Origins of the Time Quadrant System

Research Assignment Title: Origins of the Time Quadrant System Background: Stephen Covey in his landmark Book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ introduced the concept that all things can prioritized by Importance and Urgency. He showed the possibilities through the four quadrants of the square and hence the quadrant system. We have used this model and developed it further by giving technical definitions of important and urgent and developing further terminologies and concepts like TRQ1, TRQ2, Internal and external Q1s etc. In my humble opinion, Covey’s book is not very well referenced so one is left wondering whether certain ideas are originally his or they have been borrowed. Covey has indicated clearly that the material of the book came from researching a few decades of success literature that he undertook as an assignment himself. I am interested in knowing for sure the true origin of this idea as whether Covey was the initiator or there are others who should also be credited. Scope of the Assignment: 1. Who was/were the originators of this idea? 2. If Covey was the originator then when did he start thinking about it/teaching it? 3. Why did Covey not give technical definitions of the words important and urgent? Did he think that this was not necessary or trivial? Did he feel that each person should be allowed to work with his definition? Team Leads: To be decided after we get volunteers for the project. Methodology: Along with the normal methods, communicating with Covey directly might not be a bad idea. I will let you as a team decide. Publication/conference publication potential: Nill to low. Team Strength: I will be looking at two teams with 3 people each and a team lead working independently on this project. Selection Criteria: Shall allow Team leads to select the teams. Deadline: July 1st, 2008 (Negotiable) Wassalam, Suleman Ahmer

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