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1989 (as Andersen Consulting)



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William D. Green
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▼ US$ 23.170 billion (2009)[1] ▼ US$ 2.643 billion (2009)[1] ▼ US$ 1.589 billion (2009)[1] ▲ US$ 12.255 billion (2009)[1] ▲ US$ 2.886 billion (2009)[1]

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177,000 (2009)


Accenture plc (NYSE: ACN, ISIN: BMG1150G1116) is a global management consulting, technology consulting and technology outsourcingcompany. It was previously incorporated in Bermuda but since 1 September 2009 has been incorporated in Ireland.[2] It is said to be the largest consulting firm in the world.[3] Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company[4] with more than 186,000 people in 52 countries. For the fiscal year ended 31 August 2008, the company generated net revenues of US$23.39 billion. Accenture's clients include 96 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three quarters of the Fortune Global 500.[5]

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1 History 1.1 Formation and early years 1.2 Splitting from Arthur Andersen 1.3 Emergence of Accenture 1.4 IPO 1.5 Place of Incorporation Change

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1.5.1 Former Bermuda incorporation

[edit]History [edit]Formation

and early years

Accenture originated as the business and technology consulting division of accounting firm Arthur Andersen. The division's origins are in a 1953 feasibility study for General Electric. GE asked Arthur Andersen to automate payroll processing and manufacturing at GE's Appliance Park facility near Louisville, Kentucky. Arthur Andersen recommended installation of a UNIVAC

Perhaps most telling about who had "won" the decision was that four hours after the arbitrator made his ruling.3 billion with over 85. It turned out that the Arthur Andersen board passed a resolution saying he had to resign if he didn't get at least an incremental $4 billion (either through negotiation or via the arbitrator decision) for the consulting practice to split off. Now considered to be the father of computer consulting. [7] Jim Wadia would provide insight on his resignation years later at a Harvard Business school case activity about the split. Andersen Consulting paid over the sum held in escrow (then $1.[6] whereas Arthur Andersen had revenues of US$9. . Andersen Consulting was upset that it was paying Arthur Andersen up to 15% of its profits each year (a condition of the 1989 split was that the more profitable unit . Industry analysts and business school professors alike viewed the event as a complete victory for Andersen Consulting. that division split from Arthur Andersen and began using the name Andersen Consulting. each in a contractual agreement with Andersen Worldwide Société Coopérative (AWSC). resulting in the entity being renamed Accenture. Arthur Andersen CEO Jim Wadia suddenly resigned. hence his quick resignation once the decision was announced. This dispute came to a head in 1998 when Andersen Consulting claimed breach of contract against AWSC and Arthur Andersen. Both Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting consisted of groups of locallyowned independent partnerships and other entities around the world. and was required to change its name. Andersen Consulting put the 15% transfer payment for that year and future years into escrow and issued a claim for breach of contract.2 billion) to Arthur Andersen. [edit]Splitting from Arthur Andersen In 1989. Through the 1990s there was increasing tension between Andersen Consulting and Arthur Andersen. while at the same time Arthur Andersen was competing with Andersen Consulting through its own newly established business consulting service line called Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Joe Glickauf was Arthur Andersen's project leader responsible for the payroll processing automation project.000 employees in 47 countries. Andersen Consulting broke all contractual ties with AWSC and Arthur Andersen.I computer and printer. By 2000.5 billion and had more than 75. which resulted in the first commercially owned computer installation in the United States in 1954. as a result of a conclusion of the International Chamber of Commerce.000 employees worldwide in 2001. Andersen Consulting had achieved net revenues exceeding US$9.paid the other this sum).AA or AC . As part of the arbitration settlement. In August 2000. a Swiss administrative entity. Glickauf headed Arthur Andersen's Administrative Services division for 12 years.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley served as its lead underwriters. as a result of an internal competition. "Accenture".7 billion. a Danish employee from the company's Oslo. Although a marketing consultancy was tasked with finding a new name for the company. Many of the AABC firms were bought out by other consulting companies in 2002.17. On July 19. Accenture stock closed the day at $15. and executives on the Andersen Consulting side maintained breach of contract when Arthur Andersen created a second consulting group.50 per share in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). On the first day of the IPO. Accenture offered initial public offering (IPO) at the price of $14. with the day's high at $15. 2001 Andersen Consulting adopted its current name.Accounts vary on why the split occurred — executives on both sides of the split cite greed and arrogance on the part of the other side. The word "Accenture" is supposedly derived from "Accent on the future". [edit]IPO Accenture's banner hanging onNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE) building for its initial public offering on 19 July 2001. Andersen Consulting's change of name proved to be fortunate as it avoided the taint when Arthur Andersen was effectively dissolved as a result of its role in the Enron scandal. Hitachi Consulting and KPMG Consulting. [edit]Emergence of Accenture On January 1. AABC (Arthur Andersen Business Consulting) which began to compete directly with Andersen Consulting in the marketplace. Norway office. the name "Accenture" was submitted by Kim Petersen.25. which later changed its name to BearingPoint. Accenture felt that the name should represent its will to be a global consulting leader and high performer. 2001.[8] [edit]Place of Incorporation Change . and also intended that the name should not be offensive in any country in which Accenture operates. most notably. Accenture raised nearly $1.

