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Career objective To secure a position with a stable and profitable organization, where I can be a member of a team and utilize my Dot Net experience to the fullest.

EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION September 2001±April 2003 Distribution Manager ‡ Managed staff of 30±40 employees in a high volume pick-pack distribution center. ‡ Responsible for all aspects of a warehouse distribution center including, receiving, shipping, inventory control, and scheduling. ‡ Developed staff motivation programs. ‡ Implemented strategies to decrease internal product pillage, resulting in a 13 percent decrease. November 2000±May 2003 Compliance Manager Nova Health Benefits, Inc., Chesterland, WY Manage compliance in the Corporate Claims department. ‡ Coordinated and performed compliance reviews to ensure compliance with established laws, regulations, and company policies. Trustworthy Services, Menands, NY

2003 edition of The Daily Times. Educational Experience: Cover Letter: I am writing today in response to your advertisement for an Activities Director in the April 30. Sincerely. CA 90000 555-555-1234 vmartinez@mail. 2003 Kara Rush Human Resources Director Memory Lane Assisted Living Centers of California 2999 Sawchuk Lane San Diego. I am writing today in response to your advertisement for a(n)««««. ‡ Created a corporate claims database to facilitate tracking ease. in advance. On my enclosed resume.. Rush: I am writing today in response to your advertisement for an Activities Director .com May 15. ‡ Supervised and trained a staff of eleven case coordinators. you will find that I have the skills and work experience necessary to fill this position.‡ Developed compliance policies and procedures. you will find that I have the skills and work experience necessary to fill this position. for reviewing my resume and considering me for the Corporate Researcher position you have available. (Signature) (Typed name) Sample Cover Letter Ms. CA 90000 Dear Ms. I look forward to meeting with you in person for an interview sometime in the near future. Veronica Martinez 1010 Winwood Way San Diego. Thank you.(name of position) in the««««««(date) edition of ««««««(name of publication). On my enclosed resume.

integration and testing. AJAX. Analysis and Design. testing and deployment. system architecture. 2003 edition of The Daily Times. implementation. requirements gathering and analysis. ? Have extensive experience in developing Web applications.0/1.1/ 2.com. I have supplemented my employment experience with considerable volunteer work at the Golden Sunset Nursing Home. WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and also WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation). ? Expertise in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements.NET. ADO. Java Script. I would be honored to be part of your activities department. VB. I have created new activities programs. ASP.NET. Veronica Martinez Veronica Martinez Enclosure Primary Skills ASP. to schedule an interview. This experience has enabled me to combine my skills in activities development with my interest in caring for the aged. Based on your company¶s 13-year track record as a leading assisted living center in California. My combination of proven success and innovation at Tiny Tykes Day Care Center. In my enclosed resume.0 and good knowledge in 3.NET. VB.NET. During this time.NET. Sincerely. Web Service s. . Thank you for considering me for the position of Activities Director at Memory Lane Assisted Living Centers of California.NET. ADO. . Professional Summary: ? Over 6 years of comprehensive software development experience in all phases of a project/product development.NET Remoting. deployment and post development maintenance in Waterfall & Agile Methodologies. or at vmartinez@mail. ? Strong Knowledge in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). C#. Please contact me at 555-5551234. ASP. along with my experience motivating seniors and staff at the Golden Sunset Nursing Home would be beneficial to Memory Lane as you refine your activities programs throughout the state.Net Framework 1.in the May 14. I have over four years of experience working for the Tiny Tykes Day Care Center as an activities coordinator.5 with strong software engineering practices.NET. implementation. C#. Client-Server technology using C# . you will find that I have the skills and work experience necessary to fill this position. As demonstrated in my resume. including a series of month-long programs designed to enhance cognitive and physical development. Visual Basic. I look forward to speaking with you in greater detail about this job opportunity.NET. .

