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(Evar,1hing ~"'lJ need 1'0 know abouT en"moll (010 thUD ..
beginning ma C:;orf)on lhortlpt)
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!J!:.. The Lrrrle Juicing Book 00 th~ 01->
. (.All abOuf Juicers far lhase beginning ma °n,."ClpV) ""
.. 0 The L.inle WOTer DI~Tlller Book :0 090 Q
':J1j;, q€I'JdH v- '?h€l'lt",r ~,0
{",(ormo,i"" on dis11l1ers for lholl8 beginning ,na Gor.on 'n"" CJp~,)

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Reprinted by the Gerson Institute
with permission from the
~. Gerson Support Group, Q~; . :r;,.
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'" e 0 e 41 til II iii 6' 0 Q I} 0 Disclaimer

This Little Enema Book is written for the Gerson patient, who is following

the Gerson Therapy.

These enemas are safe when used within the context of the combined Gerson roglmo.

An alternntlve practitioner may wish to advise his/ber clients to use the occasional coffee enema, but alwoys making sure that their clients are drinking enough fluid so that an electrolyte Imbalance does not occur.

Generally at least three juices should be taken for every coffee enema.



Have you had chemotherapy?

If so, NO coffee enemas,

only chamomile enemas to be taken

Before boginning this book please read page 2 ()

Do you have ulcerative colltls? .

Colostomy patients ..

Only two coffee enemas per day with less volume (only 20 ~ 24 fluid oz) mixed with chamomile

Do you have diarrhoea?

If so, NO coffee enemas, only chamomile ones.

Are you doing a modified therapy?

Two to three coffee enemas a clay only required.

American Measures

All measures in this book are British.

See page 32 for conversion to American .

....... __ ._._.'_ .. _ ... _Ul ... _ .. _: 2_"""""'" __ ................. __ rll.~_.flI...,,_, __ • _

CAU110N: 1'0' thos« who hltvtl hnd nhttmothoro"y treatment, ,,1111188 ,ond Pilg. 26 betar« tlthillg nlly 8110111115


_--- .. ._ ..... ·== .. ·_ ............... ~~r~


er/ilJlfJ_, noun a fluid injected into the rectum; the process of injecting such a fluid;

j/!ura! en' emas or ene' mata.

Greek enelJ1~ '''ato.J; from enienai to send in, from en in, and hienai to send


(:III.I1JON: For tlWBO vvho hOVII hael ohOlllothfllapv t""lI",,'I". 1)/""" '~M/ P"U" 26 betor« rakillg UIIV ""0It1ll8

"/ fJ 9

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Driuins ()f tho Coffoo Enolnll Why Tuko II CoHoo Enema?

Somo Ouaetlon« Ofton Aaknd About tho Coffoo Enema

What DOOR tho Cotfno Ennrnn Do? How Many Should I Hovo?

Koop n 1301111100

Propurinfl to Toke nn Enomll Eqllipmont

Takinn IIIl Enomo , , .

Koepi"nlJ Your equipmont Clunn Enomn T uchniqueu

Mora Enema Technlquon Further Hints

What Do People 007 ... Anothor Experiuno«

Durinn an Enetnll

How to Milko II Coffoa Enomn TheChamorntle Enema

CAUTION· For Those Who HElve Had Chomothurnpy Tho Castor Oil Ennmn

Atternatlve Times to Tnko 11 Custor Oil Enomn

Misclllinny Haemcrrholds

Tukinu Groan .luioon l3y (;norna

Dilution of Hydrogen Peroxide in Enemen Why Oruol1in Cotten?

An Ancient Enoma? Arnoricun/Britiuh/Motrio Mousures GI09SIlIY

Addrt19!10S for UK Patlonts ludex


Tho' Portal Systom, Diogrllm 1 Ovoroll Picture. Pinnrnlll /. Tho Duodenum, Diagram :-1

Tho LnrlJo Intostinll. Diaumrn 4

n 10 12 Hi

~ .............. -~-----

CAU710N: For thos« who bev« hlltl o/t.moth"fIlPV trentmnnt,

1'/IJ{lS" ,.ltel Pn,qll 26 b"IlIfll rnlt/IIU ltllV enenm»


"lt is difficult to describe the incredulous facial expressions which ripple across lJ medical school lecture eudience as the topic of cotfee enemas is introduced. Embarrassed snig{l(:ring is hoard trom sevlH81 soots in the hall.

A wise guy heckles, "Now do you taka it?"

Charlotte Gerson doesn't miss a beat, enswerinq "Btuc« .. without cmalTl and sugar. "

Laughter relaxes the entire room and Charlotte qoes on to explain this aspect of her temous father's

(Max Gerson, M. D.) treatment.

(;·/iUnON.· Fur 1110.'(1 who Imv., hm! "hu"wlhuttlPV trnntmout, "hHI!o() roar! PlJgc 2li Judt",! til/till!] lilly CIICIJWS

Origins of the Coffee £:rJerno

During World War I, Germany was blockaded by tile Allies, and towards the end of the war the country experienced many shortaqes. inGiuding,for Instance; a lack of patn-kllters and especially morphine. The surgeons had a very difficult time at the front when trainloads of injur'ed soldiers arrived who needed surgery and patching up. The surgeons only had enough morphine to help their patients throuqh the surgery but had nothing to give them .agalnst post-oporattve pain. Many of these soldiers were proscribed water enemas for constipation.

However, there was one thlrig that was always on hand, and that was coffee for the surgeons and doctors who often had to work around the clock for 24 .. 36 hours and could only keep awake by drinking coffee, Sometimes there was coffee left over in the pot, and the nurses, desperate to help the patients with their pain after surgery, decided to use the cottee for the enemas that they wore being given anyway. lhev reasoned, "Since tho coffee is doing the doctors good, perhaps it will holp tho patients, too." And, indeed, the patients reported that thoy were getting pain relief from the coffee enemas.

After the war, intrigued by the nurses' experience, two German professors investigated tho effects of introducing caffeine into the rectum of laboratory animals. They found that the caffeine entered the liver via the portal system and caused an increased flow of bile. This bile, in turn, allowed accumulated poisons and toxins to be released and evacuated from the body.

Years later, realizing the importance of detoxification, Dr Gerson incorporated coffee enemas in his therapy.

CAUTION: 1'01 ,holl" who IlIIv" lind chtlnlo,h.Tlfpy tT.ntnl~"I. "lltlflttJ 'ltltd Plfoe 26 betor« IlIldng n"y ,,""/IIIIS


Diugram 1

The Portal System

CIIUrlON: r<if those who hnvo hili/ {JhOllllJlhuf"I'Y trentmunt, •• ,., ........ 11.,-' {}mHl _26 'Jofoft.' t<tAilJ(J (lJ)V CI)(lIJr(t~

\A;17Y Take a Coffee Enema 7:>

At the beginning of the therapy especially, detoxification of the body is of tho utmost importance. It is absotutelv necessary to administer frequent enemas, day and night. Patients with more advanced cancer are severely intoxicated and the absorption of the tumour masses intoxicates thorn even more. In the beginning, Dr Gorson lost several of his patients by coma hepatlcum 1, since ho didn't know at that time, and therefore neglected, the vital importance of frequent and continued elimination of poisonous substances from tho body, with the help of juices and enemas. As Max Gerson has said, "A patient is unlikely to dio from cancer, but from the toxins accumulated in tho body."

Another reason for taking coffee enemas is that experience has proved that frequent enemas largely eliminate the need for sedation. Coffee enemas can help reduce severo pain, nausea, general nervous tension and depression. They also help against spasms, precordial" pain and other difficultios. However, attar much heavy pain medication, coffen enemas don't work irnrnedlatelv and they don't control tho pain at once. Therefore the pain medication should continue to be used, In most cases it can soon be reduced as pain levels decrease .

. Solne Often Asked

"If catte« is .9() hti/lt,flciol, why COlI't 0110 simply drlnk' it ill8toM( of goill!) throllg"

tho "gmnro/a of b" vi"u "" IJllomn 1" .

Coffoo taken orally go06 throuqh tho stomach, COLISOS digostivo problema find affects tho livor by shutting off tho hilo ducts, It also rnisos blood prossuro unci touds to cause onpillnry spasms in tho extremitio s.

"WOII't tim nonnnl oveouatlon procos» 1m .'1toppor/ if one takes live or /IIore enomn« n tllty?N

No. Normal stools onn he pas sod botwonn 0110111il6. Hememher, tho contents of tho enema don't trovol very fur in tho colon, and with tho hOlilthy fibre-rich food of tho Gerson Thorapy, normal uhmination oontinues smoothly. At tho ond of tho therapy, normal ellmination returns wltliout enemas.

CAunON: For rho,,, who hav" Imd ch.molhlllllPV 11",,'m8111, II/n;'811 "",d PlIfI" 26 JJ"IOItI t"frllIY 4JIIV ",/I!/IMB


... _~_"""'_"~"'I •• "'."'j$lIti! .......... ", .... n ........ Fi'''''''-'' __ '''''' ... _0 ..