-based company.Accenture announced on May 26. While Ireland is the company's headquarters for tax and legal purposes." [edit]Subsidiaries  Coritel BPM [1] is the Spanish subsidiary of Accenture for software development and outsourcing. Still. the Congressional General Accounting Office (GAO) identified Accenture as one of four publicly-traded federal contractors that were incorporated in a tax haven country.[11][dead link] The GAO itself did not characterize Accenture as having been a U. [edit]Former Bermuda incorporation In October 2002. . thereby lowering their U. unlike Accenture. much of the administration actually occurs in New York City and Chicago. [10] The other three. the beginning of the company's 2010 fiscal year.S. critics[who?] have panned Accenture's incorporation in Bermuda. taxes.S. were incorporated in the United States before they re- incorporated in a tax haven country. 2009 that its Board of Directors unanimously approved changing the company’s place of incorporation to Ireland from Bermuda and would become Accenture plc. legal and regulatory environment Ireland's long history of international investment and long-established commercial relationships. Accenture was operating as a series of related partnerships and corporations under the control of its partners through the mechanism of contracts with a Swiss coordinating entity. 2009.S.S. It was founded in 1984 and currently has 6. The company cited several reasons for the change:   Ireland's sophisticated.[9]. the United States and other countries where Accenture does business  Ireland's stable political and economic environment with the financial and legal infrastructure to meet Accenture's needs The change was approved and became effective on September 1.-based company trying to avoid U.500 workers. it stated that "prior to incorporating in Bermuda. two of its largest offices worldwide. generally because they viewed Accenture as having been a U. well-developed corporate. trade agreements and tax treaties with European Union member states. taxes.

" in 2004. This Accenture subsidiary was specifically incorporated as a US subsidiary to meet a congressional mandate that defense contractors be based in the US. Accenture Delivery Centers in the Philippines and Accenture Bucharest Delivery Center. which replaced the previous slogan "Innovation. The corporate descriptor for Accenture is "High performance. providing specialized solutions to airlines.   Navitaire [2] is a subsidiary of Accenture. Its customers include the Department of Defense.Accenture India Delivery Centre. providing technology solutions to the client. The character is similar to anaccent mark in music.[4] [5]  Accenture Technology Solutions is a subsidiary of Accenture. Clients are multinational governments. and other agencies that focus on national defense and law enforcement. Until December 2009. and also include transnational organisations such as the European Space Agency. information technology software systems and business process improvement strategies.  Accenture Defense Group is a subsidiary of Accenture. providing SAP computer software to clients. Avanade began as a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. the Department of Homeland Security. be a Tiger" and the ancillary statement "We know what . The Philippines and Romania . the Department of Justice (DOJ)[3]. corporations. It has taken Coritel BPM SAP resources and turned it into a new unit called: ASAPS. Accenture National Security Services is a subsidiary of Accenture that provides services directly to United States government in the national-security space. The solutions work is mainly offshored to low-wage developing countries like India. Delivered. [edit]Visual identity The typeface used in the Accenture wordmark is Rotis Semi-sans. but is now well over 80% owned by Accenture. Delivered.". government suppliers of "WarFighter" goods and services. providing document management services. whose advertising used the service mark "Go on.  Accenture SAP Solutions is a subsidiary of Accenture. The right-pointing carat character over the t is intended to indicate the company's orientation to the future. It provides IT consulting services and solutions for the Microsoft software platform. Tiger Woods had been a celebrity spokesperson for the company.

Our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships. we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients around the world: • • • • Enter new markets. Combining unparalleled experience. Our "high performance business" strategy builds on our expertise in consulting. 2009. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. Deloitte. Infosys. Improve operational performance. We have extensive relationships with the world's leading companies and governments and work with organizations of all sizes—including 96 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three quarters of the Fortune Global 500. service-offering expertise and technology capabilities. [edit]See   also WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship Top 50 Business Intellectuals Company Description Accenture is a global management consulting. Using our industry takes to be a Tiger. Deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently. based on revenue. and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies. Wipro.000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. With approximately 177. 31. . of our top 100 clients in fiscal year 2008. For example. Tata Consultancy Services. the company generated net revenues of US$21.[12][13] [edit]Competitors Accenture's competitors in most of its business arenas are Computer Sciences Corporation. technology and outsourcing to help clients perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders.58 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. Neoris and primarily IBM. comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions. 99 have been clients for at least five years and 87 have been clients for at least 10 years. technology services and outsourcing company. Increase revenues in existing markets." The company terminated Woods' six-year sponsorship deal on 13th December 2009 and removed references to Woods from its website.

Expertise in business transformation outsourcing. guiding how we behave and make decisions: • Stewardship: Building a heritage for future generations. we help move clients forward in every part of their businesses. With approximately 177. Broad and evolving service offerings. and encouraging honest and open debate. • One Global Network: Mobilizing the power of teaming to deliver consistently exceptional service to our clients anywhere in the world. By enhancing our consulting and outsourcing expertise with alliances and other capabilities. broad global resources and a proven track record. stretching our people and developing a "can do" attitude. developing people everywhere we are. deep industry and business process expertise. and treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves. History of technology innovation and implementation. Our Core Values have shaped the culture and defined the character of our company. and meeting our commitments to all internal and external stakeholders.000 people in 52 countries. • Respect for the Individual: Valuing diversity. from strategic planning to day-to-day operations. Proven and experienced management team. ensuring an interesting and inclusive environment. acting ethically. win-win relationships and focusing on execution excellence. Our leaders in India have always focused on their ability to lead change and to develop . • Best People: Attracting and developing the best talent for our business. creating long-term. • Client Value Creation: Improving our clients' business performance. acting with an owner mentality. capabilities. including our research and development Commitment to the long-term development of our employees. on which we spend approximately $300 million annually.Among the many strengths that distinguish Accenture in the marketplace are our: • • • • • • Extensive industry expertise. • Integrity: Inspiring trust by taking responsibility. Accenture can mobilize the right people. skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance. To Top Executive Leadership: India Accenture believes in the association between leadership and organization success.