Writing Complex Queries. Abstract Classes. ? Extensively used AJAX1. ? Experience in report generation using Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services. interpersonal and leadership skills. creating tables and indexes. ? Experience in developing LINQ Application. ? Experienced in database programming using SQL Server 2000 and 2005. ? Extensively used various ASP. ? Good knowledge on using Web browser plug-in like Silver light 1. Triggers.1 to develop rich client interface applications. ? Expertise in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts like Inheritance.0. ? Experienced in Object Oriented Software Design and Development. ? Conceptual understanding and implementation experience of using N-Tier Client/Server Architecture. Authorization. ? Strong organizational skills. Delegates and Reflections. XSLT. Indexes. XSL. ? Experience with database communication mechanisms like ODBC.NET features like Caching.NET through Authentication.? Extensive experience in working with databases SQL Server 2000/2005 & Oracle 9i & 10g. and implementation. communication. Views. ? In-depth knowledge in Multi threaded programming and Thread synchronization. and OLEDB. TCP/IP. IBM DB2 9. ? Experienced in working with DTS. Polymorphism. using triggers. Functions. ? Excellent analytical. administrative. ? Good Exposure in Installation & configuration of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007). Interfaces. and Form View etc. SSIS. ? Strong experience in SQL for writing stored procedures. ? Strong Knowledge in XML related technologies: XML. design. Details View. XPATH and XML schema. ? Experience in using UML in documenting design and architectural specifications. ? Used Data Bound Controls like Grid View. ? Strong Background in SQL Server 2000/2005 with extensive knowledge from Database Designing. ? Extensive knowledge in Relational Database design concepts. organizational. views etc.0/2. ? Extensive knowledge in MS Reporting services. Session for State Management of Web Applications. Joins using T-SQL and PL/SQL. ? Expertise in creating stored procedures. . ability to work independently towards departmental objectives. ? Extensive Expertise in working with Web Services. ? Expertise in Object Oriented Systems analysis. ADO. Database Maintenance to writing Stored Procedures. ? Expertise in enforcing security in ASP. ? Strong in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Concepts.

AJAX. WCF. XHTML. .Net Framework 1.NET Remoting. C. StanCorp Trust Company and StanCorp Mortgage Investors -. RSA Designing Products Visual Studio. SQL. ASP. StanCorp's subsidiaries serve approximately 8. StanCorp Equities. MS Access.. Sybase. through its subsidiaries marketed as The Standard -.NET. COM+. SOAP. HTML. OR Oct 2008. J2SE. C#. PORTLAND.x.Net Framework 2. SOAP. UNIX Reporting Tools Crystal Reports. Work Experience: STANCORP FINANCIAL. Rational Rose. C++. J2EE.1 million customers nationwide. Standard Retirement Services.NET. The Application handles about 40% of StanCorp's Internet US business. DTS Platforms Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista. ASP Development Tools MS Visio. Oracle 8. SQL Reporting Services Version Control Systems Visual Source Safe 6.Present . VB.Standard Insurance Company. Ms-DOS. The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York.x. WPF. VB. XSLT. This project is Primary Web-quote and product access tool for StanCorp Financial. Microsoft FrontPage Editor.NET.0/1.NET 3.0.NET DEVELOPER Scope of Project: Financial Group is the holding company for a group of businesses providing insurance and investment products to approximately 8 million customers. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007/2003. resellers and customers.NET. ADO. Flash. .NET. Responsibilities: .is a leading provider of financial products and services. Networking IIS 5. Inc. Java Script. Resellers and some large end customers use this web application to request quote and Order products and the price shown to end user.x Internet Tools ASP. StanCorp Investment Advisers.x Database Products SQL Server 2000/2005. ASP.x/2. PL/SQL.Net Framework 3. Oracle 9i/10g. . CVS Testing tools NUnit.NET Technologies ASP.NET. SQL. Web Services.NET. Framework .0/6. StanCorp Financial Group. FTP Miscellaneous Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007.0.0. .0/7. Web Technologies XML.Technical Skills: Languages C#. and PVCS Tracker. VB. Mercury Test Director.

