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Kindergarten 2

Our Classroom Helpers:

Jesus Time
God Creates Man and Woman God made the first man and woman, and God gives us life. We want to respect the lives of the unborn, young, and old alike. We praise and thank God for our lives. Adam and Eve Disobey God God promised to send a Savior to pay for the sins of Adam and Eve and all other people. We are sorry for the things we do wrong and know that loves us, saved us, and forgives us.

This week we will:

This week we will:

Mrs. Naumann Mrs. Albrecht

M, Th T, W

• •

Focus on the /k/ and Explore literature and ask/answer comprehension questions Review the sounds and shapes of the alphabet Draw catina cat and deedee deer Write c and d (not on lined paper)

/d/ sound

Focus on the numerals 5 through 7and what they represent Use a graph to identify how many boys and girls are in a room

September 7, 2010 Week 2

• • •

Special points of interest:
☺ The children clean up well in the morning ☺ They are using small voices at work time ☺ They are lining up carefully ☺ They help each other fold their towels after rest time

Inside this issue:
Parent Homework Child’s Homework 2 2 2 4

Songs: Prepare song for church Fun songs Learning names Concepts: Listen for High and Low tones Use Rhythm Sticks

Mrs. Crofts helps us with developing our gross motor skills on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Social Studies/Science W: Travel to Canada T, Th: How do we learn? How do we use our sense of taste to learn F: a.m. Scholastic News

Collecting Calendar

Parent Homework Other
• • Catch me after 3:10 if you need to talk to me. I am happy to listen to your concerns. If we share them, we can work on them together. Talk to me briefly in the morning to give others time to share

last thoughts.

Plan time to talk with your child. Plan an early bedtime. Plan for a good breakfast. Include protein. Email me with any question or thought lschleuse•

• •

Homework for Your Child
Read two books to your child everyday. Play the Phonics Game for Thursday: bring someC and D. thing sweet, sour, or salty to share at Social Studies time. Trace 5, 6, and 7 in pudding or glue.

Give them the one on one time they need with you.

For the School: Box Tops for Educational Supplies Coke Rewards for School Supplies For the Classroom: Paper towel tubes Old Keys Old magazines to look for: People Words Animals

September 7, 2010

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