Objectives of the Study | Employment | Innovation


To conduct and study a Training Need Analysis with special reference to NCR Corporation India Ltd., Mettupalayam, Pondicherry.

Secondary objectives:
1. To understand the employees perception about training needs. 2. To analyze the existing training module and its efficacy. 3. To identify the specific sectors or avenues for employee training and development. 4. To develop an effective and viable training system according to the requirement. 5. To examine the effectiveness of training in overall development of skills of workforce. 6. To examine the impact of training on the workers. 7. To study the changes in behavioral pattern due to training. 8. To measure the differential change in output due to training 9. To compare the cost effectiveness in implanting training programmes 10. To find out the extent to which the training has fulfilled the objectives. 11. To offer policy suggestions for better implementation of the scheme. 12. To frame a training module incorporating the prominent training practices for effective encouragement training 13. To Identify the training and development needs of staff, using a matrix to help identify common areas for training and development

Basically the needs are as follows…. • To identify Business needs. • To identify Employee needs. 1. Task analysis: for new employees. 2. Performance analysis: for current employees. • Need for skills recognition. 1. To identify employee needs in the particular area of training. 2. To identify the gap between the actual business process requirements and the current level of employee performance. 3. To identify potential business areas that can really benefit from training. 4. To determine how much time, equipment, money and other resources do you want or need to allocate to training. 5. To analyze what skills and knowledge are required to perform the work of the business requirement. 6. To find out what are the accurate measures or tools of measurement of successful performance of employees. 7. To construct a suitable schedule of training to the employees. 8. To facilitate the skill identification among the employees which may have been missed during recruitment procedure? 9. To facilitate the employees to align more with the business goals and objectives. 10. To bring reason, cohesiveness and clarity to training efforts.

Scope of Training Need Analysis:
1. The effectiveness of the training programmes can be established through this study. 2. This study helps to understand, analyze & apply the core concepts of training in an organization. 3. Managers would be able to identify the need of training for its employees. 4. Managers would know what employees think of the training and development programmes and make changes if necessary. 5. Regular training and learning opportunities are an investment that will allow employees to prosper and develop their careers while giving your business a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage in the market. 6. This study enables the company to reduce the employee turnover which is a great source of saving. 7. Training need analysis provides an effective training system which increases the skill-set of the workforce enabling it to engage in a wider range of tasks and responsibilities. 8. TNA helps in designing Training in skills specific to your industry does not necessarily limit the benefits of flexibility. Staffs who receive such targeted training often achieve improvements in: • Communication skills. • Professionalism. • Conscientiousness. • Creativity and innovation. 9. TNA facilitates modernizing the training system which is vital to stay ahead and take advantage of new information technologies, which play a crucial role in many organizations. 10. Trained and motivated staff who understand the specifics of your business operations, are a sustainable competitive advantage. They will give your business the competitive edge.

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