We have some inspiring and interesting people leading the Accenture team in India. Our senior executives sets direction. Request for Se Alerts & News Send Site Fee Lead.Menon is the Executive Director. Menon Rekha M. Geographic Services for Accenture in India. Global Links Global Home High Performa Business Lead-Delivery Centers for Technology—Nachiket Sukhtankar Nachiket Sukhtankar is the Lead-Delivery Centers for Technology in India. As agents of change. align constituencies and motivate individuals within the organization. Meet Accenture's India Executive Leadership team. Management Consulting—Sanjay Jain Sanjay Jain is the Lead. Chairman & Geography Managing Director—Harsh Manglik Harsh Manglik is the Chairman & Geography Managing Director for Accenture in India.leaders among their reports. Management Consulting. they help define the leadership journey and the visionary goal. They help envision success and lead change personally. Geographic Services—Rekha M. Contact Us Send Us an EMore Contact Information How may we help Your Content Executive Director. and also help measure progress against achieving the vision throughout the change process. Accenture Delivery Centers in India . eet Accenture's India Executive Leadership team. for Accenture in India.

2008 and 2007. 1. • In 2009. Accenture was ranked No. up from No. Accenture has appeared on this ranking since its inception in 2006. which ranks billion-dollar-size organizations on the basis of their innovative use of IT. 47 in 2008 —our highest position since appearing on the list in 2002. with access to a large pool of talented professionals. 49 in 2008 on Financial Times’ BrandZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands. 52 in 2008) in the annualInformationWeek 500. Learn more about the recent recognition we've received: • BusinessWeek's Top 100 Best Global Brands ranked Accenture No. The delivery centers are helping more than1. Centers in India allow us to extend our global reach. • In 2009. Our Accentur quality services that enhance their business performance. This list ranks the world's brands by how valuable they will be in the future.India has emerged as one of the largest players in the information technology and busines outsourcing industries. • In 2009. providing clients with competitively pr Active in India since 1987. 43. Accenture now provides services to global clients through delivery centers in Mumbai. up from No. Accenture was included in the Forbes Platinum 400: America's Best Big Companies • In 2009. Hyderabad.5MB] PDF Help • Accenture recognized among Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)’s2008 Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises • Accenture was included in Fortune's FORTUNE 40: Best Stocks to Retire On. Bangalore. Watch this video to find out more about the Accenture Delivery Centers in India. Pune and the Delhi area. Accenture has been honored for its achievements as a global business leader and for its responsibility as a public company. in the Bargain Growth category for the fifth year in a row (2005-09) • Accenture was identified as a top 20 highest performing tech company in the 2008BusinessWeek's Info Tech 100 for the third year in a row (2006-08) . technology and business process outsourcing. Chenn systems integration.200 clients achieve high performance in areas su Recognition of Accenture as a Global Leader From Wall Street to the FTSE to the Nikkei. 44 (up from No. Accenture was named on the BrandFinance® Global 500 [PDF. Accenture ranked No. 45.

managing director-Investor Relations. 2007 and 2006 Shareholder Scorecards. included Accenture for four consecutive years (2006-09) To Top Recognition for Being a Great Employer Accenture employees aren't the only people recognizing Accenture as a terrific place to build a career. Accenture was also recognized for having the "Best Internal Corporate Event” for its International Women’s Day celebration. which included live events for employees and clients as well as an online celebration for . In 2008. 84. • Accenture UK ranked in The Times of London’s and Aurora’s Top 50 Companies Where Women Want to Work for the past four consecutive years (2006-09). 2007 and 2008 • In 2009. Accenture was again listed on the VAR 500. Accenture has consistently been in the top quartile of the Forbes Global 2000. Accenture was named Fortunemagazine’s 2010 Best Companies to Work For. 97 in 2009. system integrators. • Richard Clark. IT consultants and services companies in North America. up from No. The Out & Equal Workplace Awards honor individuals and organizations that are leaders in advancing equality for lesbian. as measured by gross worldwide revenue" • Ranking the world's largest public companies. Read about some of the programs and initiatives that distinguish Accenture. See the full supplement. Accenture also appeared among Barron’s 500 in 2006. The recognition Accenture receives reinforces the value we place on our people and their personal and professional growth. gay.• In 2009. 34 in its annual list of the 500 largest (by sales) publicly traded companies in the United States and Canada. was selected as the 2009 Trailblazer Award winner by Out & Equal Advocates. a ranking of the top 500 corporations worldwide as measured by revenue. the Barron's 500 ranked Accenture No. an annual snapshot of the world's largest companies. bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees in America’s workplaces. the "definitive listing of the largest IT solution providers. Learn more about the recent recognition we've received: • For the second year in a row. identifying those most successful at boosting their sales (revenues) and cash flow. with inclusion in the Software and Services category in 2008 • The Wall Street Journal included Accenture on its 2008. ranking No. which measure the financial performance of companies • The Financial Times FT 500. has included Accenture for five years (2005-09) • The Fortune Global 500.

