LOYOLA COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS) CHENNAI – 600 034 Assignment on Outreach

Allwyn francis (07-CO-115)
Submitted to Dr. Anand

Department of outreach Loyola college, Chennai

I deem it as a privilege to thank Rev. Fr.A.Albert Muthumalai S.J the principal of Loyola college for having offered me an opportunity to work on this project. I Express my deem gratitude and regards to Dr Anand for providing me all fedicities to carry out the project and also for her constant encouragement and guidance throughout the period of study. I am grateful to other staff member of the Dept. of Outreach for their valuable suggestion, encouragement and guidance in preparing this project. It is a pleasure to thank my entire staff member who made me successful in the completion of my project.

Yours sincerely,

Allwyn Francis

Signature of candidate .DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project work entitled “Outreach report relating to Youth welfare ” submitted to Dr Anand is a record of an original work done by me under the guidance of Dr Anand this project work does not adhere to contents of similar project if any.

Available measures extend from open facilities (e. Arisen of youth welfare When the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) joined the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). where participation is voluntary. Besides helping disadvantaged children and young people overcome their problems in life and education.. It is primarily the latter tasks that fall within the responsibility of the state-run sector of youth welfare departments. Since youth welfare had a different structure in the former GDR. Youth welfare comprises the following main areas: general youth and social work. social services were rendered by companies and combines. to highly interventionist measures (e.. In line with the former ideology. and the finding and supervision of foster parents and guardians. Parallel to this development arose the demand for a much broader "universal" youth welfare system that would deal not only with the afflicted person as such. preventative one. it had to be completely reorganized in both the state-run and nongovernmental sectors. but was subsumed under a principle according to which economic and social politics form a unity. youth welfare was not a separate socio-political branch complementing and correcting other branches. interventionist approach to a more service-oriented. Germany's youth welfare departments have moved from a mainly repressive. Youth welfare was primarily based on intervention. but try to influence that person's environment. revocation of custody). the youth welfare laws of the latter also became binding on the former.g. The project "Youth Welfare and Social Change" (carried out by the Federal Ministry for Women and Youth People at the German Institute for Young) . admittance to a home. A welfare system comparable to the one in western Germany did not exist.Youth welfare Meaning Youth welfare aims to improve the opportunities for children and young people and to support their families. The duties of these departments are prescribed in the Child and Youth Welfare Law (Kinder und Jugendhilfegesetz--KJHG) of 1991.g. India youth welfare is in the hands of state-run youth welfare departments and nongovernmental. charitable organizations (NGOs). advice or youth centers). In recent years. youth welfare also takes the needs and interests of their young clientele into account. day care for children. In the former GDR.

As per the Census of India – 2001 the population under 34 years was around 41%. . This will capacitate every single youth to function as a resource person. artistic and physical development. job openings and healthcare. who will give information about the nook and corner of Kerala. cultural and vocational fields. its life. Others refer to it as “demographic disaster”. So which way will the economy tip? Is our burgeoning youth a bane or boon? In the early 1980s China was in a position that India finds itself today. can work as a major force of socio-economic change. our youth are sure to tip the economy in the right direction. if galvanized. The concept of government job for every individual has now become an illusion. aesthetic. It is therefore needed to create increasing opportunities for them to develop their personality and their functional capacity and thus make them economically productive and socially responsible. for those outside the state. which manifest in many unlawful activities of the misguided youth. While the average age of an Indian in 2020 is expected to be 29 years. So it is important to develop the personality of person in a proper way. The existing scenario of the country reflects the problems connected with youth. They have a vital role to play with regard for fostering and strengthening of social consciousness against all social evils and lead the country to unity and prosperity. which will empower him to face the risks and casualties of life with presence of mind rather than running away from it. Some experts refer to this large proportion of youth as “demographic dividend”. According to some estimates the current proportion of population under 25 years in India is 51% and the proportion under 35 is about 66%. The immense resources of youth.Demographic Details The Indian economy is at tipping point. culture and activities. The board aims to boost the pride and confidence of the youth of Kerala by shaping them up in the artistic. The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board holds the serious responsibility of creating material situation and empowering the youth along with his/her mental. It gives more importance to the development of a whole society through the development of every single person. And the youth of this country will determine the direction the economy takes. And China’s current economic boom is said to be the direct consequence of the large proportion of youth in its population. The KSYWB will act as a platform of youth empowerment programmes for the youth of Kerala and equip them to find new opportunities globally. About Kerala State Youth Welfare Board The Youth represent the hope and future of a country. the average age for China is expected to be 37. With proper education. This predominance of youth in the population is expected to last until 2050. It plans to give orientation to the youth on all walks of social and cultural life. With this view in mind the government of Kerala has given shape to a youth welfare board.

