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Both these campaigns were very focused towards their target group and are still remembered by people.a full third . In the subsequent paragraphs I intend to analyze the advertising strategies of both Mountain Dew and Sprite with special reference to their campaign strategy followed in 2003. Between2001 and 2007. While cola drinks have main markets in metro cities and northern states of UP. Coke presently constitutes just 0. Western markets have preference towards mango flavored drinks. Presently the market growth has growth rate of 7.5 billion gallons. The citrus category has been growing among teens since the 90's. total soft drink volume rose by about 2. Punjab. obey your thirst" campaign. with nearly 860 million gallons. .INTRODUCTION Soft drink market size for year 2009 was around 270 million cases (6480mn bottles). Sodas too are sold largely in southern states besides sale through bars. Sprite took an empowerment approach with a new positioning around teens lack of confidence in making decisions.8% per annum compared to 22% growth rate in the previous year.7% of the total carbonated beverage market. The market witnessed 5. While Mountain Dew played on the "in-your-face" aspect of teendom. Haryana etc. hip hop marketing to the urban Indian market. taste is everything.6% growth in the earlyµ90s.being Sprite and Mountain Dew. In this period Mountain Dew was running its DO the Dew campaign to counter the : ³ Bujaye only pyas. Orange flavored drinks are popular in southern states. Sprite's latest strategy is the "image is nothing. The market preference is highly regional based. Sprite tugged the other end of the chain as part of a two-pronged repositioning of the brand in 2004. and both companies have recognized that attraction and capitalized on it. Both companies have also found another trend. Mountain Dew made its national push this decade by linking itself with the budding "extreme sports" trend. Baki All Bakwas´ campaign of Sprite.

PepsiCo set to roll out an innovative ground communication package through exciting outdoor presence and merchandising to generate awareness about Mountain Dew in all major cities and towns in the country. Mountain Dew has constantly sought to associate itself with adventure sports to promote and popularize the brand.MOUNTAIN DEW Mountain Dew is a drink distributed and manufactured by PepsiCo. behind only Coca-Cola Classic. As of 2007. And Mountain Dew went on to capture up to 5% of the market share within the first 3 months of its launch in 2003. POSITIONING Mountain Dew was positioned as an µenergy and exhilaration' drink ± same as across the world. it was announced that Pepsi would be redesigning their logo and re-branding many of their products. The initial commercials were instant hits and were successful in grabbing customer attention. In October 2008. Pepsi-Cola. Pepsi started with two JWT India-created television commercials that attempted to capture the brand's spunk and attitude. It was launched in India in the year 2003. Diet Mountain Dew ranked ninth in sales in the same year. Remember the ads featuring the µDew dudes¶? And the ones where a guy takes on a cheetah and the one with a wild ram? All of them were meant to connect with the youth and to establish a high-energy. MOUNTAIN DEW. Mountain Dew was the fourth-best-selling carbonated soft drink in the United States. and Diet Coke. highintensity image for the brand.ADVERTISING STRATEGY Right from its entry into the Indian market in 2003. .

This µbaffling¶ result revealed an insight. A survey by Synovate in late 2005 among 1620 year old SEC A1 & SEC A2 showed that people preferred Sprite and Limca. It featured a Dew Dude on a bike chasing a cheetah in a Savannah.This phase also saw events featuring BMX bike riders and skateboarders being held across a number of major cities in the country. a stunt biking event was held in Bangalore. with Mountain Dew performing only a shade better than Frooti. This was in keeping with Mountain Dew¶s image and promotion across the world. shouting. On being asked µBig Ben dekha?'. The second ad became a cult hit. . µJump maara. Mountain Dew continued to be associated with µyouth¶ brands and the thrust was on using adventure sports to capture and cultivate youth following for the brand. Mountain Dew did not live up to all the hype. The common thing in all these commercials is the group of boys out on a safari.' says another. They are generally roaming around. This trend continued and in 2005. leaping and wrestling it into submission before pulling a can of Mountain Dew from its throat! µCheetah bhi peeta hai' remarked another Dew Dude. catching up with it.' one of them answers.Do the Dew! This campaign was rolled out in the year 2003 targeting the young and adventurous youth. The first ad featured four µDew Dudes¶ being asked (by a voice over) whether they'd visited some famous tourist attractions around the world. µPar boring thaa saara. MOUNTAIN DEW: DO THE DEW CAMPAIGN The basic theme all of advertising by mountain dew these years has been high-adrenaline adventure¶. but have you done the dew?' The boys vouch for the drink as soon as they taste it. The ad continues in this vain till the voice over asks µSab kuchh toh kiya.' a third shrugs. This is a campaign and has around two to three different commercials. the ads show shots of the boys bungee jumping off the Big Ben. µBaja diya baarah. Yet.