lesbian. Accenture was voted as an employer with the best corporate social responsibility policies. DiversityInc is a leading resource for professionals on diversity and benchmarking practices. bisexual and transgender workplace equality. • In 2009. 23 in 2009. Accenture is also included onBusiness Week's "50 Best Internships" list for the second year in a row (2007-2008). Fortune's Most Admired Companies also recognized Accenture in the Infotech Services category (2007-09). 11 on Business Week's "Best Places to Launch a Career" and has been included for the past four consecutive years (2006-2009). Accenture received 100 out of 100. • • Working Mother’s Best Companies for Multicultural Womenincluded Accenture on its 2009 list Accenture ranked No. on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for the third year in a row.500 graduates. Read more about Accenture’s recognition in Consulting Magazine. a perfect score. up from No. The award encourages total quality in training to recognize organizations judged to have made the most significant achievement in such endeavors. Accenture was named among Fortune's Top 50 World's Most Admired Companies. 38 last year.Accenture's employees around the world. 8 on Consulting Magazine’s Best Firms to Multi-Service and No. • The Times has highlighted Accenture as a top 10 graduate employer for six consecutive years (2004-09) • In 2009. • Accenture ranked No. • In 2009. onDiversityInc's "Top 50 Companies for Diversity. • Accenture in India won the Golden Peacock National Training Award for 2009. The CEI is intended to help corporate diversity leaders stay at the forefront of gay. 12 on the The Times of London’s Best Big Companies 2009 list . • Working Mother magazine included Accenture in its 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers for the past seven consecutive years (2003-09). 1 in the • Accenture ranked No." Accenture was also named on two of DiversityInc’s Top 10 specialty lists: Recruitment & Retention and Global Diversity. Work For 2009. • Accenture ranked No. 6 in the Career Development categories. Read more aboutDiversityInc’s recognition of Accenture. No. Read about some of Accenture’s accomplishments that Working Mother highlighted. Human Resources magazine Reported that in a survey of 24. instituted by the Institute of Directors.

• Yahoo! HotJobs and Experience included Accenture in its 2009 Best Places to Work for Recent College Grads list • Accenture is one of four winners of The Conference Board Work Life Leadership Council’s 2009 Moving into the Future Award for Human Capital and Diversity Redesign: Enabling Collaboration. Ireland and Sweden) ranked No. presented annually to Chicago-area companies that provide exceptional adoption benefits to their employees • The Electronic Recruiting Exchange (ERE) awarded Accenture with its 2009 Recruiting Excellence Awards for the Best Employee Referral Program • Accenture ranked No. 18 among the Best Employers in India by Hewitt and Outlook Business magazine in 2009 • In 2009. 4 on its 50 Out Front list honoring the best companies for diverse managers. as well as programs that benefit female and diverse employees • Black Collegian magazine ranked Accenture in the top 25 on its Top 100 Employers list for the past three years (2007-09). 8 among Best Workplaces in Europe. 12 in its 2008 list of the 20 Best Companies for Leaders Glassdoor. both for diversity included Accenture as one of the 50 Best Places to Work in its first annual . 18 among large EU companies in Financial Times' Best Workplaces in Europe/UK. 11 among the Best Workplaces in Portugal by the Great Place to Work Institute in 2009 • Accenture has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Best Workplaces in Ireland by the Great Place to Work Institute for the third year (2007-2009). • Accenture ranked No. Accenture (Finland. The list highlights the hiring targets for companies in the United States. • DiversityMBA ranked Accenture No. Accenture received the Silver Cradle Award. Ireland. Finland. 1 among the Best Workplaces in Sweden by the Great Place to Work Institute in 2009 • Accenture ranked No. Accenture was recognized for its FutureLeave program.• The National Business Group on Health in the United States recognized Accenture among its "2009 Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles" for promoting a healthy workplace and helping employees and their families make better lifestyle choices about their own health and well-being • In 2009. In 2008. Accenture (Belgium. • • Chief Executive ranked Accenture No. retention and accountability. Sweden) ranked No. and in 2007 Accenture in Ireland was included on the Best European Workplaces list. Accenture also received an “Outstanding Achievement” award in the area of Collaboration.

1 among large organizations in 2008 . 8 on the 2007-2008 list • In 2008. Targetjobs' National Graduate Recruitment Awards named Accenture the "Most Popular Graduate Recruiter" in the Consulting category • Accenture won a 2008 Stevie International Business Award in the Best Human Resources Department/Organization category for its Capability Development organization. • Accenture’s Camille Mirshokrai has been named among Leadership Excellence’s “Top 100+ People in Leadership Development" • Leadership Excellence ranked Accenture No. the inaugural year of the magazine • In 2008. The publication has served the career and self-development interests of African-American collegians since 1970 and the ranking is based on minority-student's Top 100 MBA Employers for the past four years (2006- • BusinessWeek. the business community and the general public.Employees’ Choice Awards • Accenture won the Employer of Choice award in the Australian HR Awards. • 09) Accenture ranked among Fortune. The Stevies aim to raise profiles of exemplary companies and individuals among the press. up from No. Accenture Belgium ranked No. 3 among Large Consulting Groups on the 2008 - 2009 “Top Leadership Development Programs” list. • • • Accenture was named to Goldsea's list of "100 Great Employers for Asian Americans" in 2008 Accenture was included in Latina Style's "LS 50: Top Companies for Latinas" for 2008 Accenture's Chloe Barzey-Donaldson was named one of Diversity MBA Magazine's "Top 100 Under 50" in 2008. 6 on the Top 10 Best Workplaces in Belgium 2008 determined by the Great Place to Work Institute Belgium in collaboration with business school Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School • Accenture ranked in the top 50 of Black Collegian magazine's Top 100 Diversity Employers for the fourth year in a row (2005-08).com's Ideal Undergraduate Employers included Accenture for the third year in a row (2007-09) • Accenture has been a top 20 gay-friendly corporate employer in the United Kingdom for the past three years (2006-08) according to Stonewall's Workplace Equality Index • Great Place to Work Institute Finland ranked Accenture No. Accenture was also a finalist for the following two Australian HR Awards: the 2discover Award for the Best Graduate Intake Program and the HR Partners Award for the Best HR Leader.