Development Environment: . ? Used Regular Expressions in the application to do modification and manipulation of strings and large text ? Involved in unit testing on the application. ? Used ADO. Designed and Implemented Data Access Layer (DAL) using ADO. trace.NET. ASP. ? Used Session Objects to maintain sessions across the various web forms. ? Implemented AJAX features for populating text boxes and text fields.NET Web Forms with Ajax. storage and manipulation. ? Developed Web Forms in ASP.0.Net to pull data out of the database and use it in the application. ? Developed GUI using MS VISUAL STUDIO.NET Validation controls. ? Extensively developed components using C# . ? Developed the user interface in ASP.NET web pages. Visual Studio 2005. Design and Development of the application. ? Implemented Security features for Web based tool using forms authentication. ? Used DLLs to implement business logic and to integrate the application. ? Made use of Grid View. ? Responsible for the integration of software modules (version control and packaging releases). SQL Server 2005. ? Used Custom Validators .NET. ASP.NET. ADO. ? Made extensive use of Dataset for XML Data Binding and Bindings to server controls.? Involved in Analysis. ? Used ADO. ? Created WCF service to enhance the functionality as well as consumed the web services in the application ? Configured the Web. . ? Documentation of developed Components and module. ? Developed stored procedures and triggers in SQL Server 2005. C#. session. ? Written complex Stored Procedures and SQL queries with Joins on multiple tables. custom views.Net Framework 2. ? Created Stored Procedures and triggers to ensure atomicity and consistency on the database transactions. indexes and relations using SQL Server Enterprise Manager ? Used Visual Source Safe for version control during development ? Involved in generating various reports using SQL Server Reporting Services. ? Created various Tables. ? Enhanced navigation capabilities using User Controls and Custom Controls.NET for data querying. Validation Controls and performed validations both on client side and server side . ? Used Editable Data Grid Controls to generate responses based on client requests.NET to communicate with SQL Server 2005. Data List and Repeater Controls to display data in a customized format in the ASP.Config file for authentication.NET. ? Featured ASP .NET using C# as language. Enhancements to the existing system to add additional functionality to meet user's requirements.

NET 2. ? Developed C# Classes using ADO. Windows 2000. ADO. The reports were created using Acrobat Writer. HTML. C#. ? Developed a Web Services for application that consume Web Methods using C#. ? Created UI Documents and Technical Documents for the project. attaching keys and indexing for Oracle and Sybase. ? Developed UI Tier for the application using Web Forms in ASP. ORACLE 9i. ? Worked in Modelling of the project using Unified Modelling Language (UML). ? Used Master Pages using ASP. ? Assigning activities to the team members. Application is designed and developed based on SOA architecture and will use Insured User Portal base infrastructure for design and development. IIS 6.0. ? Performed the Unit Testing as well Integration Testing for the application.Visual Studio.NET 2005. ? Produced several Reports based on Requirements. ? Implemented Role Based security with Form Based Authentication.NET 2. responsible for writing stored procedures and necessary triggers. ? Creation of new tables and views. ? Configured the Web.0. ? Conducted knowledge transfer sessions and organized various presentations of the application. ? Involved in Code Review for business logic modules and prepared the code review documentation. while Producer Portal is for the Admin and the Producer users.0. ? Wrote C# Classes for the Business Layer.0.NET Framework 2. session. Responsibilities: ? Prototype Design for the Application. ASP. ? Created WCF service to enhance the functionality as well as consumed the web services in the application.Config file for authentication. ? Organized and shared electronic documents using open Text Live Link (ECM). XML. PL/SQL. COM+. ? Created new Database Structure base on requirements. It contains Insure and Producer Portal.NET DEVELOPER Scope of Project: Insured Portal & Producer Portal.NET. ? Implemented the Data Access application block for interacting with Database.July 2008 . trace.PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE. .NET 2. NEWARK.0 for the Database tier.0. Application Focus has been to provide competitive products to the insurance market. ? Understood all the SPs and Database structure provided by client. ? Integrated various PDF reports into the application. ? Writing SQL queries for Sybase and Oracle using PL/SQL.NET. Insure Portal more related to end user (insured user) of the company. Also.NET 2. JavaScript. Development Environment: . NJ May 2007.