Di,-,gfitm 2


CIIUTJON: Fur 'hUBO who hav« 1It1t1 ch"lIIl>tht:ftJ/'V tl6atmaflt, ,,/(las" ,,,nel PtJgl1 26 belor« taking "flY """111"$

/About the c.,offee Enema

,Putionts have to know thut the coffee enemas 11m not {liven to irnprove climinntion but to stimulate tho liver to release toxins. Tho caffeine in the enema is absorbed through the haemorrhuidul veins, (see lJlngrmll 1 J which ore port of tho rectal plexus of volns. Patients oro recommended to toke their enemas while lying on their right side, as there is hattnr absorption into the hnemcrrholdal veins on this side., Frorn tho haemorrhoidal veins tilt) caffoino Is then absorbed up into the portal system which carries tho blood supply to tho liver and to the gilll bladder. (SOil IJ/n(Jl1lf11 10m/ DiogflllTl 2. J

Thoro are offe<:ts on both the liver ond 0011 bladder brouqht ubout by the irritant nature of tho cutteinc, These effects can sornetlmes cause the following symptoms:

As the glill bladder is irritated, it beqlns to underpo spasms (IS it attempts to get rid of this irritunt. It begins to flush bilo down throuqh the bile duct to the outlet of the hile system where it empties into the duodenal ioop of the small intestine. (See Dillgfi11J1 ? tuu! Di{Jgmm 3.J Tho caffeine causes n dilation of un openinq of tho sphvncter at this locution, nllowing a much greator production of bile to be flushed from the body. This COli sometimes cuuse spasms ut tho start of the therapy, because of irritation on tho walls and till! nerves of tho lntestlnal tract. Also, as the hi le is goinO through the intestinal tract, it can cause tlatulence and gas. However, all this is fl positive sign that the gull bladder is beginning to work. Many people with chronic diseuses have a gall bladder which is not functioning adoquatelv.

Not all of the lIi,lo ooes down tho intestinal tract, however. On occasion, some of tho bile hocks up into the stomach, where it comes to rest, causing some irritation. This con especially happen durinq H hcallnq reaction or 'flare-up' when 0 lock of appetite, nausea and sometimes vomiting can be experienced. Should this happen, copious amounts of peppermint tea should lie drunk, every 15 - 20 minutes, to flush the bile out of the stomach, and grllel should be used in all theiulces, which will help soothe the lining of the intestinal tract.

CA U110N: FOI thos« who /r(lVB Imel vlmlllollrtlrn/JY IrBtltmellt, 11/0tJOIJ "'lid PtJge 26 betor« Mkill.'I ""Y "",mIltS


Diagram 3


"p~ .. " , "

" ,

, \

, \

, \

I \

\ ,


pancreatic du«- -~--H+-~-== duodenal +--......f




CAUTION: For thos» who I"IV. IIMI ch(Jmor"~rl'lpv rr~fltlll"'lf. pluns" fUIIII 1'''11'' 2lJ beiur» fuAillY ""V ""~,,,a"

What Doee the Coffee Enema Do?

Tho ooHoo enema is, without question, the most unusunl part of tho Gerson oomhlne d ronlmo, ami of ton evokes astonishment lind mirth in persons who hnve never experienced on enema lind who emphuticallv prefer to drink their cottee, From tho patlent'n point of view, tho coffee onemo moons rolief from depression, confusion, nonernl nervous tension; many niloroy-roiatod svmptoms and, most Importllntly, rollof from sovero pnln.

Tho (Joffoo enema hnn 11 vory spuoillo purpose: loworing serum toxins. Coffoe enemas hovo n definito offnet on tho colon which CIIIl bo observed with 1111 endosocpe". The palmitio noid" found in ooffoo promotes tho uotlvity of {jlutllthiono S-translorllflo6 lind other ligllndsO munv limos abovo tho norm. It is this onzymo group that is responslble primnrily lor tho coniuqntion? of Iroo oloolrophilo rudloalu'' whioh tho goll bladder will then rnleuse.

Enzymo systems in thn liver lind small bowel are rosponslhle for tho nnnvnr ainn and neutrallzatlon of tho most common tissun toxins, polv-umlnes, amtnonia, toxin-bound nitrogon, and electrophile s, nil of whioh uan cnusu 0011 unrl membrane damaqe,

Suoh protootivo liver and gut onzymo svstems lire probably enhanced 11 lot by ootloo enemas. Caffoino enemas CIIlISO dilution of tho bilo ducts, which Iacilitatea exoretion of toxio oonoor broakdown produot s by the livnr and dialysis 01 toxic products from blood across tho colonic wnll.

111 tho loto 1970's and ourly 1900's, resoarchors ldentifled salts of palmitic: acids (knhwool and oofostol palrnituto] in oottoe us potont nnhaucura of glutathiono S-trnnsfornso, II. major dotoxlfication svstem that catalvze e" tim bindinn of a vast vnriuty of olootrophilos from tho blood stream to tho sulphhvdrvl'" oroup of glutothiono. BOGIIlIOO tho reactive ultlmnto carclnoqenic forms of chemicals oro oleotrophilos, tho glutathiono S-transfernso system must be rO!Jardod as a n Important mechanism for carcinoqen dotoxification.

Tho iutrorluotion of 32 fluid oz of coffue aolution into tho colon will dilute portul blood nnd subsuquentlv, tho bilo , Thoophyllino and thoohrornino, major nonstitunnts of coffuu, dilate blood vensols and oountor inflammation of tho nut. The pnlmitutes of eoffoo onhunco glutathiollo S-trullslerllse whioh is responsible for tho removal of many toxic rndlcale from serum. Finally, the fluid of tho enema itself stimulatos tho visceral nervous system "'. promotlnq peristolsis and tho trnnsit of diluted toxin bile from tho duodenum out of tho rectum, Because thtl stilYlulatin{j enema is rntained Ior 15 minutes. and because nil tho blood in tho body pas ao s through tho liver nnmly evory three mlnuton, those enemas represent a form of dialysis of tho blood uoroas the gut wall,

As 8 me dlontion, tho ooffoa onomo is ill a class by itsolf. Whilo othor 119Mlt!;

CAU110N: For thos« who hllVtllII,,1 chlJlllothernpv treatment, 1)1,1<198 r611'( PnYtJ 26 be'or" filltiny lillY ,,"emIiS


,...__1IIIUUI....-.JI_ .... ..... .. w .. ~ ..... 'k ........ ............. __ tl ........ ......... _ ... __ ,,_ .... ......

classed II~ oi1Oiorutios12 do inoreuse bilo flow from the livor, thoy do little to e nhanoe dotoxifyinU enzyme systems, and thoy do not ensure tho Jlll6801J0 of bile from the intestines out of tho rectum. Bile is normally ronbsorhed lit> to nino or tUIl timo s be foro working its woy out of tho intostines in fuocea. Tho enzyme enhuncinq ubility of tho ooffuo enema is unique omong choleretios. BOO~1I90 it dous not allow reubaorption uf toxio bile by tho liver ooroso tho out wall, It is' on e ntirolv e lfo ctive moans of det oxifvinq tho blood serum throuqh existinq onzvmo svstoms in tho liver and small bowol. BUCUlIEO clinioul practloe has shown coffoe enernus to bo well tolerated by putients whon usod us frequently !HI evurv Iour hours, the coffoo onomn rnuy be olussed us tho only non-reabsorbed, eff o ctivo, repeatable cholerotio in tho medical tlteruture,

Those enemas uro sate when IISl''} within (110 contoxt of tho comblnod Gerson ro qim«. It h; apparent that Dr Garson's intontion in lJupplying 1I sodium r e str ic to d, "iOh potnssium, hillh minr o-nutrient diutmy of fruits, vO(JetubloB, with SOIlHl orains, aunh rttl oats and rico, WIlS to supply 1111 nutrlents, known nnd unknown, which aro necus sarv for 0011 reupirutinn lind OI1IHOY production. High potus siuru, low uo dium envlronments tend to roturn coli mnoro-moleculos to normal confiqurution states und to impruvu wlilor structuriru] lind water content, The addition by Dr Go r s on of nupplemuntal units of pctasshnn [acetuto, oluoonato, and phosphate rnonobasicl to the eliot in which mulutu 13 i:. supplied by froquent usn of upplou, probably nrolltly Improves the otticionoy of the Krebs oynlo I. in mitochondriul onorgy production. Protein rusttiotion, omployed by Dr Ge r s on as a tornpornry uapnnt of tre atmunt, has boon observed empirinally ainoo boforo tim turn of the century to aid in tho roduotion of cellular oedema. Adminiutrution of high··loading dosuqes 01 thyroid und LUfjol's solution [iodlnu and potassium iodide in diluto solution) pr ob ahlv ruuult in multlplloution of mitochondria 16, which have thoir own DNA lind RNA and repticnte illdupolldolltly of tilo coli. Additionally. thyroid ill known to anhanoe cell oxldutlon of sugnrs and the rof o ru ude no sine triphosphute (ATP)'O production. In this wny 0011 onorgy production is probably murkodly Increuse d.