2 in its 2009 Top Green 50 Sourcing Vendors list. . which evaluates the environmental performance. Newsweek named Accenture one of the “Greenest Companies in America” in its inaugural 2009 Green Rankings. senior manager in Accenture Sophia Antipolis. Black Book of Outsourcing ranked Accenture No. was included on Human Resource Executive's Honor Roll in 2007 • In 2007. won the French Excellencia Award in the Service Provider category in 2005. the Annual Diversity Initiative Achievement Award winner • • • Accenture ranked No. for the second time in three years. corporations. policies and reputation of the 500 largest U. Accenture has been formally recognized for its commitment to the environment and community: Awards & Ratings Accenture was selected as one of the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal’s top 50 Corporate Philanthropists in Silicon Valley in 2009.10 in Hewitt's bi-annual Best Employers in China study in 2007 Florence Dubois.S. chief human resources officer. From Accenture Skills to Succeed to our environmental stewardship. Accenture ranked as one of the top 12 companies among the Global 500 in the inaugural year of its “carbon performance score. In 2009. our corporate citizenship efforts target achieving outcomes that make a real impact.• For five consecutive years. [PDF. Accenture female employees have been named as high-flyers inManagement Today's list of 35 Women Under 35 (2005-09) • Accenture's Jill Smart. Accenture received a score of 76 out of 100 in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s 2009 Global 500 Report.” which measures corporations’ actual performance in responding to and reducing their contribution to climate change. this is the top French award for women engineers in the field of new technologies To Top Recognition for Being a Good Corporate Citizen Corporate citizenship is a fundamental part of Accenture’s character and the way we run our business. the National Association of Minority and Women-Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) named Accenture. 5 in Apertura's Best Places to Work in Argentina in 2007 Accenture Shanghai ranked No.

Green Star 6 (Green Building Council of Australia's highest possible rating): Received by Accenture's Sydney office in Australia in 2009.S. and awarded a Big Tick for Accenture’s UK climate change program in 2009 Institute of Travel & Meetings: Awarded Accenture’s travel reduction program in the UK with Icarus bronze level accreditation in 2009.381KB] CRO’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens for 2009 [PDF. offices in San Francisco. 516KB] Environment Management System: Received in 2009. San Antonio. Certifications Global ISO 14001 [PDF. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification: Achieved by Accenture's U. 84KB] in 2008 and 2009. covering 53 Accenture locations around the world. 172KB]: Awarded by Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO). Accenture was named one of Ethisphere's "World's Most Ethical Companies" in the Business Services category (2008-2009) FTSE4Good Index: Member since 2005 Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index: Recognized Accenture in the UK with a platinum rating [PDF. Read about corporate citizenship at Accenture. Recognition of Accenture's Experience . Phoenix and San Jose and Accenture’s Yokohama office in Japan in 2009. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) A+: Achieved for Accenture Spain’s Corporate Citizenship Report in 2009. Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index: Included since 2005.

Accenture received the award. managing director of Human Performance. Janet Hoffman. for "Most Strategic" as part ofOutsourcing Journal's Outsourcing Excellence Awards • John Kaltenmark. in B-to-B’s Best 2008 • In 2008. was honored in 2008. CTO Don Rippert and managing director of Automotive Richard Spitzer were included • For the past four years. Associate General Counsel. given for demonstrating outstanding accomplishment towards a specific business goal • In 2008. 2 on the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management’s list of 'Most Admired Global Companies' in Contract Management • In 2008. Accenture ranked No.Accenture is often recognized for its experience.000) and Best Online Campaign in the Creative category of B-to-B’s Best 2008 • Accenture’s Teresa Poggenpohl was honored as a Top Marketer. Accenture has been recognized as “best in its sector” since 2003. managing director of North American Retail made the list and in 2006. Accenture was ranked in the top 30 of Washington Technology's Top 100 Federal Prime Contractors (2005-08) • In 2008. Peter Cheese. Read more. in 2007. with Microsoft. Compliance & Regulatory Matters. Accenture’s Chad Fentress. was named one of Consulting Magazine’s Top 25 Consultants in 2009. named among Top Ethics and Compliance Officers on Ethisphere’s Attorneys Who Matter. Accenture received the Best Practice Award from Corporate University Xchange for “Innovative Corporate-University Partnership to Address Business Challenges" • In 2008. • In 2009. Learn more about the recent recognition we've received: • In 2009. Accenture was awarded first place in the 4G Service Creation & Development category . Accenture was named to CIO Magazine's "CIO 100" in the category of "Operational Excellence" and was also a recipient of a Plus-One award. Accenture's Nellie Borrero won The Stevie Women in Business Award for the Best Latin American Entrepreneur or Executive • Accenture won Best Integrated Campaign (over $200. These honors are further evidence of our ability to deliver innovative solutions that help our clients become high-performing businesses. for the second year in a row. Brandon Hall’s Excellence in Learning Awards awarded Accenture a Gold Medal for the “Best Use of Games for Learning” for the Enterprise Core Senior Manager Program • In 2008. director of Accenture Technology Consulting. • Accenture recognized on Institutional Investor’s America’s Best Investor Relations list for 2009 in the Computer Services & IT Consulting category.