Member .....Member Secretary ... .........Member . 3.. Hon...l ... 5.. 4.Chairman .Non-Official Member Organizational Setup Kerala State Youth Welfare Board l l State Youth Centre l l -----------------------------------------------------------------------------l l l l District Youth Centre (14 Nos) Youth Centre Edavakkad Ernakulam Adventure Academy (2 Nos) Youth Hostel (3 Nos) l . 8....... Finance Department Director of Collegiate Education Director of Social Welfare Director of Sports and Youth Affairs Expert Member .......Member ..... 7.....Member .... 2... ..l .Board of Directors 1........ 6....Member .. Minister for Youth Affairs Secretary in charge of Youth Affairs Director of Public Instructions Secretary..---------------------------------------..

by the Youth/Sports Department of the State Government concerned.. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and ........l ... Chairman – Hon’ble Minister for Youth Welfare Treasurer – Deputy Director National Adventure Award The Government of India has been conferring National Adventure Awards to out standing contribution of youth in the fields of adventure for last few years. the Director of sports and Youth Affairs is the member secretary and the Deputy Director is the Treasurer of Board....... The Hon’ble Minister for Youth Affairs is the chairman.l .. ready and effective reflexes in challenging situations To provide incentives to award will be the same as Arjuna Awards conferred in the field of sports by the ministry of youth affairs and sports. They are nominated by the government..l . ......------------------l l.... All nominations in respect of serving personnel of Army/Navy/Air Force... Objectives: • • • To recognize the achievements of persons in the held of adventure To encourage young people to develop. or a recognized adventure institute like Indian Mountaineering Foundation or by the Adventure Promotion Cell of the Army/Navy/Air Force or Indo-Tibetan Border Police or similar other Para-military forces. The Status of the Award will be the same as Arjuna Awards conferred in the field of sports by the Ministry of youth Affairs and Sports... The spirit of endurance. should only come through their respective Adventure Cell/Directorate. Recommendations for the National Adventure Awards can be made..l......... which include 7 Board of Directors and 8 non-official members. . Affiliated Youth And Voluntory Organization Adventure Academy Sub Centre Muzhippilingadu Beach Kannur Constitution of the Board The management of the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board is vested in a Board of Directors consisting of 15 members... corporative team work and quick. risk-training.....

Entries will be received in a pro-forma enclosed in Annexure – II giving the past performances of the persons recommended in general and for the year of the Award in particular within such date as is specified on a year to year basis.1. Canvassing in any form in respect of an entry will render that entry liable to be disqualified. The last date of entry may be relaxed at the discretion of the Government of India in exceptional cases. The Awards will be presented to the winners at a function to be held at a place and on a date to be determined by the Government of India. a woolen blazer with a silken tie / a saree and cash award of Rs. Ordinarily not more than one Award each will be made for adventure activities on Land. This Ministry may increase the number of awards in a particular year for specific reasons to be recorded in writing and with the approval of the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports. a person should have excellent performance and have outstanding qualities of leadership. The Awardees will be reimbursed to and fro airfare and such other fare of conveyance as relevant in the journey through the shortest rout from his/her place stay to the place of award ceremony and back. To be eligible for the Award.Sports can also nominate any person on its own or seek nominations from such other organizations/ agencies as are deemed fit. Govt of India may cancel or annul the award given to any person under circumstances which in the opinion of the Government might render such person unworthy of the award and thereupon the recipient shall be required to surrender the statuette and the scroll of honour. The decision of the Government of India in respect of the Award will be final. They will also be provided journey DA as admissible. A lifetime achievement award may also be conferred in a year. Government of India will set up a Screening Committee to scrutinize all the entries received as above land make its recommendations to a National Selection Committee to be headed by the Minister (Youth Affairs and Sports). One companion with each lady/disabled awardee will be provided with the same traveling and /DA facilities as that of the awardee herself / himself. During their stay the awardees will be provided 25% of the admissible DA. a sense of adventure and discipline. The decision of the Government of India in respect of interpretation of these rules shall be final and no appeal shall be against them.or the same amount as awarded to the Arjuna Awardees for that particular year whichever is more.000/. The award will consist of a bronze statuette a scroll of honor. The award may be given posthumously if such an occasion arises. Awardees will also be provided free board and lodging in a suitable place for the award ceremony. for this award.50. Programmes . Sea and Air. No award will be made for a second time to the same person.