Thr ouqh these me ohanism», tho therapv of Dr Max Gerson nppeurs to:

0) reduct) serum toxins to eliminate chr onic chullong() to durnuqud uormnl 00110;

b) improve cell potus sium ion" oontont;

c) re ducu coli uudium conlont;

d) ruduce coli swelling through improved water sttucturlnq: 0) incre nso cull mitochondrin count lind uctlvitv: lind

I) supply micr c-nutrient s IIUl!OfHlUry for cell onlH{ly production lind repair.

Thu uoutribution of low serum toxin lovula by rOllulm adminis tr atlon of coffee enemas is bauic to increased coil ollcrgy production, onhunced tissue illlourity, improved cir oulution. improved inununitv, and irnpr ovu d tisuue rupnlr III){! rutlolloration which have boon observed elinioutlv to re sult from tho adminis tr ntlon of the combined roOill1B of Dr Gurs on.


CAUTION; I'Of thos« who hl1vI> hltd cI"""otl""npv "88'm",,', 1'/0""0 ,emll'''9'' 26/JolutB tn/d"y lillY ""0/1111"

·Iell (011, tlcKure

:::Jllenlle cofl uUllng ueeululom

_transverse cofon

I.arge intestlne

.... ..... '"

CAunON: For thos« who hilvil hnd ohamolh",ltpV Iff/lttll/tlllt, pltJltS6 ftflfr/ Pity" 26 betor« tIIkillU It"V enemes


"_"'_ N1#W."til'~I~ ' '''''''''' __ ·''f£(_''''''''''_''''''_'''''''''''' _

How Many Should I Have?

Enemus should hn lakon IIvury foul' hours (tillY !HId nlUht III tho houlnnlno 01 tho therapv], and even mnra Iroqunntlv "u"in6t GOVIHO pnin, fl1H161HI, lIonaral nervous tonelon f1Jul deprusuiun. ilU illdi()iltod by tho Gerson doctor.


Those who "live "lid ""emlll/,,un/IY s/wlI/<1 ullly tuk» thro» 81111/11(111 " ./11'1, 1111<1 /11018 Iroqllentlv (/I/IIi19 n IInlo-lIp. (Ilearl p"yo 261

Colo sromv IMrioll's, 'I11/Y twu 1)011011 IflIUtlti()IIS II (inv whh I~/JII volume (only 20 - 24 fluit! o r}, milwd wit" "/uJIl,omfl,, te« (S08 paOli 25 for clrnmomflo tlln ItJc/po/.

Tbos» 011 the less illrttll!l/vlJ Gerson ThertlllV should t,,/{o two fir thre« coffee ellO/llll1l .Ia/Iy, aflur tnenls, (A turthe« cof/eo ,"'UIIIII should bo I"h,'" ImmodiAtoly If 111/)11111 or dlecomtort of

allY klnd.] .

II'" unuallv rucommundnd Ihal tho enemas bo taken 01 0 am. 10 am, 2 pm, 0 pm and 10 prn . Durin!) Iho firtil two to throo duvs, natlentn eornntlmns have difficulty uoinu to uluep 01 lIiUhl. and ill this CilSO it's recommended that the lost onOITlO, at ton o'clock at lIiUhl, uhould ho iI chamomile te a onomn, in place 01 Iho colloo. This in only il tho pntiont In uenuitive 10 ""fl"illo. In II fow day". colloo Call slowly bo nddod to tho chumomile and ooon increuaed to the full amuunt .

Difficult us this rnav bo to buliuvu, uxpunenuu Iton proved thilt frUlluent enemuu olin ullminnto lito '''''HI for sudation. Some patients taka onomae ovary two hours, or ovon moro frl!'l""ntly. durinll tiro firat davn of tiro truutmont 0' durinu limo-up".

At tho Iirst sion of a hcnlill{J ruaetinn 11I",,,,ul'l tlru Iruquuncy of tho onomus ohol1ld bo incrousod. cortninlv 10 ono ovnry thrun hours. III.d in mllny cnoos. with patlontn whu have problems wilh pilin uspooiallv, 10 0110 ovary two houre. flllt not It bllo I. vomllod. In 111111 cane , taku nltemnto colloo and chumomlie qnolnlls _ (Sou ru"ipil on pllga 26 for lIIokl1l9 chnmomite te« (II1Hl/la.) 11I"I_ns" ellll/llllfJ /J/lIV,., pllliullt UtJ/l6l1/"ft/J 8 . 10 }ulo •• 1

I\ft", you hove been "" tho I"UIJ"UI""11 tUI .. while, yuu will not renllv need to 1>0 told huw ",allY e no .. "'''' to t aku, hOD"'J(;U your body will lull you. YOIt wllllani toxic and hrnnndiutelv k nrr w thai it' •• lifllu to take another orUJrT.II_

Ono word 01 cnutlorr: il tiro patient i" ill 11 6lroflU hoolinu reuctlon mId i6 vomltlnj], mavhu hilvino "011)0 dimlhnllll !If.d "ul ahlu to oat much 01 their jlticOG down. no thoir ornl iutukn in 1r1H"",,,.tI. then l"killU IlIIue amounts 01 colloo enumas oould, aflor II puriod 01 uno or two d,.y s , CUllS" d<>llVdrntillu or elootrulvtu imhalall"u. Eltll;trolyto imbalnnce menns thot the potnsslum chlu,ido alld uudiurn chloride composition 01 vour blood ooto out 01 baluncu. III nlleh a cnso YOIl oirould nol do the euemas any more froquontly than every threo hours. Tho !ICr,,'ral rulo iu. Ihill if you cltn uot hnlf 01 your juices down Ilnd you'ro drlnklnu (I uood Hlnollilt of lUll, you uro allowod to lako I)IIO,n86 ovory throo hourr..

Keep B Balance

ApiIIl Irorn tnkino so rnnny 0111111.,;)" al Ih" bouillllinu of tho thtlrhpy. whon tho toxlll lovul hUll been reduced "onHlwirnl, it h"lanco should be kopt botwoon coffeo orlOr))09 omljlliunu I"kon. (;"(I(1("liy. ilt lua"t Ihreu hlico~ uhuuld bo IlIklln fur IIvllry cuftnll n')'fllla. Thi" will ali()UrO thM Ow ulu<;tmlyto IHlll.nC() ill thll hudy ill curroc!.

")'~''''''''''I+I.I.'AA1'''''':U'''.~'''''''''''''!' '" •..... __ iioliliii"'· •• .. ·ij_ .. -Iiiii .. · ..... ··· .. iIi ... ·Ii ..... ~NI ........ fn"'n .. '''' .......... ....,....,_...,.,;,,__''''''. __ -----_


c/IUlION.' r", thoge who hllve "lUI "/lfllllD,hlfltlpV ,rlllltllllllll, "/olfs(J 1O{II11'""o .26/Jafole r"hllIY tllIV ellemas

j:..?reporing To Take An Enema

i)opondlnu on whot you lind moot cnrnlnrtuhln, nnnmao can hn taken lyinO Olt tho floor with pmldinu /lllrl /I wohrrprool r:ovor, or 011 lin onemn couch. This should bu II oomlortnblo holuht Irorn tho lIoor (111 - 24 inchus), plastic covered or wushnble. All lnuxpnnelvn loldino nnmp hod with ilo own muttrns s aurvon thA purposo well.

Do whutovor YOIl 1001 you nood to do to ho oomtortabln, Somu pooplu uno plusticcovornd nxeroinu mute and oovnr thorn with II towul, Others 1160 an uxtru uquaru of corpot lind lay II town I on lop, with a shent of plastic, then another omnllor towel. I\n old hl .. nkut mnkou 0 uood bnno , A thick towof foldod III hnlf, with 0 shno t of plaetic 011 top ",ui ano thor Ihink towol 01. top 01 thls , which CAn bn fre qunntlv wnnhn<l, in ndoquatn, Do 01.110 you /HII covered and worm.

Aim to mukn unumn tlmo IIIl ptnnnnnt 00 posnlble, A colourfullv printed pioco 01 plastic mnt bouoltt frorn Molhn,corn or Boots haby snction (for LIDO under hioh chairn 10 catch lilly luod rtroppnd 011 1110 lIoor) could bo une d, It's nlco and lnrqn - uunful for those days who II Ihillno JUDI don't 00 Ilnhtl A thick pillow Is 0 must. It ORn bn doubfod ovur , to mlun your hnnd morn - 1180lul whon rundhl{j.

