viability and suitability in relation to market research undertaken…i. . document selected marketing activities with costs and rationale for selection. cost.Examine all forms of ‘Red Bull’ marketing activities…including the web site…and come up with recommendations – based on an appreciation of cultural. ethical and social appropriateness.e.

web pages.: adverts.e.Prioritize your selected marketing activities i. etc. . product launches.

.Assign responsibility for ongoing monitoring of marketing activities.

State what you believe should be the ‘marketing objectives’ and ‘budgetary requirements’ for Red Bull to be successful in the market place. .

Analyse Red Bulls marketing plan in terms of how it maximizes its strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. .

.State how you will monitor progress against performance and take corrective action as required to improve marketing performance.

Make some recommendations as to how you would identify opportunities for change and improvement i.e. to exploit new business opportunities. .

In your opinion how can Red Bull maintain its marketing momentum? Would you use the same marketing strategy? .

please design an advertisement for an overseas country of your choosing.In order to interpret and enhance Red Bulls marketing activities. .

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