(III) National Service Volunteers should be associated with the conduct of every camp. rituals and beliefs. To preserve this values and unity in diversity. debates. health awareness and environmental campaigns and such other activities as do not require any expenditure other than allowed within the programe. through various activities. (I) The duration of the camp should not normally be less than 7 days and more than 10 days. anti-AIDS. Youth Exchange Programs etc. Activities: (I) Group discussions. like mass literacy I anti-drug. lectures. it may vary at the discretion of the sanctioning authority. (II) Number of participants should not be less than 150.National Integration programmes India is a nation having diverse cultures. it is of supreme importance that we foster National and emotional integration among our people. National Integration Camp Objective: Organization of short-term residential camps of the student and non-student and non-student Youth in order to instill in them the spirit of national integration. Pulse-polio. and essay and elocution competitions on the theme of national integration and communal harmony. Conditions: The holding of National Integration Camp (NIC) would be subject to the following condition. (VI) Work-camps in which the youth donate manual lab our to create durable community assets. (III) Reading and learning from scriptures of various religions and books which inspire the promotion of national integration. . which aims at promoting the National. cultural and emotional oneness among the youth. (IV) Spiritual discourses. traditions. however. The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board have been conducting National Integration Camps. more particularity the youth who are the future architects of our nation. (V) Yoga and meditation. (II) Community work.

Major programmes are • • • • • • • Trekking Paragliding Mountaineering Water Sports Aero Sports Scooba diving Surfing Programme for Training Rural Social Animators . Freedom Struggle. The third National Adventure Academy has been established at Devikulam. A sub-centre was started at Muzhappilangad in Kannur district. It is clearly evident that the youth of Kerala brim with the spirit of adventure as there are greater number of entries for the bravery awards from Kerala. “Environment” etc. (V) For each camp. there should be a theme identified –which shall be specially stressed upon along with promotion of national integration. spiritual leaders. trekking etc. The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board gives more support to the youth adventure training program. “Health”. at least 25% of the participants would have to be drawn from a minimum number of five States representing some linguistic and cultural diversity. These themes may cover topics like “Education”.(IV) in each camp. which is intended to infuse the spirit of adventure among the youth. sports persons. school/college teachers or retired teachers or any other persons or eminence of the locality. Adventure activities Government of India is providing support to youth adventure activities through State governments. mountaineering. Panchayathiraj and Scheme for weaker sections industry and science and Technology. To enable the youth to receive education and knowledge about Indian Culture. Unity in Diversity. pride in Indian ness among the Youth of different parts of the Country and to induce a sense of communal harmony amongst the youth. The selection of Resource Persons should be related to the theme. Constitution of India. the only drive-in-beach in India. To provide an out let to youth to display their stalls and creativity in various fields. Exhibition For Youth The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board have been conducting Exhibition for Youth which aims to promote a spirit of secularism and National Integration. Munnar in Idukki district and is conducting Adventure training programme such as paragliding. (VI) The resource persons in NICs should be from among eminent scientists.

Ten selected Youth Leaders from each District (total – 140) will be provided an extensive training on all major aspects relating to the youth. Three types of programmes are envisaged under this scheme. Leadership Training Programme Youth Leadership Camps This is a very important area of Youth empowerment program.500 Youth Leaders throughout the state. Youth Exchange Programme Kerala State Youth Welfare Board will take initiative to train talented Youth to participate in the International Youth Exchange Programmes with the support of International Youth Organizations. etc. There are thousands of Rural Youth who are willing to do any service on a voluntary basis. There are two major components in this scheme. first aid. the Youth of Backward Tribes are not getting enough opportunities unlike the Rural and Urban Youth. Youth can register their name for getting information on different Youth Exchange Programme. etc Promotion of Youth Activities among the Youth of Backward Tribes In Kerala. These leaders will be attached to the concerned District Youth Centres and their service will be utilized for future Youth Programmes in each District. This will enable to have the service of 1. Thus the service of 7. The 152 blocks in the State can be chosen for mobilizing these invaluable Youth resources and the Block Youth Co-coordinator will be entrusted the responsibility of each block Youth Community. the preservation and stage performance of Tribal Art forms and financial assistance to 200 selected active Youth Clubs in Tribal Belts are the major programmes. 50 dedicated Youth Volunteers will be selected at each block and they will be provided with a two-day intensive training on disaster management. This ensures in developing a core group of Youth for the rebuilding of the Nation as well a Trained Task Force in various spheres.600 Trained Youth Volunteers can be ensured throughout the State. This will be followed by 14 District level Camps where 100 Youth Club Leaders will be provided with the same training.The main objective of this scheme is to channelise ‘Youth resources for Rural Development’. These volunteers will be provided with a Resource Kit and an identity Card. The service of these Rural Social animators will be a great blessing in time of natural calamities. besides ensuring all the activities of the Department of Youth Affairs is reached at grass-root levels. Young Leaders Forum This is a unique scheme where 50 selected Leaders from 10 specialized vocation is provided with an intensive training to upgrade and update their knowledge and skills and thereby . Cultural exchange Programmes providing the Youth of Backward Tribes an opportunity to study the culture and lifestyle of other communities both inside and outside our State. riots. community work. unexpected accidents.