Enomn buckoto 01111 bo hUIlO from an Irnprovlood stand, or olin ho ntoud on II stool, lor Iuatanca. You oon invnnt thlngD for yolltuolf lIoing honkn, 'G' nlamps , 'S' hooks, whotovor. Do what's sultnblo for YOII. Tho Gornon ennma bucket in vory sturdy and rigid and con bu otood on " surfnoe qulta olluily. Howovnr, tmvnllillQ anarna bnus COli ho usud, If thin 10 easier. Somn people insort tho plantlc 11000 ituulf into thu rnctum, othoro use a rud cathnter tube (0080ntlnl for th080 with hnnrnorrhoidu}, whilo othurs tWO oomothino uallod u 'portio' tubo which Is quito Irrrga and rigid.


o A pillow lor vour houd.

o A clock to chock 011 tho 12-16 mlnuton tlmo IIIPOO,

o Kitr:lmn roll or thick tlasuna.

o Vnsnlinn (thin In not absorbed by tho bodv),

o Fnomn bucket,

o l1url cuthutur tube [optionn! - usnful lor thouo with huumorrhoidu, otc.)

o A smnll ruO or blanket to koep YOIl wurm.

o A stool or chair on which to stand tho enema buckut (10-20 inchon hiUh - NO MORE, if you'ro Iylllg Oil tho floor. If vou're on II couch, thon 10-20 inchns lIiJOVO tho top of tho couch • NO MOm:.)

() A kottlo. Tho enumn mixture CIIIl be made lip In tho kitchen nnd carried to tho bathroom. DopondiltO on tho lnvout 01 your homo, you moy finrl il convonionl to have on olootric kettle or other wotor-holllino dnvlce in, or close to, your bathroom to hOllt tho diotilleci wlltor for tho enomo.

o A wood"1t spoon or whisk or oloctrlc hand-hold whisk or· blondor. Whon mnkino up thu cootor oil onomll, It is Bonier ond prolomlllo to mllko tho rnixturo blond (Ilrnuloily) o(lll1pllltnly. To Gavo efforl, 1111 olootric whisk or hand·hold blonder. likn tho Bruun Mllitiprllolic, in URBful. Flliiino Buch dovic08, 0 WOOdflll spoun Glln I", UDod.

Right, now you'ro 601 up, how do you DI:tllally 10k" an onorno7 Homl on .

CAunON: FOT t"086 wlro IrttVO '''Ic/v/ronrot/rn'''fJV tlelllmellt, pln(l(uJ Te,," P(lgo 26 befole tttll;"g .011'1 ell""IlIS


""'_'.UO~~~'" __ -''_''. '''''' ''''' __ "I'''"' .... 1& .......... - _

Taking An Erterna ...

(SOlJ rocipn for making caffoo onomll on pllgo 24)

Into tho enamu buck at pur - 1I fI oz of cottae concentrate

Add (I turthor 8 fl oz of vllTy hor water IkillY up to 32 fI oz with 0001 distilled wator ,to [us t body tompomturo

Eat <1 smoll piece of {mit J~(Jforo tim first 0110111/1 of the duv. This is to octlvote tho tll'l'''r digcsriva tract and rastorn btood suqar levels tlftor tho flight's sloop, Also, do this whonovor considembk) timo JIlIS oll1/1sud silica tho lest mOIlI, julc« or snook.

Nourish first - than d!Hax/fy.

The coffee solution should bo ut bodv tompar ature . Run II little of tho solution thr ouqh tho tuba into tho toilot to f10t rid of nlr bubbles, Close tho plau tin tubo. Pluco tho unuma buckot about 10-20 inchus nhovn YOll [whether lying on u couch or on tho flood, NO MOnE, Luhriuate about two or throe inches nt thn end of the tube, or tho rod enema catheter, with 0 little vaseline. Lie down .on your rinht side and draw both your knees nloso to your abdomen. Breathe deoply.

lnsert tho tube "bout two or throe inches into your rectum, but NEVER more t hun six incho s . Opon tho plustiu nlnmp and allow tho fluid to run vory stowly, to avoid crllmpil1{l. Rulax unci breathe deeply. in order to suck tho grootoot HlnUlII.1 of Iluid into tho colon. It you can, retain tho solution for 12-16 minutna. Exporill1<:nts hOVB shuwn that nf ter 10-12 minutes almost ull tho oaffelne is nhsorhud Irnm tho fluid. The blood ciroulutes through tho liver ubout 01100 overv throe minutes, therefore in 15 minutes tho blood will hnva filtered throuph tho livur livu timus .

II you have tr ouble ret alninq or taking in the full 32 fluid oz. lower thu hunket , " you [eul spnsrns, lower the 'bucket to tho floor to ullow tho flow to back up II bit to relieve the pressure. Aftor 10-20 seconds, ulowly strut ruiuinn tim bucket townrd l hn oriuilllli lovol. You COli aluu control the flow of tho solution by pinGhino tho tube with your fingors or adjusting the plastic clump in IIpartiully closed position. Y 011'11 quickly IUDln whnt works hast for you. (SOD also f!1lI'11111 Techniques and Further Hints all tho fol/owing POIlOS.) If vou Gl1I1'I tuke tho full quurt ut first, expel some and tuku thu rout,

Keep Your Equipment Clean

DOIl'1 pluuo 11." tube hack into tho bucket until utlur you havu thorou[Jhly cle ane d both the bucket und thu tuhu. Thu bucket and tho tube are vory good !Iruwill!l grounds lor bacteria. Uso u biode\lrmJoulu Iuud-uso doterjjant (for exumple , Ecovcr w!luhiIlB-uP liquirl) and rinse woll. l1inso duily, or as of ton as 11(wdod. wilh 0% hydro{jon poroxide. (SOil nddrossos at tho back. for supplior.)

U:_'IA" __ IUI:I_~ __ '.'**'*' • 2.. • •••• frill"'. 'Ii"""". _ d MO;',; 4


CAUTION: For 'hose who hnve IlI,d "helllO,herll/lY ffIlIltIllMI, /1/0115(1 IUlul PttfJe 26 boioro talc/liB nllY enomae

Enema Techniques

) )

Intostillifl Spasms and Cramping

Those froquontly painful symptoms oro ouuae d by strong irritntlon to tho intestinal tract and lead to problema with the enemas. It beoomes difficult to instill tho full 32 fluid oz of ooffoe solution, and difficult to holel tho enumn tim full 12: 16 minutes. On the other hand, the enema can booomo trunpud and cannot he released. Here are some possible remedies which have helped others:

1. Chock the Enema Tecbnlqu«

Be sure that the tip of the enema tube is lnserted only on inch or two post tho ana! sphincter, NEVER more than 0 total of nix inches. Do not. try to terce tho tube, Tho temperature of tho enema solution must bo at body temperature. Don't ruiee tho enema bucket too high. If tho flow is too rapid, it can set up counter-epasrns. 16-20 inches is tho correct bucket height. Evon fit that hoight, spasms can occur. It this hnppuns, Immodlately lower tho bucket to <lllow tho flow to back up u few inohue into tho tube to relieve tho pressure. Altor 10 to 20 seconds slowly start ruiuing tho bucket towards tho original luvul, Tho flow OHIl also btl controlled by pillohinn tho tubu with your finllers, or by udjulltino tho plaetio clamp to a partially ulosud position. It may toke some time to got Iho onemo oomplotely instlllod, but this ill uucup table,

2. HOI,t Ova' tho AluJomoll

This con be applied with II warm hot water bottlo. This has II culming ottoot Oil tho irritated, hvpernctive intestinel tract.

3. Cllnmoml/e Telf EIlfJlm,

Usc full strength lind give prior to the rogulllrly scheduled ooffue unumu. Hotuin tho ten enema for about fivu miuute s . After re10080, immediately etart tho coffee enema, In severe problome, chamomile concentrate CI1Il be added to ul] uof lan On0I118S. (Soo how to mak» a chemomila to« onoma OTI pilgf) 26)

CAUTION: Fa, IhOll. whu II.v" II." r:II"llIulh.,IIPY Irlllllllllllll, /I/Ott" 1;t1f(1 Piffle 26 b,do/e "'liMn lillY IInemlttJ


More Enema Techniques

4. Atlli Pntnnaiurn CtJI1IIJlIIlIIr/Io IIIn Enom«

Potus sium ournpound nolution hnlpo roliovo upanma by olillPlyinn 'potassium to the depleted intestlnal tract. It olin 0180 help to pr omoto hi I" flow whon {livon rootolly. Tho nolution io tho OIllTIB a" that used in tho juices. Tho dosago Is two taaspcona in 611Ch unum". Discontinue Ilddinn potnsshnn nftor II fow devs ,

6. LOWOT 1118

This call be accomplishod by either usinu 108s coffoo ooncontrute in o anh onuma, or by usinU only pori of a prepared enema,

(i. S 000",1 Ellol1l11 1''/,,111 Iml1louia 'elV A Itef the Htll t

Whon you'ro unable 10 roloaso Iho enema and Iho abdomon is conqes ted, Ii second enema mny be tnkon 8troil1ht oway after tho first. Potassium compound solution (see nhovo] mny ho nddod to thu sooond enema to promote effootivoness. Anothor potentially valuable aid is hydrogen percxide " (% t9P of 6%) added to the 9000nd enema. (See addresses at tho hack for supplior.) Chamomile concentrate (soo page 25) mfty bo added to counter thn irritating effacts of either tho peroxide or potessium taken by rectum.

'CAUTION: If vou run into chronic problems, please do not resort to morn than two consecutive nnemns. At lnast FOUR hours must be allowed between double enemas in most (lOSOs.

