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Synastry and Composite Report for Bill and Hillary Clinton (Astrolabe Sample)

Synastry and Composite Report for Bill and Hillary Clinton (Astrolabe Sample)

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Published by Jeffrey Kishner

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Published by: Jeffrey Kishner on Sep 07, 2010
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With this combination, Bill’s public image, reputation or career is connected with Hillary’s personality. For
example, Hillary’s personality may have an effect on Bill’s career such that either promotions or professional
problems often seem to coincide with Hillary’s influence or appearance. Or Bill’s career may have an impact on
Hillary’s personal image, so that Hillary’s self-opinion is dependent on Bill’s professional successes or failures.

Complete Relationship Report for Bill & Hillary Clinton

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If you ever disagree about things like how Hillary should behave when interacting with Bill’s business associates,
or about what professional moves Bill should make, keep in mind that your successes and failures are closely
aligned. It’s therefore especially important to select routes that will benefit both of you.

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