As Youth Welfare Board envisages a network of action through the State/District Youth Centres. International Organizations and Government Departments. which needs greater focus and attention. Environmental Awareness Programme Environmental Awareness is an important area the Youth can contribute. There are several ongoing programmes initiated by the UN Agencies. it can function effectively in combating this dreadful disease. Drug Abuse and other forms of addiction are increasing in alarming proportion in our state causing serious threat to our future. “Youth make up more than 40 per cent of the world’s total unemployed. The Activities will be done in collaboration with National AIDS Control Organization (NACO). this epidemic is spreading widely in India. besides Youth Clubs at grass root levels. The Youth Clubs will have to play a vital role in organizing and implementing various Environmental Awareness Programmes. This ensures the resourceful support of 500 Young Leaders in the following 10 specialized areas. they share common concerns about their future when it comes to finding decent and meaningful employment. UNAIDS. Training for Youth Youth Employment Training Although the experiences of young people in industrialized and developing countries are very different. State AIDS Cell and other Voluntary Organizations. Substance Abuse Prevention Programme Alcoholism. With many of the world’s major economies slowing in growth. Several steps have been taken by the government and huge funds are being diverted for the prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS. According to estimates. As a responsible board dealing with the youth. Substance Abuse Prevention is a new area.making them responsible Resource Persons of the Board so as to ensure and utilize their resource in molding the career of thousands of Youth in the State. . HIV / AIDS Prevention Programme HIV/AIDS is another area of global concern. There are an estimated 66 million unemployed young people in the world today – an increase of nearly 10 million since 1965”. Government departments and other voluntary organizations. Social Forestry Programmes and formation of Nature Clubs at local levels. this is an increasing concern. Young people have become the largest hostage of this menace and their vulnerability is increasing day by day. The board has decided to further launch a state-wide intensive “Campaign Against Substance Abuse” with the co-operation of UN Agencies. UN official report states.

Khadi & Village Industries Commission. particularly Information Technology. Youth will get information regarding latest employment opportunities and details about different courses and training. Edavanakkad P.In India the situation of youth is the same as any other developing country. National Open School.O. During the next 5 years the main focus will be exploring the latest advancement in the field of Science & Technology. The social un rest due to unemployment make things worst. marital. besides imbibing the skills of the Traditional Rural Industry. In Kerala the ratio of unemployed youth is going up. Beekeeping. Affiliated clubs will have the privilege to participate in various programmes as well as avail the assistance provided by the board. etc. The staffs to these centres can be appointed on contract basis. strain and competition have affected the mental and emotional health of the youth. The Board is intending to establish a State Level Training Centre and to conduct regular Training and Vocational Programmes with the Central and State Departments. A large number of youth have been given training in the fields like Carpentry. There is an urgent need to establish counseling centres attached to the all the 14 District Youth Centres in our state. District Youth Centre. etc which help them to find jobs in their villages itself. Masonry. personal and social life. This scheme aims to find out solutions for the problems faced by the youths and young couples in our state. This has reflected in their studies. Counsellor. career. Ernakulam Phone: 0484-2506866 0484-2506866 Youth Clubs Affiliation of Youth Clubs Kerala State Youth Welfare Board is supporting the activities of Youth Clubs by giving affiliation as per the norms of the board. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Counseling Centres for Youth The Present day strees. . Electrical and Electronics equipment maintenance. Youth clubs registered for the total welfare adn empowerment of youth in Kerala without any discrimination is entitled to get the affiliation. Career guidance Centre Kerala State Youth Welfare Board has proposed to establish Career Guidance Centres along with each district offices.. It is for promoting self-employment. The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board’s youth employment training scheme aims at providing training to un-employed youths of the state.

The construction of Wayanad Youth Hostel is underway. They are under the administrative control of Kerala State Youth Welfare Board. and standard of living. Thrikkakkara. Ernakulam – 682 021 Phone: 0484-2422808 04842422808 Youth Hostel – Kozhikode Youth Hostel – Ernakulam International Youth Center Kerala is a state with wide international reputation for its advancement in the field of education. Ernakulam and Kozhikode in Kerala. scenic beauties and cultural traditions of our state had always been a fascination for people worldwide. Youth Hostel. The geography. health. Youth Hostel. Veli. Youth Hostel – Thiruvananthapuram Govt.. Thiruvananthapuram Ph: 04712501230 0471-2501230 Govt. Youth Hostels There are three Youth Hostels at Thiruvananthapuram. It is a joint venture of state and central government. There are proposals for construction of youth hostels at Wayanad and Idukki districts. The strategic .List of affiliated Youth Clubs in Kerala (district wise) Thiruvananthapuram Kollam Pathanamthitta Alappuzha Kottayam Idukki Ernakulam Thrissur Palakkad Malappuram Kozhikode Kannur Wayanadu Kasargode Application Form Interested Youth Clubs in Kerala are requested to submit their application for the affiliation with Kerala State Youth Welfare Board.O. Youth Hostel. Kozhikode P. Kochi. Kozhikode – 673 005 Phone: 0495-2381354 04952381354 Govt.