7. Castor Oil Enem«

This may be used in some CIISOS if the second enema also cannot be roleusod. Custar oil enemns ore extromely pushy and should bo use d cautioualy - gellerally onlv one ill II 24 hour !,orioll. (Soo pagos 27, 28 for how to take 8 castor oH eneme.l

B. HYPOf-SIJlIsitlvity to Caffeille

If vou aro hvpnr-se naitive to caffeine and got palpitation8 whon taking coffee enemas, this is n sign of toxioity and will settle down IIfior Iho first fow wnoks on the therapy.

• SOD pago 29 lor dilution.


CAUrtON: For tbos« who bav« hlId ohsmotherill'V Uslttmenl, p/OlJtJB fllllli PlJgB 26 betor« td/llg IJIIV IIl1lJl/lilS

Further Hlrrte

If you COIl't retain the coffoe 0118ma and medicCJ/ tests have shown no blockago. yet the abdoaier: feelli bloated most 0/ tile tlmo, what do )oVtJ do?

Hero III. 1I0l1le lIuggelltl(Jnll:

• 1.001/0 Iho tube or catheter in" with tho olump opon, 10 ollow gae to escapn bnok into the bucket. If f08c08 enter tho tubo and bucket, lilt tho bucket to ono uldu to ullow tho oodimont to Boule and tho oloor liquid 10 flow buok down tha tube:

lry uuinn on enomo of clear water or chamomlln butoru Iho ooHon enema, to clear gus.

• The flrot nnuma In the morning call be difficult to hold. Try uoinn 0 liulo extra ooffoe uoununtrate and wllter to make up to BUY, 42 fl oz. Lot In 6 11 oz and hold for Ill) tonn U8 ponuihlu. Evacuate, thon USB the rest of tho enema. which you ahould then bo abln 10 hold in for 12 • 16 minutes.

• ' Tho problem could be the lining of tho 001011, BO alter the enomaa, experlmentinq with dilution, qunntitv and tempuruturu,

• Uso ohamomuo tun wllh a umollur amount of coffe e , For exnmple, uso 0 II oz of (:offoo (not the oonoontroto ruoipa, but tho raclpe used 01 total strength) with 16 fl oz of ohumomhe too lind. enough hot wotor to warm It.

USB chamcmite tell !notood of distlllod wotor In tho cofloo enema, and odd two teaspoons of the liquid potassium compound which 10 normolly oddod t.o tho juioo.

Lower tho totnl emcunt of fluid In tho enema to perheps 16 II oz , Tho amount nan ba groduoliy incruaaad to 24 fI oz ond evontuully to 32 II oz.

Tnke (orolly) tho hluh-dooa (1,200 mo) pancreatin dlgestlvo nnzvme tublntu. ThoRU U8U1ll1y roliovo blollting mora effoctlvoly than chnrconl. (Clwroonl tall/oit) call 110 hought (10m any chemist shop.} Check the 61001 fo! " tii;)I.ulou pruduutu. Or try tnklnu a 326mo panoroatin table] (orally) with ouch [ulcu,

Another pousibllity Is that It's not unusual for tho intestinel Irool. of I) OHIHltH patient to be somewhat Influmod and fovorinh, rtlllnlnu ollvorol UOgltl06 abovo normal body temperature, evan thouuh tho Plltiont iu not rtlnnino II wholo body fOVIlI. In oontraut, thft handa lind foot of II cancer patlunt moy bo 00 much as 20°F coolar than tho trunk. Testing tho temperature of B coffoo onuma with cool fingers I'nIlY, ill tho extreme, rOBlIlI In the Introduotlon of fluid which is 01) much 06 16° F cooler than the colon. Thle chilly fluid could shook tho colon, COUBO cramping and 110 impoollibio to rotaln. A loglool atratogy to prevent thia problem i6 the use of 0 thnnnometar" 10 measure the toniporuturo of tho aolution. Tumpuraturus ranllinll from 99° to 103°F (approxlmatetv 31°C to 40QC) oro gOllumlly woll tolerated .

"A Jessop thermometer Is [deal for this, 606 PaUli 34 for wl.6re to purchase 0110.

CAVTlON: For tho/J" who hsv« 11l1t1 oh,,,nnrhll'lJpv treatment, pIBII"" flJ.,,1 P"!ltI 26 h.IoulI tllle/"!1 lilly .111I1II"~


What Do People Do? . ,

(All article by C-laire Jamos from the AlIglI!Jt 1994 GfJr!:mo Newsletter}

"lnitlnlly, I spent my tlmo trying to find" way of holding tho ooffon in - eomotimo» with disastrous and hilarious results. I expect most Gerson 1'001'10 have hnd aornn experiences whioh ended up with spring cleaning the bathroom> or Is It JU8t mol

Onne I'd worktl'd out the technicalities I started to roally got Into tho meditative opportunitius of unnrnn limo. A whole quarter of an hour when I was forced to stop and tnke stock, to listen to my hom! bonl and wntoh my hrunth lind r01l1 lnalde myself quietly. I'd ernerqe detoxified on moro than just the phvaioul lnvel.

As I got deeper into tho therupy, whioh I hove ulwoYB npproaohed 011 tho psyohologioal as woll as the physicnllevol, I started to automnticnllv use theno times 10 look into diffioult feolings and painful memories. I didn't intond to do this consciously, it just seemed thut us I oleared out the physioal toxins .ths emotional ones stlrrod 10 be released too. At those tim es I ofton got vory tearful, Iyinn Iontusliko on my rug ...

Then I worked out whot I cull tho 'snored space' le vol of ooffeo time. I'd rut on my Invourito hOilling music, light incense candles, lISO my most beautiful Hlgs, towels lind cushions lind luxuriate in tho beautv of life. Fresh flowors in camllolight ...

Allothor rather different experience is having mv grandchildron IUlJod 4 lind 21 to stay. They'd insist 01) huving Rod Riding Hood read to. thorn. Aftor all, what II brilliant opportunity to have Nllnny pinnod down whore they could roaoh her, Ilway from sorubbinq veg and the juicer, It's "mazing how quickly timo PIlU!lOS ronding childrun'« stories - I'm sure the clock speeds up during Ih090 times.

Latoly I'vo been III1111Sinn mysolf learning Mongoliun overtone ohanting from tupns of Jill Puree. You must undorvtand that Ilivo 1110110 lind 80 tho funny noises I make are for my own hilnrity only. Ono slimmer momlnq with tho windows open I did have a friend tell me that he could hoar mil all the way lip tho stroot and 11 orowd had galllOrml outside my flat. Ho joked, of course, I hopei

Another bit of fun has been an attempt 10 do my natural vreron improvement exorcises for prosbyopia (old age 8ighlll. Lying in tho ourled-on-the-slde position is ronllv rather limiting for this bUI 'tromboning' and 'plllmlng' are both possible ...

My latest and, up till now, quito secret innovation, is to take my ooffoo break during lunch limo at work. I'm lucky to havo a vory big van whioh I perk outside work. l'vo fitted curtains and mode tho buck into II mini homo with carpets and cushions, etc. I look. myself in there and emerga to dive into the 100 at work. I'vo found Ih06e lunohtimos whore I 'go homo' have changed tho quality of my afternoons lit work, which used to be characterized by a toxic cloud and thnt strango hond tiredness associated with it."


CAUTION: For thos« wh» IutVI! had oh"mot""'lf/JY treatment, pllJas" ttllld PiII9" 26 h.lor" tald"g ""Y enemn«

Another Experience - - . (From concer Winner by Jaqu/e Davison)

"To tuk o 1111 onornn I put one quart 01 warm Goffoe into the enema buckot. I lio on the floor OIl II washable rug or blanket, on my right side with knees bent towords my chest and my head rostinj] on my oontoured boauty pillow wilh wllllhllbio satin pillow case. It fits under my nook and is quito comtorteble ... Aftor I 11m in position I insert tho enema nozzle, but never more than four to six inohus. '!-IiOh enemas life not recommended. I opon tho enema hose.

I rulax lind breathe in doeplyto the count of tun, lind then out to tho count of ten until I foel comfortoblo with 011 of the coffee in mo. It S60ms that with the deep breathing tho coffee is carried high into the colon, thus rolioving the IHOIlJ.;UrO 011 tho roctum. Aftor the enema buokot is ompty, I 60t the timor for fifteen minutes 80 I won't be clook-wetchinq. I loave the clump on tho enema hoso OpOI\ and the nozzle in 100 so thot loan release any gos thot might form through the hose, without lOlling iny enema. During the onemo I roud for pleasure. , .

Sometimes I hod muny poisons and gasses moving through me, ospooiullv in Ilia boginnlng of tho thorupy uml durino tho lIolllino inflammotions. It modo It olmo!lt impossible to hold my enema. To solve tho problem I would stand up 1I'llel 101 tho coffee go back into tho bucket and when the gas pressure Willi relousod, lio buck down lind lot the coffee flow In IIgain. It ~IIV09 oof luu ul II time whon coffee iu costly. In this wily I never hod Imy trouble holding a quart of cottee, but some people I know oan hold only 0 pint III II thne, but toko OIlU riUht after another, holding thorn Iif tnun minutun for each pint and then grodually working IIJl 10 holdillU 0 quart,"

~--~~--~-----------~--~ .. ---------------- .......... ~---------->-----

During Bn Enema . . .

