It was a bright day in may and only a week before final exams. Ms.

Eliya thought of telling her students how to solve exam paper. She prepared some exam taking tips and went to her class. Scene 1 (in the classroom) Setting: Students are sitting (5 or 6) and the teacher is explaining. Teacher: today I am going to tell you some exam taking tips, it means I’ll tell you what to do before solving your exam paper. 1. you should read your question paper cautiously and must read the given instructions. 2. tick mark the questions that you want to attempt and start writing answers neatly and properly. 3. if you make a mistake cross it out with pencil . you can also cancel unwanted parts of your answer. 4. you must not over write. Cross out properly and write again. 5. if a question have more than one part, count that you’ve answered all the parts of that question. 6. understand the words like; describe, explain, illustrate, you’ve to give detail answers of these questions. 7. keep the time for solving each question in your mind you might nor get enough time for all questions otherwise. 8. in the end you must count all the questions that you’ve attempted. I hope that you’ll be able to solve your questions paper properly now. Good luck for your exams. Scene 2 (in the classroom) Setting: students are solving their exam paper It was the exam day. Like everyone else Rida and Mahnoor were busy solving the paper, but Rida forgot about the exam tips of the teacher and started solving her paper immediately but MAhnoor remembered all the tips. She read her paper carefully and in the end checked is she has done all the paper. Scene 3 (in the classroom result day) Setting: students are very excited sitting in the class. Teacher enters. Narrator: on the result day everyone was very excited. They were waiting for Ms Eliya to come and announce the result. Teacher enters the class Students: good morning teacher.

Teacher: good morning everyone. Please sit down. Today is your result day and I want to start with the student with highest marks. Please clap for Mahnoor for getting highest marks, and the second position goes to Anoshia and third to Rumaisa. (she gives away the rest of the report cards too) Narrator: Mahnoor was very happy to get the first position but her friend Rida was confused. She thought that we studies together and prepared alike. Why did she get the position not me? She went to Mahnoor gloomily and asked her the reason for her position. Scene 4 (two friends standing, no chairs or anything) Friend 1: how come you are sad? Friends 2: I am not sad. I am just confused. How come you got the first position? We both prepared for exams together. Friend 1: that is because I took Ms. Eliya’s advice. I read the complete paper and selected to solve the questions that I knew very well and I wrote neatly and before giving away the paper I revised it and counted all the questions that I’ve attempted. Friend 2: hmm. I didn’t do that, I spent a lot of time solving first two questions and then I had very little time to do the rest. But next time I’ll also keep these tips in my mind. Moral Solving exam paper properly is an art. You must read the question paper completely and select the questions you want to solve. Divide the given time between these questions and answer them in neat writing. With good preparation and these tips, you’ll be able to solve your paper complelt. Good luck for your exams.

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