NET Framework classes. UML. SCHENECTADY. ? Maintenance and support of the application.NET user controls for writing reusable user interface UI and encapsulating the functionality. This is one of the retirement plans provided by Wells Fargo Bank. ? Installed and configured IIS and Visual Studio. ? Created WCF service to enhance the functionality as well as consumed the web Services in the application. drill down. design.0. C#.April 2007 . CSS. SQL Server 2005. The requested data can be displayed in a summary view or through a detailed view. ? Extensively used UML for designing. ? Created the reports using Crystal Reports including standard.NET. Triggers in SQL Server 2005. ? Developed Unit Test Scenarios and Test Cases for Functional testing. the application is designed to function in standalone mode and can be accessed through other web applications. ? Migrated from ASP. stored procedures.NET 1. ? Involved in writing . ? Created Win Forms GUI using C# for windows applications ? Supported Win Forms multi-threading in a hybrid managed/unmanaged runtime environments ? Designed and modified the database tables and wrote complex SQL queries. ? Created XML files for presentation and transferring Data. and monitor your portfolio through online brokerage site.NET controls and XML.NET. Development Environment: ASP. Visual Studio.NET 2. and development and testing.MVP HEALTH CARE. ? Designed user interface screens and implementing / coding application logic under Microsoft . Web Services. ? Responsible for generating error logs using XML. COM+. Responsibilities: ? Involved in the Requirement analysis.NET DEVELOPER Scope of the Project: The goal of the project at MVP Healthcare was to develop an application. XML. Windows XP. TX Jan 2005.0 ? Extensively used . C#. which is used to pre-process Health Care claims. ? Designed and developed user interfaces in ASP. ASP. WELLS FARGO. Further. It allows users to search the company data repository through the web. This online service is available for customers to register for a particular retirement plan. cross tab.NET framework using C#.NET 2. ? Programming in SQL Server 2005. ? Implemented DTS Package for backup and recovery of database. . NY May 2006.1 to ASP. DALLAS. place trades. ? Designed and developed business objects with object oriented programming in C#. ? Extensive use of delegates and events.NET DEVELOPER SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: Wells Trade IRA (Individual Retirement Account) gives the power to research investments. Crystal Reports.NET 2005.March 2006 .

? Create web controls like Data Grids and implements functionality in those controls. stored procedures. this application dealing with all the servers which are located at different location. C#.NET. ? Implement DataAdapter. ? Wrote methods to display data to different controls using C#. ? Developed XML documents.NET.NET application using ASP. BENCHMARK SOLUTIONS.Responsibilities: ? Translated complicated enterprise specific business rules and procedures into appropriate business logic components such as code libraries. INDIA Dec 2003-Nov 2004 . IIS. XML. DTD's and XSL for transferring the data between applications and for user specific display ? Authentication is performed using Form based Authentication ? Used Session Management and ASP. Repeater controls to show detailed information. which dramatically improved web application performance like throughput and scalability.NET DEVELOPER Scope of the Project: Distributed Document Repository. Data List. ? Implemented XML Web Services in the system to interact with cross . MS SQL Server 2000. ? Prewritten stored procedures were executed using the sql Command objects. Crystal Reports.NET Framework for database connectivity. HTML. DataSet. . many companies has different locations. Now days. ? Involved in Unit testing and Implementation of the application. ? Modified the existing logic by separating the business logic and application logic.NET validator controls for validating the information provided by the user. COM. ? Used Data Grid. ? Configured and administered IIS Server.application environments. generate queries to each web server and gives matching results to user. Windows 2000. ? Used ADO. DDR takes search requirement from user. ADO. ? Created SQL scripts.NET. XSLT.NET classes provided by the . DataBind and DataConnection objects to set connection with database and bind controls with data sets. ? Migration of existing application to . stored procedures and security models. ? Created and customized dynamic reports using Crystal reports. triggers and views in MS SQL Server 2000. ASP. ? Used caching technique. It provides a central place where employee can login search for the require documents. CHENNAI. Responsibilities: ? Developed User Interface. DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT: C#.