Many people catch UI) on their rouding, lind indeed look forward 10 enernn time lin limn 10 thmnsulvus. Others lillian to muslc, learn another IOIl(JIIIl!lO, loorn to write left-hnnded, rolox, do viaunliz ation e xe ruine s , lis tan to the radio, otc. tho

Ii .. t ls eudlass. Whon listening to music. muko sure it is tho right kind. It ~'hollhl hu soothinn, Ilantle allll harmonious, helping you to relax and lIont IluulIuh tho experlenoe , II) other words, no heuvv metull Try tupes of harp, Spanish guitur, flOUllds of tho sail of whale sOllg insteud.

7Q :-Iop the '/Jollri"y down' loo/illg «nd to koop tho 611611l1J in, trv ...

singing or humrninq loudly; hrontho quiokly, or pant los in ohildbirth); turn your loot in circles at the ankle ill both directions; raise and lowor a log; squeeze buttooks tooothor (keeps fluid ill lind lots lJllS out)

Most of 1111. RELAX, 1111" ENJOY It I

CAUll0N: Fo, who htlvlJ h.d Uh."'Ut/IIITIJP¥ tr •• lilltltil.

IJ/"M(t IIUld P(lfJ" ).6 h,flo,,, raklllg (l11V .II""UJ.'


How to Make a Coffee Enema

NO TE: It is V81V hnporten: 10 us« DIS TILLED WA 7'ER ill tlm TUoI"m.

To make ONE coffee enema

(Use this version et TOTAL STRENGTH: 00 NOT OIl.UTE/)

3 tablespoons of organlo ground ooffoo (NOT INSTANT COFFEE) 32 fluid Ol dlstlIIod water

Put tho water into a.pot" and bring to tho boil. (':It<linle$; steel, glllss or 0/111/1101· NEVEl? 8Iom/nlom)

Add th» organic ground coffee (II little lit B time, so it doesn't boil OV(}I').

Boil fOf fivo minutes uncovornd, to drive off tho 0;15.

Cover, lower tho heat oncl simmer for 15 minutes, Strain [throuqh 8 tina-mash tou strainer) end atlow ta cool.

Use ot body tompofsturo.

(NorE: ·rh. cof]. •• ann h. put Into oold wei., lind brought 10 th» boll, bllt b. (,AJuiflil "111' it do .. n't holl over.)

To make FOUR coffee enemas

This is a cotioo concontreto which should bo dill/tod to tho correct strongth

12 roundod tablospoons of orqanlc ground cottee 32 fluid 02 distilled wator

Put tho water into a pot ond bnilg to tho boil.

Add tho orqnnic ground coffoo (a little at a tlmo, so it doesn't boil over}, Boil for fivo mlnutos uncovered, to drive off tho oils.

Cover, tower beet and simmer for 20 minutes or motu, AI/ow to cool, end tho grounds to SOtt/6.

Strain into 8 one litre [epprox 2 pint) juy or jar.

Add distilled wator to msko up to tho full amount 0{.12 tluk! oz.

You can either mark. tho jar for oonvonionco with tapo, tippox or point, indicating OIlO cup increments, or simply mOc1SLifO 8 fluid oz of concontrnto for each enome. Will k.oop IiI rofrigorntor for liP to two (Jays.

(NO TE: 11111 aotie«. clln b« Jlut Imo cold Wilt'" IIlJd brought to th» 1101/,

hilt hf cllnde" tlln' It c/OIlS.II't }wi! over.}


CIIUTICJN: For #110/10 who JIIIVil blld nhlf/llothllrlllW ,,,tUllltJlII, pltJlfllct ,,,,tc/ /'''11" 26 h"Iol. , .. /rill!l ""Y _"tJmaB

The Charnolni/e Enema

Recipe for ONE Chamomile Enema

4 tablespoons (2 oz] of driod ohamomile flowors 32 fluid oz distilled water

Bring the water to the boil

Add the ohamomite flowers and boil for five minutes.

Turn down tho hoot and aimmer for ton minutes.

Strain ami use cooled to body temperature.

Recipe for FOUR Chamomile Enemas

16 tabloepoons (8 oz] of dried chamomile flowers 16 fluid oz of distillod wnter

Bring tho water to tho boil.

Add the chamomile flowers and boll for five minutes.

Turn down tho hoai and simmer for 30 minutes in e covered saucepan.

Strain and press tho flowers to extract the fluid.

'u some wntur hOB belled awny. add distilled water 10 make 16 fluid oz.

Keop in II covered nlllllfl bottle in the refrigorator for not longer than three days.

To U60, pour 4 oz of oonountrulo inlo Iho onemo bucket and fill with dtstilled woter to body tomperoturo.

NOTE: the concentrnte is prepared by u!lino one tablospoon of ohamomile Iluwers for each UIiIlOO of wator: 8 oz (16 tublespoonsl of chamomile flowers boiled in 16 fluid 02 of water makes four dOBOS

About Chamomile Enemas

Clt",nolllilo OIIl)III1JIl aru useful liS rotontion e nernus, hald as 10l\U as posslble, to re-hvdrute tho patient.

Chamomlle canbe mixed with oottoo lind taken liS on enomo to holp sootho the bowol, or taken on its own for tho same purpose.

CAU1JON: Fill 11,0". wh» 111111. had ch.moth'/IIPY t,.",,,,,,"I, fJliI("~ "11(1 P(lg~ 26 b.foltJ ',,"lilg lilly ""etlllI8




For Those Who Have Had Chemotherapy

For pnoplo who have had chemotherapy, taking Gas tor oil by mouth lind onomo should ho troatod V81Y callf/oUlI/Y. NO CASTOR OIL A 7' AI.L FOR 6 - 9 MONTH$/ Tho rooson is that muoh of tho ohoma originally tokon is storod in the body tissuos, only 40 - 45 % Is immodiotoly evaountad by tho body. Tho dose itsolf may have been very smull, but the drug Is very potent. If costor oil is given by mouth, this oan immediately rel0080 tho stored ohomo whioh will ciroulnte in the blood causlnq extreme toxicity. which tho liver mlly not be able to hnndlo, and which could OIlUSO on overdose of tho drugs uood for chomotherapy.

Altor six to nine months, it "my hu possible to give II vory littlo (soy 1 .' 2 to(JSPOCJflS) castor oil, oautiously, by onemo first and then possibly by mouth, but the Gerson doctor should alwnys be the jueloo of this. I::l.loh person is difforont.

Apparuntly, people who .havo hod 11 high dOlm of ohemotherepv, afton have 11 ruuotiun about six months into tho the ropy . This 19n't jlWt II hOlllinll ronotion, but a roaction to tho ohomolhoropy all tho hotly beqlns reloaslng It 8 littlo more intunsivelv. This may produce the origlnol symptoms the peruon hud whllil first taking tho chemotherapy.

Fo. ex-chernotherupv patients. two or throo coffee nnumas II duy, maximum, mil allowed and ton juinos. Tho ooffee CIlIl bo mlxod holl end holfwith chamomile tou 10 soothe tho colon. Thon tho chnrnomilo Oilfl bo duorn asud grll(illltlly, loading up to 11 eofloB onoma only. Also, it's diffioult to know when to incronso the ooffoo enemas from throe 11 dnv lor those who Imvn had ohemothorupv. Thoro is no hard find hlst rulo. It depends how toxic they are and If thoy'ro in it hoalillll reaction. They may have problems with thoir inteatinnl tract, flO must be moro cureful.

Tho othor import ant thinn to remember is that 8 person who hns hod uhumotharapv must lake a reduced amount 01 1111 mndioution. Your Gerson doctor will advise you on this.

All in all, tho main thing to remember hI CAUTION. WIIIHl it Is tlmo to begin taking castor oil. start with vory smell doses lind build up very grllduully. I;or someone who has had chemotherapy. tho body should he allowed to detoxify very slowly. It may toko lonoor to heal, but will save an awful lot of suflerillll and avoid a serious problem.


CAUTION: FOI those who hav« lied OIUlllloth.flIPY ".lItm,,,t, plus. ,."d Page 26 befo,,, 'lJk("g ItIlY .""tmIfJ

The CO!5tor Oil Enema


If you have had chemotherapy, read page opposltel

At the beginning ()f the therapy, every other lIuy two tabtespoons of castor oil are taken by mouth, followod by II oup of block coffee, 8woatelletj with ruw brown 8ugar. Five hours later, II caster oil enema is administered, in place of one coffee enema, without intorrupting their frequoncy.