Sub-Centre A sub-centre of Adventure Academy was started at Muzhappilangad in Kannur District. . It is an encouraging fact that more and more youths are participating in adventure activities. besides enable the State to gain laurels at National and International level.position of India in South & South East Asia with God’s Own Country in the south provides the rare opportunity for Kerala to open its windows to the world. A special officer is engaged there to look after the day to day activities of the camp. Muzhuppilangadu Beach. Now the Academy has its own building. It has conducted Aero-sports Training for 125 selected youths in January 2001. The National Adventure Foundation is the sponsoring agency in giving training to the youth. is conducted mainly for the youth who have no proper platform to present their cultural and physical talents. Govt. The establishment of an International Youth Centre in Trivandrum is a very important challenge and venture the Board has decided to undertake during the tenth plan. Ministry of Defence. Arts and Sports competitions in block. This is the only institution in India giving adventure training in adventure activities free of cost. Adventure Academies National Adventure Academy. In this festival youth in the age group of 15-35 can participate in Cultural. National Adventure Academy The National Adventure Academy at Devikulam has established on March 1998 with the assistance to Government of India. Devikulam Idukki-685 613 Phone: 95486-2564494 National Adventure Academy. About 530 youths have been trained from the Academy in paragliding basic course. The International Youth Centre will be able to host several International Youth Programmes and events and thereby be self-sustainable in the future. Muzhuppilangadu. a rare and unique youth festival. the only drive-in-beach in India. of India. trekking and rock climbing on free of cost. This will help in developing harmony and friendship among the various Youth Groups. The main objective of the centre is to mobilize resources from various international organizations for youth development activities in Kerala and to act as global window for the Youth of Kerala. Kannur (Dist) Keralalotsavam Keralalotsavam. Training in water sports have been imparted to 120 youths in association with the Cochin Naval Base. Every year. training in various adventure activities is given to the selected youths at the age group of 15 to 35 years.

Many of the youth from rural area and urban slum have been participating and learning the techniques and methods from these training scheme. training is conducted in Handicraft soap. food processing. in which participants from all the states participate. Youth Awards The Government of India has been conferring National Youth Awards to outstanding contributions of Youth between the age of 15-35. Government of India. In line with the National Award. agarbathy making. Keralotsavam is now a widely accepted festival for the Youth of Kerala. Yuva Jyothi-Chief Minister’s Self Employment Training Schemes The Scheme for self Employment Training is started with the aim to make the youth earn and live independently various Self Employment Programmes are being conducted now in association with voluntary organizations and clubs. Desiya Yuva Utsav is the National Youth Festival organized every year by the Ministry of Youth Affairs. National Youth Festival Kerala created a model for the nation by initiating a colourful youth festival “Keralotsavam”. About 15 lakhs of youth are participating every year in this festival. It was the Keralotsavam initiated by the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board inspired the Government of India to organize the Desiya Yuva Utsav. computer course. This scheme will make the have the youth selfreliant and independents by selling up their own production unit. Watch this space for announcement calling entries for youth awards . There are some selected cultural items. which are not popular in mainstream cultural scene. beautician course etc.district level to State level. This will develop a sense of responsibility as well improve their personal potential. Through this scheme. for the last few years. which are affiliated to Kerala State Youth Welfare Board. which is conducted with gaiety and fanfare every year. The Awards will be given at two levels – District and State. As a result every youth in this State is getting a chance to project him/her self to the fore-front in every sphere of life. Kerala State Youth Welfare Board will promote the talented youth to get training to participate in the national youth festival. the board has decided to introduce State Youth Awards to encourage the Kerala Youth by acknowledging and recognizing their outstanding contribution towards the cause of fellow youth and society. has also been included in this festival.