organizations can streamline and expedite decision making and procurement processes. Accenture clients that leverage our network of alliances are able to reduce the risk and costs associated with the technology procurement process as well as the total cost of technology ownership. reduced total cost of ownership. The proliferation of products. services and vendors creates a constant challenge for organizations wishing to optimize existing assets and accommodate new technologies. PDF Help 2009 Letter from Our Chairman & CEO . Through Accenture.Accenture Alliances Alliances Extend Accenture Capabilities to Deliver the Best Solutions to Fit Client Needs Accenture has developed a powerful network of alliances with a core objective of helping our clients become high-performance businesses while getting the most value out of technology investments. Privileged access to development software. sizing and configuration assistance. Read more about our Technology Infrastructure Provisioning Services[PDF. and accelerated vendor identification and evaluation cycle time. How Our Network of Alliances Benefit Clients Working closely with more than 150 technology market leaders complements and extends Accenture’s solutions and capabilities. In addition. executives are searching for trusted and objective advisors with the knowledge and experience to help them navigate the sea of available technology. As a result. Accenture relies upon our network of alliances to augment our knowledge of the technology providers and products available globally. as well as: • • • Enhanced vendor relationships with dedicated support resources. demonstration hardware. reduced delivery risk. Expedited vendor escalation processes. Our alignment with market leaders and emerging players enables us to deliver a more complete solution to our clients. Our clients benefit from that knowledge. Our network of alliance relationships strengthens our ability to help clients achieve: sustainable IT cost reduction. architectural expertise. 419KB].

composition and performance of the board of directors. With the talent and dedication of our people. Corporate Governance Strong corporate governance is critical to the long-term creation of stakeholder value at Accenture. Through the dedication and hard work of Accenture people around the world. Governance Principles Accenture's Corporate Governance Guidelines describe the functions. we delivered high performance to our clients and our shareholders. Board of Directors The board of directors provides governance and oversight regarding the strategy. Board Committee Composition View the committees on which each member of Accenture's board of directors serves. delivered to both its clients and shareholders.The Accenture 2009 Letter from Our Chairman & CEO illustrates how Accenture managed its business during the most challenging global economic environment it has ever faced. including its committees and operations. This section of our website provides an introduction to our approach to corporate governance. and introduces our board of directors and board committees. Accenture responded to the challenges of the global economy by relentlessly focusing on our clients and operating Accenture with discipline. 008 Letter from Our Chairman & CEO The Accenture 2008 Letter from Our Chairman & CEO provides information regarding Accenture’s strong performance in fiscal 2008. The company took steps to position itself in important ways for the future by enhancing its core business and investing in new and emerging growth areas. emphasizes critical areas particular to our . The Accenture Code of Business Ethics Our Code of Business Ethics. the company navigated the challenging environment. available in 16 languages. Board Committees Accenture's board of directors has four standing committees. including access to our key guiding principles and documents. operations and management of Accenture. and positioned itself for the future.

set forth the requirements that must be complied with whenever work for a US federal government client is performed. "Through the years these simple. Accenture has been governed by its core values. .organization and business model while highlighting aspects of conduct that are imperative for all employees. challenging our people. Our Core Values Since its inception." —William D. stronger and more durable company for future generations. Key sections address clients and the marketplace. The Accenture Supplier Standards of Conduct. demonstrating a “can-do” attitude and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment. Green. They guide how we behave and make decisions. which supplement our Code of Business Ethics. set forth the standards and practices that Accenture suppliers are required to uphold. The Accenture Standards of Federal Business Ethics and Conduct. Governance FAQ Read answers to frequently asked questions about Accenture governance. yet powerful values have continually guided our decision making as well as our interactions with our clients and each other. and our role as local and global citizens. which supplement the Accenture Code of Business Ethics. protecting the Accenture brand. Shareholder Principles Accenture's board of directors believes it is essential that shareholders of the company are treated fairly and have appropriate access to the company and recourse against the company. Best People Attracting. developing our people and helping improve communities and the global environment. meeting our commitments to stakeholders. They shape the culture and define the character of our company. developing and retaining the best talent for our business. acting with an owner mentality. Chairman & CEO. professional conduct. Accenture Stewardship Fulfilling our obligation of building a better.

corporate governance and transparency of operations. fostering a trusting. detecting and appropriately reporting and addressing any . collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service to clients wherever they do business. Integrity Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean. Be effective in preventing.Client Value Creation Enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value. Code of Business Ethics. Ethics & Compliance Program and Corporate Investigations Report a concern to the Accenture Business Ethics Line Accenture takes very seriously its business ethics. matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions. Led by our general counsel. Our board of directors authorized the creation of our Ethics and Compliance program. the program is designed to: • • Foster the highest ethical standards amongst Accenture personnel. Respect for the Individual Valuing diversity and unique contributions. relationships. open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects Accenture’s values. One Global Network Leveraging the power of global insight.