Needed for CClutor 011 EnolllCl:

• Pure, unperfurnsd BOOP

• Seoond unumu bucket juot for castor oil

" One tablespoon (to measure tho oastor oil)

• One 11IuIJPoon (to measure the Ox-Bile)

• One tablespoon (to take caster oil orully)

o One wooden spoon Ito stir solution)

At 6.30am take two tablespoons of castor oil, followed immodiately by u eu" 01 black ooffee with row brown l!ugllr. Ifollovvipg, il VOU wish, with 8 piece of juicy fruit such us pe aoh or paar.] Tho ooffee serves to lItirnuillto tho musculature of tho stomach to empty tho castor oil into the lntastlne, thus lassoning tho diooomfort of tha oautor oil.

At uhout 10.30om, fivo hours utter tho enstor 011 by mouth, luke II oastor oil enema 88 follows:

Into tho enema bucket put B fluid 02: of cofloo unnunntrntu. Add fl fluid oz of hot distilled waltH. Mako D soapy solution us followtl: take thu bur of auup afld immerse your hands with the bar of 90llP Into tho wnrrn water and rub the bar of soup for II momont. Don't use too much soaa or it will irritnte lind inllame tho oolou, Then add thHIQ to 10m tubleupouus of oastor oil plus one teaspoon of Ox-bile puwder. Fi!1I1I1VI udd '16 oz of cold distilled wator lind stir until it becomes un emulsion. The ouster oil unumu must hit stirred while it Is taken, othur wia« thu oil fluul" Oil lop of tho li4Uid and remains in tho contuiner ,

Hont tl1(1 OmllTla tubu by intillumino tho outside in warm water ito holp tho ens tot oil to flow through more ulJsilyJ lind quickly lie down, lnsert the tube in tho rectum nnd opon tho clamp, Now take your onemo, stirring the mixture gontly with II woodall SpOOII. The oastor oil enema oan be rotuinod for a shortIime. but Ihis ill Iwt 1I000fHllHY. You .will probably need to evncuate uhnost iillllludiattlly, this til ecoeptable , Lator on take the usual ooffoa enemas, but the ouster \Ii! unemu will tnku tho pluou of 01111 coffee enema. To ovoid stuffiness 111111 oramplng with castor oil by mouth. eut troquontlv.

CIIU710N, I'm ,110.8 who ""lIa ""d oll.muth.flIPV ',a"tm.,,/. ,'!fllt" lalld PIIU. 26 h.lof. r!llklllg Itnv "".1111111


IF ¥! I. • •• ""',.. H.¥M!'WI

, ;:;;;:q ;;AW&@ • , ,,3$ AI I; ffMF.~~

Alturnutive Times to Take a Custar Oil EnoJllO

Cust or oil may ho takon omlly at 10.1Gulll, 'IIi minuteu aftar the jui{)o. Tho castor nil Ollom8 will then be taken at 3pm. Coffee enemas oro taken at tho r1Orm(11 times.

Ho wovor. some people don't totorato castor oil wall nlter breuktast. An alternative Is to take tha cester all at 7.000rn and a ooffaa enema at 7.05am. A small piece ot" soft truit at 7.300m. Brookfoot and juioe at a.OOom. Until tho castor oil enema at 12.00 nOOI\, at least one smnll piece of soft fruit should bo eaton o~6ry half hour to prevent cramping. .Julcos ure taken at rogulnr intervals, und u coltee onemo at 11.001ll11


While lying on the floor with the enema tube Inserted In tho rectum, DON'T SIT UPI Ba very oareful not to insert tho tube more thun alx inches. About three inohns in quite suitable.

Vanoal matter can get stuck in the tube, in whioh case kenp pinohing the tube until it's released,

If, af ter inserting Iho tubo in tho rectum, the liquid won'l ITl()VO in or out, rnovn the tube in and out of the rectum slightly.

Boforo using un enoma tube with tho rod enthntor, mako aura you cut off tho ond of the tube with the small halo In the side, so It doesn't loak.

Altor sorno timo, tho ond of tho enema tube, which 10 attached to tho bucket, CUll become enlnrqed, Simply out off thio bit and ronttnoh tho tube:


Sorno pe ople develop haemorrhoids whilo taking the enemas. Th080 nren't caused by tho enema, hut are olroody on underlying problem, Tho rod outhetor lube should he used in these oaS08. Various homoeopathlo remedies oan be uso d, such 09 Nolson's oulenduln cream or Noison's haernorrholdul homouoputhio ore am, Soo your hornoaopathlo doctor far advice.


CAUTION: For tho •• who hsv» ".d olumwtlulI.PY ',..,'m."t, pi.., .. ,,,.d P.gtJ 261,.10,. ,.kl"g IIJJV tJ",.mll.

Taklllg GroBII Juices by fnuma

During II [lure-up thut~ is ofton a problem with taklnlJ tho groon j\lioo: In IllIJIlY OIUWS the body rebels ooninst it und it cornea right buck upl Ohlin this h~pporw to tho groon juice tukon nltt;r 0 meal, and the mont ccmcs up ulonu wltl.1 ~hEl juiou, ,(,IICl menl, however, is mure important lit this stllue than the urean juice, so it rnny bo nOOONSury to suspand tha uroen juiotl o(lllly during the ., ,It 01111 he taken another wuv - in tho 011011111. So whutovor amount of 11ll(:(J CIlII t be tukon o~uIlY, loku it rootallv, warmod to bod v turnporaturo (DO NOT DILUTE). inoludlllO tho potassium.

Dillltlo" of flydrogtJl1 Peroxido(H202) ill Enemas

Remember, ON! Y huy loud grade 11:°2• DON'}" buy th« klml sold by chamlst shop», DS thos» contain stIJM/izera. (Se8 PlJgo 34 tor (I sultab!« 8t1pp/illr.)

Fur Goruon patients who wish to lise I-Iydroyen Peroxide intornully (by drillkillU it or uuinlJ it in an enomu] It must first be diluted to Y, %. If lIsinu tho 0% H2()2 _ dilute 11 parts distilled water to 0110 part H~02' A holf to ono (l\1Il00 uan bu uddud to euch onemo. However, it will ho lmpoasible to hold tim enema for tho uSlIClI 12 minutes. Thin amount of H202 olin he usod for two to throo 1!Vuukn. Remember, thouqh, that it con and does CIIUSO Ilure-ups, DO 1)0 wllrned about probable h("IUnu ruaotions. Eventuallv, itelso irritntos tho colon.

A VQi(I Disaster ...

Homemher to chock tbllt the onomo tube is nlampe d shut AIlIlIYW buokot with cotteo oonoentrnte and dlst'lIIod water. r1)!ippinU IIp oparation it" tho liquid S()QP~ out of Iho open tubel

before fillinn tho This will OIIVIl n

Wily OrgMlc C(lff067

It is juat as lmportnnt to use or qanio coffoe 116 to use or~Ju"io [ruitu and VQyotnbloll. If orjjanio ooffoo 16 not USQd, unv 10)(10 material in the oottee all~h as pesticides, herblcldos. ftlJ1Uioid86 or ohemlcal ft>rtili7.ora will bo 1011I.llly ubsorbud roolilily dirootly into tho blood system.

CAU1JoN: Fur thae« WhD h/lv" hilt( "helllllth~,"pV traatmnnt, p/01ll1ll rend PnYD 26 h .. /UIII illhl"y n"y I1l1ulII,,#


An Ancient" Enema?

The following Is an excerpt taken {i-am The /3!f1sene (;:;"sl'el of Peace: tranelatod from a 3rd Century AramaIc manuscript' and Old SlavonIc Texts by Edmond aordeaux .szektfl)~

"Think not that it is sufficient tltat tlte angel 01 water embrace you outwards only. I tell you truly, the within is greater by much titan tI~e uncleanness without. And lie who cleanses himsell without, but within remains unclean, is like to tombs that outwards are IJainted lair, but ate within full of all manner 0/ horrible lt1ideannesse.~ anel abominations. So I tell you twly, suffer the angel 01 water to baptise you also within, that you may be.come free from all yo"r past sins, and that within li1<cwise you may become as pitre a.s the river's foam sporting in the su.nlight.

Seek, therefore, a large trailing gourd, Ilaving a stall< the length 0/ a mall; rake (jut its inwards and fill it with water from the river which tlte sun has warmed. Hang it upon the branch of a tree, and Imeel upon the ground be/ore the angelo/ water, and suffer tlte end of the stalk 0/ the trailing gourd to enter YOIn' hinder {Jarts, dlat the water may flow through all your bowels. Afterwards rest kneeling on tile ground be/ore the angel of water and /J1'aY to the living God that he will forgive you. all your past sins, and pray to the angel of water ellat he will free your body from every um:learmess and disease.

Then let the water run out from your body, that it may carry away from within it all the Imclean and evil-smelling things of Satan. And you shall see with your eyes and smell with YOltr nose all tlte abominations and tmcleanllesses which defileel the temtJle of your bodYi even all the sins which abode in your body, tormentitlg you with all manner of pains. I tell you truly, baptism with water frees you from all these. Renew your batJtising with water on every da,Y of your fast, till the day when you see rhca the water which flows out of you is as pure us the rive)" s foam."