EVENT – CALENDAR (April 1st to March 31st) SI No 1. 8. Schemes FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR YOUTH CLUBS Application Inviting (For Next Financial Year) 2. KERALOTSAVAM November 1st Week October 1st October 1st to 30th September 10th May 1st to May 30th September 21st October 1st to 15th June 26th July 15th August 12th August 20th Sept 1st to Sept 30th May 31st June 5th June 15th July 25th August 1st April 10th to May 10th Date Feb 1st to March 31st . INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST DRUG ABUSE AND ILLICIT TRAFFICKING EXHIBITION FOR YOUTH INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY SADBHAVANA DAY TRAINING FOR YOUTH Inviting Application for Central Financial Assistance 11. NATIONAL INTEGRATION CAMP Inviting Application for Central financial assistance 12. 9.State level Committee 6. INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE NATIONAL ADVENTURE AWARD Inviting Application 14. TRAINING IN FOLK ARTS Inviting Application 3. 7. 10. 13. 5. INTERNATIONAL BLOOD DONATION DAY Inviting Application 16. WORLD NO-TOBACCO DAY WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY YOUTH AWARDS Inviting Application Last date of receiving Application From District Level: . 4. LEADERSHIP TRAINING CAMP Inviting Application 15.

18.National Youth Festival: Felicitation Ceremony 17.T.E.L.G.S & I. 19. WORLDS AIDS DAY INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN DAY INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER DAY FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL January 12th February 1st week December 1st 11th December 5th December New Schemes • • • • • Formation of S.F.H Group (Production cum Marketing Units) Training in C.N.S and other foreign languages Soft skill development Data bank/ Resume bank (Web Site) Training in News reading and comparing .

P. professionals and policy makers to define their perception of the global Indian and discuss the wave of new imagination that is spurring the nouveau Indian to create unprecedented opportunities." said Kalam. "We need a spirit of victory. ambition and ability. the confidence that I can do it and building righteousness in the heart." he said at a breakfast meeting Saturday with students of the prestigious Wharton business school. asserting that no youth today need to fear about the future. Philadelphia." the former president said. "Success can only come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you. The former president was addressing the students at the 12th Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) held with the theme of "India Imagine". developed an inferiority complex." He asked the students to ensure acquisition of three unique characteristics of life: "Realizing the importance of present that is today.Youth power can transform India: Kalam Former president A. a spirit that will carry us to our rightful place under the sun. "What we lack is perhaps courage." He had seen three dreams in India. to innovate. be creative. the . which will recognize that we. have confidence to defeat the problems and succeed and have a righteous heart." he said. Nordic or Anglo-Saxon mind. "This resource of the youth is an important building block for transforming India into a developed nation. mission and realisation." Posing the question of what the teachers can give to the students for their growth. "If you have an aim in life. have confidence to win. "One is building capacities among the students to inquire. as inheritors of a proud civilization. America's oldest institution of its kind. what we lack is perhaps driving force. and develop the qualities of entrepreneurship and moral leadership. We have. The forum is designed to serve as a platform for thought-leaders. "Second is the development of moral value system. citing the space programme of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). which takes one anywhere. said Kalam. I think. Abdul Kalam says the great challenge of transforming India can be achieved through youth which has got the power of ideas. that an enlightened human being can be created by the teacher through providing two unique characteristics." Kalam said. realize that spent time cannot be recovered. a spirit. are entitled to a rightful place on this planet. you will definitely succeed in all your missions. I can assert without fear of contradiction that the quality of the Indian mind is equal to the quality of any Teutonic. which have taken shape as vision. Kalam said: "In an integrated way it can be said.J. stressing "what is needed in India today is the destruction of that defeatist spirit. "Hence the precious time has to be used for achieving the goal.

" he said. sharing his learning from these three programmes based on his personal experiences. "Of course these three programmes succeeded in the midst of many challenges and problems. Over the last two years WIEF has traced the Indian growth story exploring themes such as 'India's Mantra for Success' and 'Realising the Indian Dream' ." Kalam said. acquisition of knowledge from all sources.AGNI programme of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) becoming a National Mission. He summed these up as "high level thinking to transform the vision into missions. Above all the leader "absorbs the failure and takes the responsibility and gives the credit for success to his team while executing the mission. and working without boundary conditions till the realisation of the mission".

. But is it really so? Is it democracy that a nation where a majority of population is below 40 elects a majority of people above 60 to power? Are we really satisfied with the way our country is being governed? Should it not bother us that at the age people generally take retirement The Politics of Youth Politics in India has always been a process has been driven essentially by the past and there in lies an inherent contradiction in the very system. The framework of politics and the political setup is essentially meant to take its subject forward and in most cases in a manner that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. all the leading dailies would have us believe. It is here and in this regard that a greater. But have these dailies ever stepped deep into the world of student politics and really evaluated how they work? Role of Youth In Indian Politics Democracy is the buzz word for our political system. or so. Not many today makes the mistake of undermining the power that youth possesses. the youth of India has come a very long way. In fact so much has been said about how young leaders are going to change the face of our country that any more discussion on this would be totally... Youth and Politics The introduction of youth in politics is a pre-requisite for any successful democracy.. .As a youth one must indulge in following activities Following are the reviews and program conducted by youth The Youth Must Vote From being perceived as irresponsible and reckless to being called the strength of the nation. It is certainly not a luxury if a corruption-free state has to be created.

