. She is determined to become respectable in order to fulfill her dream of marrying and starting a family. Captive of My Desires (2006) (Drew Anderson/Gabrielle Brooks) .all the ingredients of an unforgettable historical romance novel. the son of gentleman pirate James Malory.. Malory black sheep but major hunk James is having difficulties with his wife. but her new holiday-themed tale of the incorrigible Malory clan. and romantic intensity that have placed Johanna Lindsey's six previous Malory novels in the ranks of the best-loved and most widely read romantic novels of our time. Danny blossoms into a lady. although he wants her as his mistress. Intrigued by her beauty and spunk. lovable characters. the mother of his son.A new novel from Johanna Lindsey is a gift in any season. to marry him.contains a shocking secret about the history of the Malory clan that will have every romance reader gasping. The Present is a delightful. intrigue. Under the tutelage of Jeremy and his cousin Regina. The Present has dark secrets. Family head Jason can't convince Molly. rakehell adventurers. perhaps a journal -. When Danny. heartstring-tugging introduction. The Present. family tensions. And if you haven't yet met the Malory family. When Danny undergoes a Cinderella-like transformation and poses as Jeremy's new love in an attempt to help him avert a scandal. Although she is drawn to Jeremy by passionate feelings she has never experienced before. Now tongues are wagging. a few highly placed members of the ton remark on how familiar Danny looks.. Georgina.a family of dashing rogues. Jeremy hires Danny as his upstairs maid. falls in love. With the humor. It's the Johanna Lindsey novel her fans have been begging for. she refuses to be anything more than a servant to him because she knows he is not the marrying kind. a young woman who grew up on the streets of London with no memory of her real family.

eighteen-year-old Gabrielle Brooks sets sail from England to a Caribbean island in search of her estranged father. a dashing American sea captain who is visiting. passionate intensity. Georgina. When Sir Anthony Malory's daughter is abducted from London's Hyde Park. Johanna Lindsey brings to life her beloved aristocratic Malory family of adventurous rogues and spirited ladies. Gabrielle vows revenge. and her brother. handsome American man and be blamed for kidnapping the very girl she rescued! Little does Katey realize that in having caught the attention of Boyd Anderson she's about to experience more adventure and passion than the typical young lady encounters on a very grand tour. No Choice But Seduction (2008) (Boyd Anderson/Katey Tyler) With humor. only their house guest Boyd Anderson. Gabrielle is escorted to balls and parties by James Malory's wife. But with James and Georgina in the Caribbean. Sweeping the girl to safety. In London. Enlisting the help of her father's pirate cronies. But instead of encountering a distinguished merchant ship's captain. it becomes difficult to tell who is truly the captor and who is the captive. Drew Anderson. But when Drew embroils her in a scandal the night before he's to sail back to America. the ransom note is mistakenly delivered to the home of his brother James Malory. Georgina's youngest brother. a notoriously hot-headed American sea captain. she discovers her father has become a pirate! After spending three wonderful years sailing and treasure hunting with him. Gabrielle is determined to win his attentions. His old friend James Malory will sponsor her in polite society. wants nothing to do with a young woman hunting for a husband. a fun-loving rogue. Incensed by Drew's indifference. Drew.Devastated by her mother's death. and in meeting up with the Malorys her life will never be dull again! [edit] Medieval Series 1. and dramatic storytelling. Gabrielle commandeers Drew's ship and takes him prisoner. Gabrielle is dismayed when her father decides she must return to London to find a proper husband. Vivacious Katey Tyler fled the dull small town of Gardener. But Katey hardly expects to be apprehended by a big. But as passion runs high on their sea voyage. and the glamour and excitement of Regency-era England. 9. seeking adventure and romance on a grand tour of Europe. Connecticut when her mother died. Though drawn to Gabrielle's fiery beauty. Defy Not the Heart (1989) . she agrees to escort the girl back to her family in London. At an inn one night she hears a pitiful mewling in the room next door and finds a little girl bound and gagged. can help Anthony locate the girl and punish the foolhardy villain.