Wit., .. ,'




CAUTION: For ,h08t1 who hnv« hltd chtlmo,htlUtpy 'f"tt'III."', pltlllSII fud PitY. 26 btlfof. tdinO IIny .1111",,,8

Not CJ Lot of' People Know ThIs ..

fo/lowif)51 is how lntestinnl c!uu,,:,'illg WllS done ns prescribod by groot Yoq« tonoliors ovor 2,000 vunr« ayo. 1110 yogic oname Wl/S dono without buckot Illld tube. Tho yogi squmtod on his hunts in water doop onouqh to reuch tho

nnvol, II/H/ then admitted find expelled water by ultornu to. dill1tion 1If111 controction of tho anet sphinctur musclo.

Tlum thoro woro rho Himslevon yogis, who centuries IIgll swsllowad long strips of cloth to onnhlo putrntied matter in tho gut to edhero to it nnd VI) (Jlimirllltcd 1I/(lIIY with tho cloth.

Compnnut ((J this, WIJ 'r o ill ctov arl


CAI.n10N: Far thos« wlro Ir/lva "(ld cl,emlJtho'lI/JY treatment, pl""~fI ,unci P"y" 2U ""{Uftl IRAi,,!!' filly 0"."",$


Amerioun om' B,iliali Spoon meusurea uro tho same.

AI77erlcan/Brltlsh/Metrlc Measures


__ N __ '.~ _

16 fluid oz is 460 rnl 32 fluid oz Is 900 IlII

1 . Coma h"lIatioum - poisoning of tho I/vf!r, rosulting in death.

2. P'OOOllllill - s{wattJtll" tron: of, or about, tho IW/Jft.

3. Elldo,oolU!1 - lnsmunon: for viowing Intornttl p/Jrts of tho body.

4. Palmltlo Aold - /loll-volatilo component of tho cotton /JO/JII.

I) Oluillthiolio $-Irlllll'orilto - " mnjor ~md importnnt dotoxificotion systom.

6. lIoalltl - IIny lIlolaculfl cllpablu of binding witt) a spoclfic antibody.

7. COIiJUlllltloll - combining.

O. frae nadlolll, - noutral gro(IPS of atoms with on unpsirod etectron, which makes most of them vory reactlvo lind unstebto.

9. CalalyzOf - acts liS II catlilyst by facilitating IJ chomicst reaction, end which of Itso/f undorgoBs no pormanent chllngo.

10. Sulphhydryl - IJ sulphur atom and a IIydrogon atom which ate nttachad to a moleout« wltll It dlomiclII, $0 tt con bo drllouod alit of tho body.

11 . Vlloerll' nervcue .yttom - in tho bowol, th« structure OOllorllllv COIIC8f118d with /lbsorbiflg, $ocr(ltiIl9, tfllpping end/or movlny food, Ilir, secretions nnd/ot Wll.~tll ill its csvltles, includos rho 8pithf!lial Iinnermost tevor, mucosal lining) tI5$UII, connective tissue, muscle tlssuo end nerve riSSU8.

12. Oholeretlcs - substences which stlmulete tho production of bile in the liver.

13. Melillo, a salt of malic ecld, tound in apples.

14. Krobl Oyolo - named ettor rhe mnn who first doscribod it - II series of 81lf11f9Yylelc/illg chemical reectlons flint occur ill th« mitoohondtie (rho power-houses of tile collJ /11 which ollor9Y is tmnstetred to csrtier motecules for subsoquBnr liberation. Also cltllorl tiro citric ooid cya/a. It is tho second, vital, stag", of c81/1I111r resplmtion,

16. Mltoohondrla· mambranol/s. oblong strucuue iound in nncmvotic colis ill which tho inner membreno is convoluted liko (I (1/(17.0. £lIor(fY for coli oporstlons is gOllorltt(Jc/ hor« r/llougll n complflx series of nmotions bntweun oxVgon eru! products of dig8st/OIl.

16. Adonoslno t,lphosphntc IATPI - rho univarsnl onor9y-calfyill9 moteculo menutecturod til 1111 living cells as a 1II0811S of cIll'twislil9 and storill9 IJll0f!JY·

17. 1011 - 818crricolly cl/Brgod ntom or groups of atoms.

1 tablespoon Is 16 ml 1 teaspoon is Ii ml

Y!' teaspoon Is 2.B ml % t01l81'00n io 1.26 rnl

Va US qUOIt is 16 fluid oz 1 US quart Is 32 fluid oz

Va US quart 19 460 ml 1 US quart 10 900 ml

1 mot rio litre Is 1 ~,UK pints

The GlJrllOIl 611611111 h1lO/c61 "11611 IItiM O~ antI mlll;I;"611 (ml)


CA UrlON: Far tho .. who I"w. 11l1f1 oh .. moth,,,,,py tr •• tment, /,1.11/1,. 'f1/lfl P{lU. 26 bflfo,. rlllllllll .'IV ."ltm".

CAUTION: For tho .. who 1/l1V. Illl<loh.mulh.,.py I,.almlml, 1,IlIIJu ,earl P"U. 26 b.fOf, 'tI/d"!lIIIIY '''.11111'


lill~~ .. m

yo ,

Addresses for UK. Patients


Floro-upB 11. 16 Flotulonoo 11

Gall bladder 13-14

Groon Julo08 by enema 29

Grue' 11 .

Haemorrholda' velna 8 ,diagrAm). 11 Haomorrholds 17, 28

Hydrogen Peroxide 20, 29. 34 'n'eltln81

Imall 10 (diagram)

lorgo 16 (diagram' Je880p thermometer 21, 34 LIver 9, 11

Meesurea. Brltlsh/Americon 3. 32 Modified therDllY 3, 16

NauBoa 11

Organlo Coffee 29

Pain 13, 16, 19

Panoreatin enzymes 21 Peppermln' 'e8 11

Pell.tal.l, 13

Portal 8yltom 0 (diagram). 11 Portal vein B (dlagraml. 11 Potonlum compound 20 "oolp ••• onoma

, (I .. tor all 27

ooff .. 24

chAmomile 26 hydrogen por(lllido. 29

S.,dll,lon 7. 9. 16 Spume

goll b!lId<lor 11 Inllls'lnIl19. 19 Thyroid 14 Ulcllllit!ve oolill. 3 Voln.

hoomorrholdlll 11 porlol 11

Viuooral. nOlVOll8 8yull!IIl 13 Vomltln" 11 16

Appoillo, laok of 11

Balance, between luloe8 and enemas 16 Dlle 1" 14, 16

duot 12-14 vomited 16 Bloating 21

Coffolno hyper·uonultivlty 20 COlltor 011

8nllma 20.27 by mouth 27

(:IIIII"omll" '"0 onome 16. 10.21.26 Chnrooal tablet. 21

(;hllmoth"r"pv 3, 16. 28

(:Ioonlng onomo equipment 18

<:ulloo enema

lIolion of 13-14 ,eolpe 24

Colitis, ulcoratlve 3 Coloolomy pollont. 3,16 Coma hepatlcum 9. 33 Cr ampln" 19 Dehydra.lon 16 010rrhoe8 3, 13, 16

"Duodenum 12 Cdlaoram) Eleotroly.e Imbalanoe 16 Enema

ancient 30

bucko. 17

ooffoo 7, 9, 13. 24 noueh 17

double 20 e'llilpmont 17 trequlmov 16

oroen lulc08 29 hint. 21. 20

how mony 16 .

hydrogon peroxlde 20. 29 keeping In 21


" Imn 22. 23

no lum. addition of- 20

,..roparlltlon 17

,enl,.." 24. 25. 27 uullollon, ,joe Oll (I 0l'uurnu and Clomplng 19 'akhlg 18

IlInl.nlqlloD 10-20. 22-23. 20 11111111)111811.11" 10, 21


6% HydrofJell Peroxlde* ann ho ohtnlnnd from:

Bernard I(eatlng Inbhear Natural Health Dun Hallow

Rednadh Road

Augh Rim .

Co. Wlcklow

Eire .

Tel: 00353 402 361<101

Enomn equipment cnn bo obtained 'rom:

Mr Stave Rlchurds Old swan HOllS!) '-"gII Stroot

Tlngrltll MI( '7 9EN

Tel: 01525 1175739

Jessop thermometer can ba bought by mall order from:

Jessop Group Ltd Soudurnoro Road Leicester

LE3 1 TZ

Tol. 0116 2320432

Organic Coffee can be obtained from:

Tho Organic Toa & Coffoo Company 170 Portobollo Head

London Wl1 2EB

Tol: 020 7221 6137

Opening Timos - Tuesday- Saturday 10.30801 - Gplll

• SOli nato all pago 29 ooncerninq dilution of hvdrogofl poroxido ln ntlOf1I8S.

CAUTION: For ,ho .. who l"tV. harl,h.,apy ',,,.'m.,,', pl'II" fetid PIIU' 26 b.I,m, ,lIIIlng lilly .",mll'

CA(lTION: FOf ,holt Who ".v. h.d,h.,.py tr •• 'mllll', pi •••• , .. d P.". 26 •• '.,. ,.IrIIl1/ ."y .".m ..