Beating the clock in Pakistan

Research assignment Title: Beating the clock in Pakistan: The case study of Daewoo bus service and its impressive punctuality (This is a suggested title and can change) Background: In the book we shall be referring to the Daewoo example in two very important sections; one is the art of never being late and two, in the section of Internal vs. External Q1s. Having a proper case study will give proper academic credence to our references and help us to explain our points better. Furthermore, it will give credibility to our claim that with proper planning we can be punctual in spite of serious odds against us. Scope of the assignment: research should basically cover the following: 1. The background and history of the company. 2. The planning behind the company which has resulted in its legendary punctuality. 3. The challenges and hurdles the company faced in introducing this culture in a society where many had given up. 4. Its training and developmental programs to ensure that this culture is internalized by its stakeholder like employees and yes, its customers. 5. Any data that the company has maintained regarding its departures/arrivals timings. 6. The systems that ensure that this culture is sustained. 7. If available, its growth in terms of revenues and profits. 8. Other pieces of information that can be relevant to us. Team Lead: Dr. Irfan Hyder (Profile will be available on Linkedin by Tuesday, May 27th, 2008) Methodology: In addition to regular channels of research, interviews with the company may also have to be taken. So we will encourage team members living in Lahore to sign up for this assignment. Publication/conference presentation potential: I believe this study should be published in a related academic journal and also if possible presented as a paper in a reputable conference. The team members will be cited as the authors of the study. Team strength: Four to seven members. Selection criteria: The list of people who sign up will be given to Dr. Irfan Hyder and he will then communicate with them and finalize the team. Deadline: to be decided after the formation of the team. Wassalam, Suleman Ahmer

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