In particular. [PDF. Our Code does not incorporate or refer to all policies. accommodate new legal and regulatory developments. The Code emphasizes critical areas particular to our organization and business model while highlighting aspects of conduct that are imperative for all employees. . consultations were held with our country operations and management in order to best accommodate local needs and legal requirements. but acts as a synthesis of the key policies and principles that should govern all employees' conduct. Accenture’s Standards of Federal Business Ethics and Conduct apply to Accenture employees in every country. 4. including those set forth in the US Sentencing Commission'sFederal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations. Read Accenture’s Standards of Federal Business Ethics and Conduct. Read Accenture’s Supplier Standards of Conduct. 322KB] • Set forth the standards and practices that Accenture suppliers are required to uphold. Currently available in 16 languages. auditing and monitoring. 3. 92KB] Our Ethics & Compliance program includes written standards and procedures. The new Code is designed to: 1. make the Code more user friendly. training and communications. give practical examples to our people of what these values mean in their everyday work life. visible support of senior leadership. and response and prevention. the English version was distributed in electronic form to all employees. The new version of the Code is a result of the joint effort and work by many of our people across geographies and functions. One very visible aspect of the Ethics and Compliance program is our Code of Business Ethics. 2.allegation of misconduct and violations of law by Accenture personnel. as well as third parties when they are acting on Accenture's behalf. Accenture Code of Business Ethics The Accenture Code of Business Ethics has been substantively revised and a new version was adopted in September 2006. • Comply with government standards. [PDF. Our employees periodically certify their compliance with our Code of Business Ethics. place more emphasis on Accenture's six core values. consistent enforcement and discipline. which all employees must read and follow. appropriate oversight and delegation of authority.

work through times of crises and evolve to achieve their goals and serve our communities. We support our people’s passion to bring lasting. families and the communities in which they live and work. Our theme also closely resonates with our business model. positive change to their communities. including signing the United Nations (UN) Global Compact. their energy and in some instances their own money to be involved in their communities in a way that matches their passions and interests. and we bring to our corporate citizenship efforts the same principles of high performance that we apply to our work with clients. Corporate Citizenship Initiatives at Accenture India: . our commitments focus on helping develop the skills of underprivileged individuals and on understanding and reducing our environmental impact. it is what we do every day and we are a global leader in this space. research-based knowledge and unmatched experience to help its clients progress towards high performance. focuses on “building skills of marginalized and underprivileged individuals. skills are becoming the key driver of economic empowerment for both individuals and communities. people from Accenture offices around the world are continually finding ways to contribute to the communities in which they live and work. Our Focus on Skills to Succeed: Our corporate citizenship theme.Company Overview: India By mobilising the right people. skills and technologies. Our corporate citizenship efforts are centered on delivering tangible outcomes through a mix of financial giving and the giving of time and skills from our skilled professionals. and becoming a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Anchored by our strong set of core values and our Code of Business Ethics. become efficient and effective. In a fast changing multi-polar world. and allows us to capitalize on the momentum of our existing capabilities and relationships. In today’s challenging financial environment across the globe. Our employees take this commitment to corporate citizenship personally—which includes volunteering their own time. enabling them to participate in and contribute to the economy”. Through their individual fundraising. filing our third consecutive report with the Carbon Disclosure Project (which provides information regarding our carbon footprint). it is more critical than ever to have the right skills to participate in and contribute to the economy. Corporate Citizenship Overview Being a good corporate citizen is part of our identity. Developing the skill and talent of our people is at the heart of our business. Accenture is able to use its broad global resources. In the end. As a company. achieving global ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system. what matters is delivering robust and sustainable outcomes that will benefit individuals. giving and volunteer efforts. Skills to Succeed. Accenture has what it takes to make a significant impact towards economic empowerment. We work with nonprofit and community organizations to help them adapt to change. we have taken a number of steps to demonstrate our commitment through action.

clients and suppliers. ensuring that we have social impact as our end outcome. Our people are engaged in using their skills and time to bring about positive changes to local communities across the world. including employees. 4. giving the NGO the benefit of world class business expertise at zero cost. We believe that the health of our business is inextricably linked to the health of the environment in which we operate. Pro Bono Assignments Our belief is that the development sector should benefit from the same technology. The program allows our employees to contribute towards changing lives of disadvantaged children and unemployed youth across the country. Interested volunteers come together on a shared cause to adopt specific NGOs. and support the national agenda of livelihood generation We partner with projects which leverage our skills.building skills which enable people to participate in & contribute to the economy. working with them for community welfare as well as supporting them on their own capability building. The program provides community involvement through sustained interactions and capacity building opportunities – NGO benefits from time and skills and the employees are left feeling worthwhile and “having made a difference". Read our Environment Policy Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy: We are committed to incorporating leading occupational health and safety (OHS) practices into our business strategy and operations and to fostering OHS awareness and responsibility among our stakeholders. we focus on ‘skills for livelihood’. Giving Money Grant Giving Under this program. We are testing pilot programs for employability in industry verticals which have the highest potential for employment Employee Giving We focus on creating employment opportunities by providing vocational training to underprivileged youth and providing quality education and welfare to children. Our Pro Bono program ensures that we can provide exactly that .Our Corporate Citizenship agenda is delivered through four means: 1. 3. 2. . Giving to the Environment Our environment program is aimed at promoting and developing awareness on our environmental impacts as individual employees as well as an organization. engage our employees and are sustainable in the long run. Giving Skills Accenture Development Partnerships We partner with international nonprofit organizations to offer them high-quality business skills at reduced costs. Giving Time National Volunteering Program Through our National Volunteering Program employees spend thousands of hours of personal time away from their work volunteering with a range of non-profit organizations across the country for various causes that they believe in. consulting and core business skills that our paying clients get.

(College) 3. Title & comapany name Student Name & Address 2. Certficate from comapny (Origical copy in company letter head or seal & signature) 4. 3. Introduction (About the company .P Global Shared Services Conference 2007—Day Two Highlights Day Two. Wednesday. Poornima. 2007 . 6-7 lines only) 9. Acknowledgement . 2. Roles & Responsibilities 7. 6.1.Observations 8. Summary (in a paragraph .K. Table of contents 5. 13 June.outline touching the histroy and growth & the present status) 5a) Significance of (for eg): Insurance & which department department you worked and other details. Conclusions 1.

