A Project Report On

“Financial Statement Analysis”
Prepared At

Submitted By

T.Y.B.B.A. (Sem-6 th)

Ms. Hetal D. Tandel
(Lecturer, NLCCM) Submitted To,

Under the guidance of

Naranlala College of Commerce & Management, Navsari. Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. 2008-2009

This is certify that project on Financial statement analysis of “STATE BANK OF INDIA’’ is submitted by MR. KANSARA PRATIK N.,T.Y.B.B.A ,ROLL NO 15 to the NARAN LALA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT ,NAVSARI. In the partial fulfillment in requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration from “THE VEER NARMAD SOUTH GUJRAT UNIVERSITY SURAT .”



MS.H.D.Tandel , Guidance , NLCCM.



I undersigned here by declared that this project work entitled “Financial statement analysis - worked on STATE BANK OF INDIA” is written & my own work and is submitted by me to NLCCM, Navsari toward the partial fulfillment for award BBA in year 2008 – 2009, this is original report work and report written there in is based on the knowledge and material gained from the bank. It is not to submit to any other university or institutions for any other purpose.


“Experience is the best teacher.”Knowledge is one of the most important tools.Only theoretical knowledge is not exactly applicable in practical life,from this point of view industrial training is important & necessary for a management student .Theoritical knowledge is proved right only often it is rightly applicable on practical base. I also thankful to Mr. J.P.Garasia,Assist. Manager ,SBI NAVSARI for providing valuable information ,guidance & consist co-operation through out the training programmed . I am also thankful to Dr.R.C.Gandhi, Director of Naranlala College of Commerce & Management, Navsari, & Pro. Ms. Hetal .D. Tandel, my project guide, for giving me an excellent and invaluable guidance during the course.



This project of “Financial Statement Analysis” of State Bank of India is based on all financial information about the bank. The objectives of bank & method of collecting data is clearly define by this project report on bank. The project includes the objectives - to study the Annual report or financial position of the company, to understand the day-to-day work carry out by the organization, to observe the cash inflow & outflow,to check the profitability of bank To study the policy of the bank etc. . . The project indicates the primary (direct) method of collectionas bank’s annual report of previous year,different document prepared by the bank and from various reference books ,from Indian statistical year book,from various websites etc.

In short,this project report is the in- depth study of all kind of “Financial Statements” of the bank which reflects the past,current & future financial position of the bank.


Preparing the project report is a research analysis,it involves the process of collecting data,analyzing data & reporting data for absolute results. For the preparation of project report on “Financial Statement Analysis” of “SBI Bank”.This project report is based on two types of data i.e. (1)Primary data(2)Secondary data. 1).Primary data:Primary data is the data,which has not been collected & used by somebody else before.In short,Primary data means the data specifically collected for the project.I have collected data from the managers by asking question because it is difficult for me to understand the study. 2)Secondary data:Secondary data is the data,which is collected from published source.I have collected data from various sources such as bank’s annual report of previous year,different document prepared by the bank and from various reference books also.

After the data collection of both the sources, I have analyzed the data & conducted various financial ststement analysis & prepared various graphs.

After analyzing the data,I have derived a conclusion and have made suggestions based on my analysis.


To study the Annual report or financial position of the company.

To understand the day-to-day work carry

out by the organization.
To study the bank’s history in brief. To draw meaningful and constructive measure based on analysis. To study the current existing position of SBI Bank’s whole field. To observe the cash inflow & outflow. To check the profitability of bank. To study the policy of the bank. To analyse how the bank is managing its current assets & current liabilities.


There is no activity that can be completed without any limitation.The main limitation faced during the preparation of this project report on “Financial Statement Analysis”of “SBI” is as follows: Time available for the completion of the project is very short, hence much information could not be undertaken.  The information collected through secondary data.Some of the information might be wrong.  The calculation & computation are based on valuable information given by the bank.  The report is based on the analysis of the last five years data,which may not be sufficient in some cases.  The analysis and conclusion made is as per my limited understanding for this concerned subject.


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