COMMENTS AND IMPORTANCE OF PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM ³Pythagorian theorem-for a right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal

to the sum of the squares of the two sides´. The words "Pythagorean Theorem" can sound incredibly intimidating to typical middle school math students. What students may not initially realize is that the Pythagorean Theorem is executed in various daily situations, some that students may have already experienced without realizing it. Introducing this concept using real life examples can help set the stage for easier problem solving and a deeper understanding and can hence help students appreciate the reasons why it¶s essential to learn this concept at all. Firemen, construction workers, and other workers often rely on the use of ladders in their line of work. They make use of the Pythagorean Theorem in various situations. For example, the height to a second story window may be 25 feet, and a window cleaner may need to put the ladder ten feet away from the house in order to avoid the bushes or flowers. It is perhaps the most powerful mathematical equation used in the building trade. Using it, drawings can be enlarged, foundations can be laid out and perfectly square angles can be calculated. It can be used by everyone from surveyors who want to find out how tall a mountain is to astronomers who want to calculate the distance to the sun or the circumferences of the moon. Carpenters can use it to keep their work square. The Pythagorean theorem is also frequently used in more advanced math. The applications that use the Pythagorean theorem include computing the distance between points on a plane; converting between polar and rectangular coordinates; computing perimeters, surface areas and volumes of various geometric shapes; and calculating maxima and minima of perimeters, or

. there is another more convenient solutions that could maybe but not totally replaced this theorem. Iam expecting that maybe tomorrow or the following day .men use it to make sure their architectural drawings are accurate.surface areas and volumes of various geometric shapes. as we go through a more advanced world.But still. still it contributes to the discovery of a more convenient solutions. That is the importance of that theorem on our daily lives. But somehow even if someday this theorem did not use by the the people anymore.

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