Czech Republic. Planning and Analysis Director. Andrew Kemp. Group Chief Executive Outsourcing. That's the global challenge. The 1. In a very real sense. and the number of employees has recently exceeded 150. People say we in shared services are lucky to have access to all the facilities and expertise of Accenture. The Hackett Group "Raising the Bar–Accenture's Global Service Center Organization" Timothy R. Senior Director and Daniel Colinas. and we now have offices in eight cities there. .000. half operational. Group HR Director. "Benchmarking for World-Class Performance in Shared Services & BPO" -. Tim continued. and each one has to experience us as a seamless team. BT. the following topics were presented: "Raising the Bar–Accenture's Global Service Center Organization"--Timothy R. Managing Director & Practice Leader. opening the first presentation of the morning of the second day of the conference. opened with a welcome back from Gerald Fass. Accenture operates in 49 countries.000 are all customers.The second day of the Accenture Eighth Annual Global Shared Services Conference in Prague. and Kevin Campbell. Arnold. "In some areas of the world we are in what I can only call a stage of hyper-growth". as head of Accenture's Global Service Center Organization. Human Resources. Senior Executive. half business expertise. He should know. hosted by SAP and Accenture. Arnold. Group Reporting. Accenture "I like to think we practice what we preach. During the second day." Tim Arnold said. the Global Service Center Organization (GSCO) is a knowledge base for Accenture.500 GSCO people between them have the skill sets to cover Finance. Accenture and Daniel Colinas. able to provide best practices that meet and exceed the demands of their global clients.Julio Ramirez. Accenture. Accenture partner and conference host. "New hires in India are at around 1. and that's true." Part of the solution is to have the right mix of skills. dedicated to meeting just their needs.000 per month. BT. Accenture "Leading the Game through Bundled Business Process Outsourcing" --Alex Wilson. Senior Director . clients who wished were invited to experience the reality at three of Prague's Shared Services centers. Senior Executive. After a very successful two days of presentations and break-out sessions on the principles of shared services and business process outsourcing. but to me those 150.

Dalian. Manila and my home town. French. comprising 97 percent of the Dow Jones Industrials. The Hackett Group “I used to just travel north and south to benchmark outsourcing. The Hackett process taxonomy defines SGA across nine functions and sixty-nine process groups. Buenos Aires. “Benchmarking for World-Class Performance in Shared Services and BPO” Julio Ramirez. Italian and Portuguese.500 studies by almost 2. for example. runs one of these networked hubs. Even today. Not surprisingly. Marketing and Communications. after years of refining their organizations. then Central Europe. we track 400+ separate best practices. The obvious benefits of the wage differentials is only part of the story of the hubs' success. According to Hackett." Buenos Aires is situated between the Chicago and Dublin time zones and the working day overlaps each by two-thirds. Daniel Colinas. Then I started to go east. The Hackett Group uses business metrics to measure how companies structure themselves to meet the demands of their markets. who can least afford it. And that is where he would conclude the Hackett perspective on Shared Services and outsourcing in the ongoing process of globalization. they are also better at retaining top talent. “It’s a pretty granular method. "We have centers in Chicago. first to the UK. Both the effectiveness and the efficiency of organizations in achieving the metrics are then plotted on the Hackett Value Grid™ to identify true world-class performers in both categories. but it reveals what makes a company world-class.100 of the world’s leading companies from all industries and geographies. Alliances. Readily available languages include Spanish. Furthermore. Standardization and consolidation provide the simple 'inside' that makes possible the differentiated 'outside' that is the hallmark of excellent Shared Services. to South America and Canada. lead of the new Buenos Aires shared services center. English. Managing Director & Practice Leader. and Facilities across 170 Accenture entities. compared with 21 percent a .Information Technology. but that is not the only reason it was chosen as a hub. and 90 percent of the Dow Jones Global Titans Index. supporting all internal processes. For finance. German. Bangalore.” said Julio Ramirez at the start of the last presentation of the conference. The group's organization has evolved to the point now where a global virtualized network of six centers can meet any or all of Accenture's support needs worldwide. in any combination. 50 percent of the FTSE 100 and 77 percent of the Fortune 100. top performers spend 51 percent less on SGA than the median. Mumbai. 70 percent of the DAX 30. at managing priorities as well as costs. Dublin. they can still significantly outperform their peers by 42 percent. Procurement. they use 32 percent less working capital.” Hackett’s research consists of 14 years of performance metrics and practices compiled from 3. at business strategy. Now I seem to spend most of my time in India and China.

” continued Julio: “Four critical competencies will drive superior business value: service delivery and sourcing optimization. a joint venture of China-Singapore Suzhou Industry Park Administrative Committee (SIPAC) is constructing an entire city of 350. such as decision-support and other analytics. Suzhou.000 people with state of the art facilities to target the back-office segment of the market. Shared Services and outsourcing are central to these ratios. that optimizes performance by focusing on service. process delivery excellence and transformation leadership to serve as the talent pool that makes it all happen. service provider management. Although India has dominated the offshoring marketplace to date. “We see a future of leveraged services. China is leveraging its dominance in offshore manufacturing to go after the services sector.” Julio concluded. a mix of onsite and/or global service centers combined with BPO and/or offshore captive.decade and a half ago. and increasingly for more cross-functional and value-added processes. Today 75 percent of all companies use Shared Services at least for finance. For example. Global Shared Services Conference 2007—Day One Highlights Back to Finance Management Business Events home page . value creation and sourcing. “The global competition to supply these services is going to be fierce. a new city has emerged in southwest China just west of Shanghai to support both the offshore captives and outsourcing companies.

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