the future Earl of Shefford.. Courtney put her faith inhim. so too does a threat of danger which could destroy much more than a planned ceremony..England. he was the best gunslinger around. little dreaming of the dark secret that burned in Chandos's soul. 2... But Reina believes she is not the kind of womanthat her husband wants. cast by the proud. who was pledged to deliver her into theworst kind of bondage? marriage to the craven Lord Rothwell. 2. Lady Reina de Champeney's cerulean eyes gazed with scorn asthey fell upon the golden giant of a man before her. Milisant desperately searches for a way out. I will make you a great lord..even though gravest peril surely awaits them on the heart'strail to a destines and turbulent love. her kidnapper. The honey-haired beauty vowed to find him ? butwhom could she trust to accompany her through wild. A Heart So Wild (1986) Courtney Harte gasped in disbelief. [edit] Straton Family Saga Series 1. strong woman who will be pledged to him against her will in a few short days. All I Need Is You (1997) . thought slain several years back in asavage Comanche massacre. Joining (1999) Beautiful Milisant Crispin and handsome.. There.and love could tame.In exchange for your protection. Tall and dark. in a Texas newspaper. with eyes the most startlingshade of blue. But Wulfric is falling under a spell himself.driving them together in an ecstatic frenzy that only passion understood. dangerous Indianterritory? His name was Chandos.. 1192. arrogant Wulfric. are engaged-and seldom has a betrothed couple been less suited. And even as the joining of these two young people draws nearer. was aphotograph of her beloved father. To save herself from the unionforced upon her. As the time dwindles. The nuptialbed was part of the bargain. she offered Ranulf a bargain: Become my husband yourself.little imagining the fires that would ignite under the hot summer sun.. Her father has decreed that Milisant has a month to accustom herself to the future earl before the marriage takes place. This was the knightRanulf Fitz Hugh. For the passion that consumes them both cannot longbe denied -. But Reina wasno acquiescent girl to accept fate's whim.

Challenging him to physical battle. the proud fighter will not allowanyone dominance over her. however." There is moretothis fearless gunslinger than first meets the eye. In a society wherewarriors rule supreme. Keeper of the Heart (1993) Confused by the fevered longings stirred within her by Falon Van'yer. she alsodares him to discover that she is a worthy partner. He claims Tedra as tradition and his own desires demand. and the fiercely independent maiden finds thather only refuge is in the arms of a bronzed barbarian. [edit] Cardinia's Royal Family 1. the handsomeEastern "dude" wouldhave surely been lost in the wild west without thetimely interventionof a half-pint bounty hunter called "Ed. in fact. 3. and together they canconquer all realms."Successful businessman Damian Rutledge III cameWest for vengeance. the remarkable Johanna Lindsey has created love stories that rank among the most satisfying ever written. he realizes dial there aregoing to be very seriouscomplications on the rocky trailthat is leading them both toward adangerous. Once a Princess (1991) . 2. least of all a man.while casting uniquely memorable characters into bold. Heart of a Warrior (2001) For years. So when she is denied the responsibility ofrunning her grandfather's ranchdespite her unladylike prowess at roping. [edit] Ly-San-Ter Family Saga Series 1. Heart of a Warrior is a magical tale of star-crossed love and two powerful people drawn together by irresistible desire. Then political upheaval forces the elitebodyguard to flee her home.is unrivaled.Headstrong Casey Straton inherited her mother's beautiful eyes and herfather's stubborn temperament. Butthough he possesses a powerful physiqueand unwavering courage. proving once again how well this beloved author knows the intricate workings of the human heart. Challen Ly-San-Ter is the strongest and the mostpowerful. a stunningly sensuousyoung lady named"Casey' in disguise.riding and shootingthe high-spirited hellion storms away from her Texashome. Her ability to seamlessly blend charm and wit with steamy passion and tender romance -. Shanelle Ly-San-Ter flees him. Warrior's Woman (1990) Lithe beauty Tedra De Arr has dedicated her life to the art of combat. irrepressible love. but the virile warrior is determined to have her. And whenDamiandiscovers his rescuer is. the blueeyed barbarian who has been chosen as her mate. andno one. has ever been able to pierce through that rigidarmor of single-minded purpose. original plots -. butthough he ignites her uninitiated passions. determined to prove she can do much more than "woman's work.