.Shut Up and Vote It starts with “wake up time…” The ‘Jaago Re’ advertisements highlight the general indifference of the country’s youth towards politics and the importance of using their vote to elect a responsible Let’s Participate in Politics Today. . The moving Youth and Politics Youth Politics is a category which involves or otherwise impacts the Youth. Omar Abdullah’s recent speech in parliament on the confidence motion started with. Indian politics seems to be going astray from the path laid for it by yesteryear statesmen like Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru. It was first identified in the American Politics with the formation of the American Youth Congress in the 1930s. It is this passion that arises with the growing sense of awareness and understanding young people have of the world today. “I am an INDIAN first and Muslim second”. We all seem to be wary Young Diplomacy I am a believer and so are many of us.. We believe because there is something so passionate about all of us. and brought the focus on the importance of the. Most of the politicians appear insignificant compared to these magnanimous personalities.

Every field. education. music or filmmaking. if it is passed.. After giving it a lot of thought. I have not yet been able to make up my mind as to whether I am a feminist or not. I realized that one can never be sure of the success the bill might generate. the youth plays a significant role in them. And so. fresh ideas and enthusiasm.. my stand on women’s’ reservation (33% in the parliament) could change every five minutes. Make Way for the New In 19 years of my life. Truly quoted by Henry Wadsworth that “How beautiful is youth! How bright it gleams. technology. independence. Their dreams and ambitions rise to the infinity. This is the time when everything becomes possible. At this age. ambition. Youth forms the future and the hope for progress in right direction. The sky is the limit for the energy and enthusiasm of the youth. • Jaag Yuva Jaag The youth is the spring of the human life. impetuousness. literature. research.Our Country Needs You-The Youth of India Youth is associated with energy. a person gets wings of the birds and the power of wild cats. . be it science.

CHANGEMAKER Advocacy against alcohol consumption. empowering youth and generating employment in his village .CHANGEMAKER A brighter future through quality education for the next generation in her village Jayavantubhai Vasava .Following youth are the changemaker – you can be one of them too? Bhavana Padavi .CHANGEMAKER Ensuring education for all children in his village Malitha Gamit .CHANGEMAKER Improving infrastructure in her village to better quality of life Mathews Gamit .

CHANGEMAKER Improving education in her village. getting marginalised tribal community into main stream society Pinakin Padavi .Meenakumari Gamit .CHANGEMAKER Empowering youth and generating employment in his village Rangu Gamit .CHANGEMAKER Solving severe water problem in his village Rajit Gamit .CHANGEMAKER Getting the children in her village interested in studies by making education fun .

there is no one weak or strong among those who co-operate. educational backwardness. Spelling. Stand up. without respect of cast or birth. Language. Concentration. That is. do not deny Him. By all this criminal activity in our mind for the sake of comparison of living standard. Even if we succeed in realizing self-sufficiency completely. hear and learn that behind the strong and the weak. behind everyone. Some children will out of school within the age of 13. Let us think what will be the life of rural child. weakness or strength. & economical backwardness. there is that Infinite Soul. Before 1990 (in Karnataka state) most of the people use to say that Brahmins and Kshatriyas were control the education institution. but becomes cooperation. man being a social being. Memory) because of there lack of teaching skill’s they think that if they take there children in same school the child may effect from getting good education. Religion. Let us think why those government school teachers don’t put there children in there same school were they teach to rural children. problem in Organization. and omniscient. They are depressed from thousand years. man is as much self-dependent as inter-dependent. because most of the backward class people were appointed as teacher’s of the primary school after 1990. behind the high and low.Major youth Problems and areas of concern Today the youth of the country are lacking there soul strength. Some will complete there education but no full knowledge. We shall use our spare time for the service of others. Let us proclaim to every soul: Arise. The world may explode at any time with Nuclear because of our narrow desire. these youth are today facing a critical situation in there life. assert yourself. When dependence becomes necessary in order to keep society in good order it is no longer dependence. Politics. By taking this situation most of the money minded people and criminal minded & Religion minded people are taking opportunity to hypnotizing the youth in the name of improving the way of living standard. . the soul is infinite. arise. Most of the rural children are effected to Dyslexia (difficulties in Reading. From this point of view self-sufficiency itself is a kind of service. There is sweetness in co-operation. None is really weak. after 1990 most of the backward class born teachers children’s are studying in private school’s and competing to government job’s . awake! Awake from this hypnotism of weakness. after the independence most of the community’s were given opportunity in getting education. we will have to accept service in some form or other. omnipotent. Writing. Handwriting. assuring all the infinite possibility and the infinite capacity to become great and good. Let every man and woman and child. Number. Our first duty is that we should not be a burden on society. & getting a job in government service Today the situation is completely different from past 50 years. we should be self-dependent. proclaim the God within you. If all become self-sufficient none will be in trouble. some after 16 ages. due to their social backwardness. so the teachers don’t worry about the future effect to rural child in his life. earning more property.

