By Ginny Ruadh
© Copyright

I wrote an Acrostic poem about Shyness because sometimes I feel shy.

Shyness is Hiding away; not Yakking away Never have the horrible self-doubt Ever felt at ease Strangers are scary Smile and you will be alright!
~ Ginny Ruadh © Copyright 08/09/10

Here is my "rhyming couplet" poem:

1 I have never seen 2 Such a graceful being 3 The dolphin jumps and plays 4 In great, big waves. 5 She jumps to the clouds 6 Then splashes back down. 7 By far the smartest in the sea 8 All they do is play and be free. 9 Dolphins dream of eating darting silver fish 10 Dancing to the seas great songs is their wish. 11 Dolphins should not be in a cage to entertain 12 They should be free to roam their ocean terrain! ~Ginny Ruadh
© Copyright


Limmericks are um ha ha ha funny! They're kind of fun to read and write. I wrote one:

I once owned a cat who was terribly fat he slept all day or else he would play and demand a tickle of the mat. ~Ginny Ruadh

I wrote this poem about a forest, in "free verse": A forest unseen by winter inhabited by birds and insects a celebration of singing, twittering life This forest, this ever-living forest the only truly wild place left on earth. This forest of hope is safely hidden from prying, destructive curiosity so close to being eliminated dear mother earth This dear forest of mine forever being re-born, growing and blossoming My forest alive with music a mother bird sings gathering food for her young the wolf howls to his lover, the moon the bumble bee buzzing as he flies from rose to daisy. My forest is living.
~Ginny Ruadh © Copyright

Here is an acrostic poem I wrote about the wind:

WIND Wild Icy Naughty Destructive
~Ginny Ruadh © Copyright

ABC Poem

A poem that has five lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines 1 through 4 are made up of words, phrases or clauses while the first word of each line is in alphabetical order. Line 5 is one sentence long and begins with any letter.

A flower is….. Beautiful and smells like heaven Carefree, they flow in the wind like rolling waves Did you see them big and small, colourful and dull I love flowers

~Ginny Ruadh © Copyright

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