unaware that wily Alexandra plans to follow asimilar path. Count Vasili Petroff plans to repulse his unwanted fiancee byacting the perfect cad -.falsely maintaining that Alexandra has beenpromised since childhood to the handsome. wildly unpredictable Megan Penworthy has set her amorous sights on Ambrose St James. A bold and brazen prince came to America to claim his promisedbride. Man of My Dreams (1992) The most desirable beauty in the land. Duke of Wrothston . And so he creates a "long-forgotten" agreement and sends hisrebellious daughter away -. haughty Lachlan seems dubious at best ---especially since the rogue has designs on the married Duchess of Wrothston.A tryst with the handsome.a man she has never met but has every intention of marrying. a beautiful exiled princess was forced todance for the pleasure of others--unaware of her regal birthright .. Without revealing his true identity. Love Me Forever (1995) Still mourning her mother's death. horsebreeder.where a hard. You Belong to Me (1994) In all the world.And since Kimberly harbors a deep-seated dislike of gold-diggers and thewhole distasteful state of affairs. no man exists who can tame Alexandra Rubliov. the Earl of Amburough. Alex's steadfast refusal to marry has frustrated herhapless father. A fiery andbeautiful free-thinker. But the spirited vixen spurned his affections while inflaming hisroyal blood with passion's fire. 2.resisting heart can open to the true glories of love. insufferable libertine whom shemust now accompany to his homeland to wed. No other suitor will satisfy her .. the dashing. Devlln Jefferys.just to please the jealous lover he plans to wed. Dismayed to find himself suddenlyengaged. newly impoverished Laird of Clan MacGregor. impelling virile Stefan Barany to take insensuous and searing conquest the love young Tatiana vowed never to yield. 2... andinfuriated by a magnificent.especially not the common. [edit] Sherring Cross Series 1. to marry her off asquickly as possible --. golden-eyed devil who crossed an ocean topossess her.In a rustic Mississippi tavern.But strange turns and outrageous circumstances promise to lead a woefullymismatched pair to a wildly unexpected destination --.and its manyunexpected turns can lead two reluctant companions to a most unanticipateddestination: that place called passionate love. . Kimberly Richards is incensed by thedetermination of her father. duke-hunting redhead. But the road to deception is a rocky one -.. the notorious rogue vows to foil Megan's plans to wed the man of her dreams never imagining the enchanting schemer would turn out to be the only woman he would ever dream of marrying. Posing as lowborn Jefferys to escape a potentially fatal confrontation. if uncommonly handsome. Ambrose is enthralled and infuriated by the brazen. the feisty young heiress alreadydespises the "worthy suitor" she encounters at Sherring Cross Estate:Lachlan MacGregor.