. telecommunication.. India is also world leader in BPO (Business process out sourcing) and KPO (Knowledge process out sourcing). KPO industries require and offer white collar jobs.Software industries in India are continually offering white collar jobs besides some blue collars. consultancy. Indian youth force. in service sector. maintain and acquire business credit as well as personal credit. However. Management.. are some other new sectors that helped India in her tremendous growth. IT is the highest paid sector. But is it actually • • • . Hundreds of thousands of jobs are still waiting for you. There are two new world leaders China. banking.. UK.. Where and in which companies can you get your dream . banking. education and many other sectors. highest in number in the world. retail. The youth force of India are contributing lot to the same. India is a leader in software. Japan. It is believed that principal reason behind Indian progress is its youth force. behind the progress of India.. Australia. This industry has employed large number of educated youth with handsome salary. Green collar is an environment friendly job related to renewable energy and clean energy. there is a problem. You need not to be panic stroked with your job loss. India is progressing with an amazing growth rate.Unemployed youth is the only major problem India is shining. IT industries has seen a tremendous boom in India. Large number of call centers are contributing to the industries and trades of America the US. insurance. Employment and motivation hubs • Business credit: Ten steps to build it An entrepreneur has unique opportunity to build.. Growth rate of India is the second highest in the world after that of China. How to build business credit? Ten steps. finance. Green collar job will soon become. Huge number of Indian youth are not only unemployed but unemployable. Green collar job: Environment friendly and energy efficient way of employment Green collar job is the latest trend in the job market and employment sector.. Everyone is rushing to it. finance. European Union.. BPO sector needs large number of blue collars. manufacturing. entertainment etc. Canada and many other developed countries. is mainly engaged in IT. in manufacturing sector and India. Large number of white collar jobs are waiting for suitable candidates. Normally. G Read it before rushing to a white collar job read it before rushing to a white collar job. Still there are fresh recruitment in Info Tech.

. There are unemployed youths and the companies are facing shortage of manpower.. Many big industries have set-up their own in house training program to fight with the problem. A recent survey throws light on the problem. Comunication skill 2.. The problem lies in the education system. While in interview approximately sixty percent candidates are screened due to lack of communication skills.Only ten percent of educated force of India is employable. there is a shortage of skilled manpower. This is the dilemma. Industries do not require what institutes teach. problems with the educated youth.The Indian education system has a mismatch with the requirements of the industries. Despite a large number of educated youth. Institutes teach what ever they want. Rest twenty five percent are screened for analytical skills and five percent for their lack of knowledge in their respective domain.Who has an idea! Unique idea!! It is for those who. Global slow down only adds to the crisis. Hence ninety percent of educated youth force are lacking in one of these three main skills required for job and employment. Institutes do not teach what industries require. 1. Motivation: Art of Managing People Learning tips: How to study smart! The new school year is here once again. Employers are struggling hard to attract them with huge pay-packages that is increasing their production cost significantly. They are mainly lacking three types of skills.. The syllabus committees has not been interfacing with the industries. Analytical skill and problem solving 3. Domain. Obviously the prime objective for a successful year is to learn and to retain all the given information.worth? Are white collars gainers or losers? Before rushing to a white collar job think for a moment!! Is it lucrative? Is it financially smart? See the other • Earning in real life: The best idea Wanna be a billionaire? Satisfied with a million only? Working hard for a million or just for livelihood? This hub is for those people who are strongly convinced to change their attitude. 48 • • • Secrets of Developing Communication Skills Typical problem These sectors has started facing a typical problem. The employers are loosing their competitive edge in global markets. . So knowing how to effectively study is vital and retaining that. Corporations are now facing dual problem.

India will not face problem of unemployability. You have to interact with the industries to know their requirements. all India committee of technical education and the representatives of the industries. a radical change. There must be an interface among Government bodies looking after education. Ensure that they are covering above mentioned three aspects in their syllabus.You must choose an institute very carefully. It also wastes time. . Universities. This enhances cost of employers enormously. As an individual you have to choose your courses carefully. The problem and solution have two aspects: Individual and collective. It is in your best interest to ensure that your institute is interfacing with the requirements of industries before you admit into it. What should be done as a general measure to solve the problem? The one point solution of the problem is a change in education system. Have these done.Most of the newly employed youths are compulsorily undergone employers own training program. The institutes must educate as per industries' needs.

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