Contact Info Sheet A. Full Name- Patrick Cordova B. Email Address- C.

Cell Phone Number- (408) 717-2897 D. SJSU ID- 006190782 E. Social Security Number- 624-40-2842 F. NCAA Eligibility Center ID Number- 0803401817 G. Proof Of Medical Insurance- See attachment H. High Schools- Crawford High School 04-07, Lincoln High School 07-08 (San Diego) I. Short Football Bio- Started playing organized football since my freshmen year. Lettered in football both at Crawford High School (Coach Tracy McNair) and Lincoln High School (Coach Ron Hamamoto). I played all the positions on the offensive line but was heavily situated at the OT position. Also played DT and NG my senior year and had a total of 4 tackles in only 15 plays in one game. Was used as the goal line Full Back to pound the ball in and have a total of 3 touchdowns. Also lettered in Track and Field as a shot putter and discus thrower. J. Copy of SJSU Class Schedule- See attachment

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