Animal Wars

One day, a long time ago, there was a giant animal war over who should be king? It was either strong rhino or the ferocious lion because no-one could charge like rhino or roar like lion. So the wisest animal, the panda, said “we will have a vote to see who is king”. Lion won the vote but the rhino thought that lion cheated so the war started again. The panda brought the lion and rhino to his house and he said to them, “open your hearts and think about your people, you are just killing your own people, this war will go on for hundreds of years, even after you are dead your children will carry on this war so please stop this war. With a flip of this coin this war can be over” so they flipped the coin and the lion returned to won again, the rhinoceros accepted sadly the defeat and promised not to go more to the war, as well as to collaborate with the lion in his king's work