SAL THE HAMMER Cold eyes and loving job Mob informants, their life you rob Then

ma's asta !agioli Su""er, #ith ma and sister $ulie %oss &alls, hay Salvatore 'et $immie T#o !ingers and settle s&ore 'reat boss, ('m to la)y Sal #ent to bed, sle"t li*e a baby +e,t -ay, Sals *illing tra&* (n&ludes, Sals hammer, shovel and sa&* There's $immie, must be hard and fast Su""er, meat balls and #ine So Sal #aited, for his gruesome &rime $immie then visited dad At &ememtary, #here Sal felt glad Hammer hit $immies head $immie laid on ground, bloody and dead $immie, arms, legs tied, .ound u" in grave, "oli&e as* Sal, he lied Sal loves job and Mas &oo*ing Stress left Sals fa&e, lines, sallo# loo*ing %ody, u"on body And after ea&h, Sal runs home to mommy by Tim Thayer

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