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Midnight Madness Activity List

Midnight Madness Activity List

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Published by April Klekar Jacobs

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Published by: April Klekar Jacobs on Sep 07, 2010
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Midnight Madness: A Night of Crafts and Laughs

Friday October 8th 6:00pm to Midnight
Activity 1: Homemade Scrub and Lip Gloss Notes: Payable to Misty Muhlestein Teacher Time Cost Activity 2:Rag Quilt Tote Payable to Joy Muhlestein Teacher Time Cost Catherine Taylor 2 Hours $7.00 Notes: Fabric will be provided but you will cut it yourself. Misty Muhlestein 30 Minutes $3.00 Activity 8: Project Display Board Payable to April Jacobs Teacher Time Cost Payable to Camelia Bradhaw Teacher Time Cost Activity 10: Temple Block Payable to April Jacobs Teacher Time $1.50 Cost Activity 11: Christmas Card Payable to Olive Barnes Teacher Time Cost Activity 12: Nativity Blocks Notes; Two time slots, 15 minutes for painting, then let dry, 30 minutes for assembly. $15.00 Notes: You will need 4-6 3.5" square pictures Payable to Joy Muhlestein Teacher Time Cost Joy Muhlestein 30 minutes $40.00 Notes: Olive Barnes 30 minutes $0.75 Notes: Teri Rossi 30 minutes $2.00 Notes: You can choose whether yu want it to say "I'm Going there someday…" or "Families are Forever" Camelia Bradhaw 30 minutes $2.50 Kelli Palmer 30 minutes $7.00 Notes: You can bring your own fabric or use the same as the sample. It is from my personal stash so ther is no additional charge.

Activity 9: Moose Poop Treat Notes:

Activity 3: Personalized Soap Dispenser Notes: Payable to Joy Muhlestein Teacher Time Cost Joy/Misty 5 minutes

Activity 4: Savior Christmas Ornaments Notes: Payable to Natalie Jacobsen Teacher Time Cost Natalie Jacobsen 10min/ ornament $3.00/each

Activity 5:FHE Assignment Board Payable to Christina Ballin Teacher Time Cost Activity 6:Picture Cube Payable to Christina Ballin Teacher Time Cost Payable to April Jacobs Teacher Time Cost April Harris 45 minutes $2.75 Notes: People can just watch or participate. If you want to decorate your cookie it is .50 per cookie and you will need to bring a #3 wilton decorating tip. Christina Ballin/Kimiko 30 minutes $5.00 Notes: There will be a couple more options as far as wording goes. Judy Madero 45 minutes

Activity 13: Boys Ties to match Dad Notes: Buy your own tie don't Payable to April Jacobs forget the one for dad that Teacher April Jacobs matches. Time Cost Activity 14: Pot Holder Payable to Joann Carney Teacher Time Cost Joann Carney 1-2 hours $0.50 Notes: You will neeed to buy 1 yard of Homespun Fabric (It will not frey right if it is another kind!) $4-$5/Yard at Joanns. 1-2 hours $0.50

Activity 7:Customized Onesie

Demonstartion 1: How to use Royal Icing, hands on Application

Payable to April Jaobs Teacher Time Cost Teacher Time Liz Hopkins 30 minutes .50 per cookie Teri Rossi 10 Minutes

Demonstration 2: Free: Gift Package Class Notes: Demonstration, There is Payable to Joy Muhlestein a supply list. If you would like to put together your own baskte Teacher she will help as long as you bring your own supples. Time 30 minutes Cost Free see notes Notes Limit 3 Free, .25 for each additional ornament

Free Activity: Bookmarks Notes: Asking for Ribbon and Embellishments to donate

Free Activity: Ornaments Payable to Camelia Bradshaw Teacher Time Camelia Bradshaw 20 Minutes

Service Activity 2: 1 Million Pillowcases Project NOTES: Teacher Time Recipient 30 minutes/ pillowcase Ronald McDonald House

Service Activity 2: Loom Hat Project for Babies NOTES: If you have a round Teacher Teri Medium loom feel free to bring Time 30 Minutes/hat it. Recipient Local Charity

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