So when MacTavish claims that Ophelia will never be anything but a spiteful beauty. Melissa instantly knows this bold stranger is her destiny.3.all big and brawny. somethingunexpected happens.the most sought-after young lord in England. . new marquis Duncan MacTavish is offended by the woman he is to marry and entranced by the beautiful Sabrina. . Viscount Lynnfield is -. which her social-climbing father arranged. he begins to wonder if she's not all bad. Rafe bets his friend that he can turn her into a kindhearted lady who will one day make a good match. Though they exchange but a few words before parting after a chance encounter on her grandfather's lands. The Heir (2000) Shocked to discover he has inherited a title and bride. six named Ian and all named MacFearson. Ophelia wants to return to London's marriage mart and make herown choice of a wealthy husband. .and to pursue his exquisite obsession all the way to London. a future marquis. The Pursuit (2002) What was to be a grand adventure for Melissa MacGregor -. [edit] Locke Family Series 1. The heir to a dukedom.in spite of his disinterest in marriage -. Melissa's stifling. The Devil Who Tamed Her (2007) Ophelia Reid is an incomparable beauty with a reputation for starting rumors and spreading them. Raphael Locke. 2. But there are serious obstacles impeding the well-smitten Viscount Cambury's pursuit of glorious romance: sixteen of them -. whose station in life makes it further impossible for Duncan to pursue her.an escape from the wilds of her Scottish home into the whirl of the London social scene -seems to pale before the promise in the passionate gaze of Lincoln Ross Burnett. Yet he is equally resolved to confront the peril -. if necessary. while Lincoln realizes his heart has been claimed forever and he will never be complete until Melissa MacGregor is his bride. Having purposely wrecked her engagement to Duncan MacTavish. but having comforted her in a tearful moment. disapproving uncles are now determined to rob him of his newfound happiness. He instantly disliked Ophelia when she caused a scandal to avoid marriage to his friend MacTavish.. The bane of Lincoln's youth. just not with him. But on her journey home. and to the ends of the earth...

And soon shewould learn to want him as he wanted her--to share his soul.. marriage proposals pour in. But fate imprisons her after she encounters SheikAbu.desperate for thefreedoms denied her. but when Rupert realizes she's spying on him he seduces her. A Pirate's Love (1978) . On a night made forlove. There. the strikingly handsome though arrogant adventurer. the irresistible call of adventure brings lovely ChristinaWakefield to follow her brother from London to Cairo. whom she had knownin England as Philip Caxton. of course -.. there was only terror for beautiful Christina. But now she is to be his slave -. Soon his daily lessons with Ophelia take effect and he finds himself irresistibly attracted to her. At court.chaperoned. Rebecca strikes up a lively flirtation with Rupert. as he tries to show his furious. 3. Only then does Rafe start to wonder whether he hasn't gone and fallen in love with Ophelia himself. When Rafe champions the new and improved Ophelia's re-entry to London society. yet weakened by her heart's blazing desire towillingly explore her virile captor's most sensuous cravings. John. Rebecca's mother sees this court appointment as a golden opportunity for Rebecca. his being--herbody aching to be his alone in the trembling ecstasy of everlasting rapture. Rafe commandeers Ophelia's coach and whisks her -. the man she was once infatuated with.With her parents' blessing. Rupert believes that Rebecca has set a trap of the worst sort in order to marry into the powerful Locke family. he plans to enjoy many passionate nights with his beautiful. whom Rebecca knows as the devastatingly handsome n'erdo-well cousin of Raphael Locke. Once Christina had rejected Philip's ferventoffer of marriage. On a whim was now madeprisoner by an unknown abductor. Rebecca meets the charming marquis Rupert St. scheming wife. He hardly suspects that she's an innocent and he's horrified when she reveals she is pregnant! Forced to the altar by their families. What Rebecca doesn't know is that Rupert is a secret agent of the crown who leads a double life. Having been disappointed two years ago when the Duke of Norford's heir Raphael Locke married another woman. who carried her off to his hiddenencampment in the desert. sharp-tongued "guest" the error of her ways. And her vows that theirs will not simply be a marriage in name only.to his remote estate in the countryside. he discovers the surprising reasons for her bad behavior. A Rogue of My Own (2009) Lady Rebecca Marshall fulfills her mother's fondest wish when she becomes a maid of honor at the court of Queen Victoria. Captive Bride (1977) In 1883.

