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Full Notes Radiography

Full Notes Radiography

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Published by: Nishimwe Lambert on Sep 08, 2010
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There is now widespread acceptance in medicine and dentistry that clinical
practice should be as ‘evidence-based’ as possible. This document was
developed using such an approach. The project team collected and analysed
relevant published literature, guidelines that have proved effective in the past
to arrive at recommendations that will contribute to optimisation of the use of
ionising radiation in dentistry. Details of the methodology used in identifying
relevant literature and the appraisal process are given in Table 1.1 and
Appendix 1.


It should be clearly understood that the approach adopted for different
sections within this document has not been uniform. This is because the
volume of evidence available for review varies. Some sections have involved
more comprehensive sifting of the evidence, while others rely heavily on
expert opinion and conventional literature review.

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