POSITIONING Coca Cola was able to successfully position Sprite as an icon blaster. Diet Coke.Firstly.at least not the kind Mountain Dew has in mind. that too among the more upwardly mobile sections. 50. Their tagline ³Seedhi baat no bakwas´ was capitalized as its USP which became very popular among the target audience. There aren't many µoutdoorsy types' in this country . the concept of extreme sports is limited to Indian metros. The company has invested more than US$ 1 billion in its Indian operations. Georgia Gold. Georgia. Maaza. Sprite is manufactured by this company and is a direct competition to Mountaion Dew. awareness does not necessarily mean appeal. SPRITE Coca-Cola India refreshes millions of consumers throughout the country with an exciting range of beverages.000 people in India. This survey and the market performance of Mountain Dew set the stage for a course correction. Limca. And even there. emerging as one of the country s top international investors and company s business operations engage approximately 1. Kinley and Kinley Club Soda through a network of more than one million outlets. Thums Up. Fanta. The ad campaigns itself were found to be over the top and unrealistic. including Coca-Cola. . Sprite.

The initial baseline have rightly captured the essence of Sprite as ³ Bujaye only pyas.SPRITE ADVERTISING STRATEGY Sprite is one of the fastest growing brands in the 7000 crore carbonated soft drink (CSD) market in India. the first of the two television commercials opens on two friends playing Carrom. BAKI ALL BAKWAS Sprite may talk straight but its creative team has no option but to think laterally whenever faced with the client brief. The brand in India is competing with Mountain Dew. no drink resonates and talks µseedhi baat¶ in a manner like Coca-Cola's clear lime drink. With the Seedhi Baat. is very much sure of the 'queen' stepping in for him. His friend. who catches sight of a young girl walking into the compound with her dog. Taking the place of the erstwhile Limca. The Sprite drinker points out that he is going to lay his hands on the red coin (queen) in the game. They have done a commendable job by being able to maintain the same USP with their new and refreshing advertisements made it all the more a very effective branding exercise. Sprite was launched in India in 1999 has caught the attention of Indian consumer by positioning itself as a plain soft drink. . Baki All Bakwas ³. SPRITE: BUJAYE ONLY PYAS. Sprite. The protagonists in the campaigns also have that ³cool ³attitude thus breaking clutter of high decibel Cola ads. No Bakwaas tagline. the brand is positioned as a basic thirst quencher. has taken to its first advertising attempt for 2009. All the advertisement of Sprite carried the tag line very well coupled with some very witty and cool advertisements. well known for its no-nonsense attitude. Going by the branding proposition. The brand.

he runs to pet Killer and impress her indirectly. The 'dog lover' is forced to help in this department. He begins to serve 'sambhar' to the family members one by one.He thinks of a twisted way of reaching out to the lady . in a South Indian wedding set-up. named Killer. To his surprise. has a Sprite and a non-Sprite person interested in the same girl. she shatters his heart by addressing him as her younger brother. A carbonated beverage is supposed to quench thirst and that¶s all. She is obviously worried about Killer. Analysts say that the protagonists in Mountain Dew do not have the mass appeal as that of Sprite. The film closes on a product shot and the tagline. the Sprite drinker candidly invites her for a game of Carrom. To make things worse. the Sprite drinker makes it directly to the girl and takes the seat right next to her. The tag line clicked since it was too simple and realistic. The second commercial. But some of the ads went too far with the protagonist portraying a larger than life image. while the non-Sprite friend sweetly offers 'sambhar' to the girl. period. Sprite changed the baseline of ³ Baki all Bakwaas ³ to ³ No gyan only Sprite´ and tried to further build on the successful positioning. The latter finds an indirect of winning the girl's heart ± through her parents. I feel that the baseline ³ Baki all Bakwaas ³ was changed too soon because it had immense .through her dog. Then again the baseline changed to ³ Clear Hai ³ . In the meantime. The idea here is that the tagline became Sprite¶s USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This is exactly what Sprite marketed itself as and I presume it did reasonably well. While she stops at a nearby store. With the war in this segment is increasing . THE BATTLE CONTINUES While Mountain Dew which has a cult status in the west so far did not achieve such a status in India. Dew tried to directly attack the Sprite by portraying the protagonist as a fool but did not succeed much.

CONCLUSION Therefore Mountain Dew and sprite are great threat to each other. enthusiastic teenagers. Sprite is also coming up as energy drink now and they are following the same theme as that of Mountain Dew. The subsequent baseline had to be scrapped because it offered limited substance to the creative team to work on. They are targeting the young blood. .potential for further communication and clearly states the brand¶s essence. aggressive and fun-loving males. Both the brands would strive to gain an edge over the other through all possible means. Sprite¶s target market is almost same of Mountain Dew. The latest baseline is also have limited flexibility compared to the Bakwaas baseline. This battle that has begun is surely going to last for years to come.

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