marriage to a Count her eyes had never beheld. And though pride insists she hate her dashing enemy. And he. a well-born Boston beauty. the pirate Tristan Matisse abducted her. breezes caressintg herbreathtakingly beautiful face.. Defenseless against hisunbridled passions. Bettina Verlaine stood before the mast. who had never known the enchantment of a woman'ssurrender. she yielded her innocence to the desires he aroused inher heart. So she heads west across a vast and dangerous land . 1767.A Gentle FuedingThe captive prize of Jamie's sword.The Caribean. Paradise Wild (1981) In 1891. Brigitte de Louroux was born a lady. Tender Is the Storm (1985) Headstrong heiress Sharisse Hammond wants no part of the New York society marriage that has been arranged for her... heiress to rich Frenchestates.with no intention of honoring her agreement to become the mail-order bride of a rugged Arizona rancher. But manydays--and fiery nights--must pass before their love could flower into thatfragile blossom a woman gives to only one man. he saw only abeautiful girl garbed in peasant's rags. But never could she give herself completely to the handsome and dangerous laird Jamie MacKinnion the most feared man in the Scottish highlands. Sheena's heart begs her to yield. So Speaks the Heart (1983) Normandy. With languid tropic. found a power in love as mighty as the sword he raised againsttheir enemies. 972. Sheena struggles in vain to escape the desire awakened by his touch. Jarred Burkett hate her father. She has found him on the lush and lovelyisland of Hawaii. And now Corinne will have the revenge she craves: thetotal ruin of the blackguard who brought shame and scandal into her life. He swept heraway and the spell of his passion was cast over her heart forever.and to surrender to Jaime's passionate love. and inrevenge he seduced and married her as Jarred Burke. a wench to serve his wants. A Gentle Feuding (1984) Duty demands that Sheena.Though betrayed into bondage.sailing westward to fulfill a promise made by her father--but not by herheart -. . But when Sir Rowland of Montville captured her. Yet thefate of an unprotected woman could have been far more cruel than the roughembrace of a warrior lord as fair as Rowland. she sworn to revenge. wed to end the violent feud that has devastated her family. the beautiful jewel of the Fergusson clan. Then in a moment ofswashbuckling courgae..But Jared still possesses the power to excite her as no man has everdone--even as his own reckless heart is taken captive in their blisteringwar of wits and will--igniting a fire that could consume them both unlessthey surrender to it with wild abandon in the heat of the tropic night.Humiliated. Corinne Barrows's flashing emerald eyesbid men fulfill her any desire. to later abandoned her. she would never be any man's slave.

.. And freedom-loving Sharisse never dreamed she could ever desire one man so much. Once Lady Leonie.when she felt hisburning caresses igniting her soul.any wife .if his plan to destroy his most hated enemy is to succeed. his scorching kissesigniting the fires of her very soul. carrying them irrevocably toward afinal surrender to the power of undeniable love. his muscular embrace made her weak with desire even as shedefied him.touched her only withtenderness. When Love Awaits (1986) England. Yet theterrible demands of past hatreds amt misunderstandings would tear Leonie andRolle apart again and again. Until in the blazing glory of passion's realm. 1796. She was his to do with as he would. But whenshe met the dark.they learned the truth that only love can bring.. cursed"the Black Wolf" -handsome Rolfe d'Ambert. the mercenary Lord ofKempston-for his bloody deeds and cruelty to the local peasants. unsuspecting pawn was not supposed to be so irresistible alluring. But even as her fury defied hisbold claim of ownership. man who came to claim her.. 1176. but the young Russian prince knew he had to have her. magnificent. He'd caught only a glimpse of her from the window of hiscarriage. But she was stunned by the magnificently handsome man whoawaited her amid the silk and splendor... For Lucas's beautiful. aching passion. Withinminutes. However.whose eastern garb concealed his true identity -.. Prisoner of My Desire (1991) . Lady Katherine Saint John was dragged from the London street like acommon waif and carried off to a sumptuous town house--for the pleasure ofher noble admirer. And now shemust marry the magnificent blackguard to bring peace to the land. 1844. And this gullible Eastern lady would do quite nicely.But Lucas Holt needs a wife . Silver Angel (1988) Barbary Coast. Chantelle Burke wasled into the Pasha's scented chambers swearing she'd never surrender to thisruthless master. all fears faded like a dream. she was his prisoner. across stormy seas. Yet this mysterious stranger-. Fortheirs was a fever that fed upon itself. Secret Fire (1987) England. the exquisite mistress of Pershwick. an all-consuming need made her his slave. But it was a captive tigress Prince Dimitri Alexandrovfound in his bed--consumed with a fierce rage toward the Russian "barbarian"who had kidnapped her--even as she found herself desiring this tawny-manedAdonis with a hunger beyond her understanding.. their separate schemes to use one another are complicated by raw. His piercing emerald eyes held herin their power. driving her wild with new sensation. From the tempestuouspassion of that first encounter. to the golden splendorof palaces in Moscow. and sweeping her beyond the haremwalls into a palace of love's eternal dream. Kidnapped and sold into slavery.

and finally falls in love with her... Amanda. Until Forever (1995) When a thousand-year-old Scandinavian sword comes into her possession. Larissa is left to handle the rumours of her family's bankruptcy. Warrick captures Rowena. Rowena Belleme. Her father is in the Colonies on business. had always been her father's favourite. subjects her to a similar fate. After an intoxicating series of twists and turns the course of true love ends in one of the Laton twins winning the heart of Chad. dashing.. Larissa Ascot's wishes for a merry Christmas seem to be in peril. A Man to Call My Own (2003) When twins Amanda and Marian Laton lose their father unexpectedly. Thus. and the beautiful noblewoman. and charming. Tall. a magnificent Viking warrior. only too aware that she now has to approve any suitor of theirs who may appear . Vincent had previously sworn righteous vengeance on Larissa's family. the Baron of Windsmoor . panicking creditors pounding on her door and eviction. and must choose between giving Thorn his freedom and a love more powerful than time. they are stunned to discover that in his will he has put them in the charge of their Aunt. Home for the Holidays (2000) For the first time in her sheltered life. the twins arrive at their Aunt Red's ranchhouse. who lives on a sprawling Texas farm. Horrified to be leaving the town where they have spent their lives so far. Sebastian was one of the most sought-after bachelors in Kent and cut a romantic figure she would not soon forget. Never did she dream that one day she would be living at his family's magnificent estate with Sebastian's father. this romance tells of Warrick de Chaville. she must now contend with her enigmatic would-be "benefactor" . as her guardian--while Sebastian is banished from his family due to the tragic results of a duel.. with her glorious golden ringlets. handsome cowboy son of the next-door ranch owner . who previously imprisoned him and forced him into sexual relations.the heart of a man she can call her own. and her scheming ways ensure that Marian never has the attention of any of the boys who call at their house. On top of all that. beautiful professor Roseleen White suddenly becomes the mistress of mighty Thorn. Vengefully.and both girls want him.or they lose their inheritance. a powerful and fearsome Lord. But they soon both meet Chad Kincaid. but is far overdue coming home.who would be the first to admit that it is more than the Yuletide spirit of goodwill that has inspired his generosity. Marriage Most Scandalous (2006) Lady Margaret Landor first met Sebastian Townshend as a child.Vincent Everett. the eighth Earl of Edgewood. when he caught her peeking into her older sister's engagement ball. .Set in 12th century England.

As Margaret and Sebastian work to uncover the intrigue at his father's estate. a fierce passion blooms that neither of them anticipated and neither can resist. reluctantly posing as her husband in order to facilitate his return to society. she discovers that Sebastian Townshend has forged a new identity for himself on the continent. Setting out to find the one man she believes can set the situation to rights. When he learns she cannot afford to pay his fee. Not until Margaret meets his outrageous monetary demands does Sebastian agree to return home. he suggests a scandalous trade. . he has vowed never to return to England. Margaret wonders if Sebastian's younger brother and his wife have grown impatient to inherit the earldom. Marriage Most Scandalous is Johanna Lindsey at her finest. notorious for accomplishing any mission no matter how seemingly impossible. a deadly mercenary.When life at Edgewood takes a sinister turn with the earl suffering a suspicious number of life-threatening accidents. Now known as The Raven. But can Margaret persuade Sebastian to abandon the dark path he believes is his fate and claim the life--and love--he deserves? Breathtaking in scope and wondrously passionate.




Present (2003) .

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