ADO. ? Wrote documentation for the module that explained internal details of the application. SQL-Server 2000. HTML .Net 1. Responsibilities: ? Involved in Requirement gathering. stored procedures and functions in Oracle that are used by the data access layer. Wages Module is used to calculate monthly salary of Employees. Analysis and preparation of design documents.0.? Wrote several complex SQL queries. ? Used Classes for Data Processing. and generates the bill and check-list to submit. VB.NET. ? Developed in C#. Billing Module. Web Forms and Oracle. ? Involved in prototype development and finalization of user requirements. testing and help process.Net. ? Implemented Validation Controls in ASP.Net Framework. ? Wrote complex stored procedures for data access and manipulation.Net. user will enter Work Order along with job schedules. developing and analyzing and performing unit testing of the complete Application. Development Environment: Windows 2000.NET DEVELOPER Scope of the Project: This project is for billing and wages generation. ? Involved in Designing. Web Services. and Wages Module. Crystal Report. ? Designed and created tables for data storage and stored procedures for data access in MS SQL Server 2000. INDIA Sep 2002 -.Oct 2003 . Development Environment: ASP. In Billing Module.NET.0.Net Framework 1. MARG SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.NET to access data in Microsoft SQL. ? Documented the design. ADO. ? Used ADO. The project was in involved in development of Master Module. ASP.NET. ? Used Crystal Reports for Report designing/development. . ? Used Web Services. C#.

Used AJAX to trade data with a web server. Excellent communication and writing skills. Mumbai y y y y Working in an agile Environment to deliver higher-quality software far more rapidly Involved in development of Web Forms. ASP. . Windows 2000. Java script. Classes using C#. HTML server controls in C#. develop and debug the application. Creating Customs Tool to transforming data XML data provided by various systems in user defined format-using XSL/MSXML. Custom user Controls.. Experience 2006 ² 2010 Dot Net Architect ICIC Bank. stored procedures. without reloading the page Fetch data from different databases and displaying data in Share Point portal task list Performed the initial unit testing during the development of code and functional testing of the business logic Involved in the support and maintenance of the application during production phase Environment: Share Point portal server 2003. Responsible for other duties as assigned. Career Achievements y y y y y y y y Developed ASP.Career objective To secure a position with a stable and profitable organization.NET and multiple interfaces to transfer the data into different servers Involved in working with Web Services. CSS. SSIS 2003 ² 2006 Software Developer Efficient Insurance. triggers. where I can be a member of a team and utilize my Dot Net experience to the fullest. XML. Mumbai y y y y y y y y y Maintaining existing web site and various applications and associated databases. C#.NET.NET for validating Front-end form Created front end interfaces using ASP. SQL SERVER 2000.AJAX and JavaScript Used Validation Controls in ASP. proactively interacting and understanding the requirements of the customer and validating them Implemented user interface using HTML. VB.0. Created several database objects such as Views and Stored Procedures in SQL Server database Able to understand about browser specific compatibility issues.NET.NET. XSL.0 web form controls.Net pages using ASP.Net 3. MS Visio.NET 3.NET. creating DTS Packages using SQL server.NET that incorporates both N-tier architecture and database connectivity Used Visual Studio. Wrote SQL Queries to create tables. HTML. ADO. Implemented Encryption & Decryption of the query strings using Secure Hash Algorithm and all the sensitive information stored in the database Used SOAP to Implement Web Services.NET 2008 IDE to design the forms.

Analyzed user specifications for workability. completeness. Interacted with Quality Assurance Staff to resolve problems and deliver software products. and generates data reports. Electrical Engineering ² Computers Mumbai University.Eng. Mumbai B.Sc. Created forms.y y y y y y Developed user interface screens and implements coding application logic. Mumbai . (Honors) Electrical Engineering Mumbai University. Performed project and task estimation Performed Coding/Programming tasks to specification and in accordance with Development standards Documented and coding Technical artifacts Developed test plans and participating in Code Testing to ensure workability. Architecture and Specifications Responsible for writing Stored Procedures in SQL 2000/2005. 2001 ² 2003 Technical Lead InfoTech. quality and ´best practicesµ Researched and resolved Coding issues Education and Certification y y M. validates data entry. debugs form modules. Delhi y y y y y y y y Led and motivated a development team. Developed applications to facilitate Web-based transactions and automated payment processes. completeness and business flow Participated in defining System Design. Responsible for project management roles. Provide training for junior developers and faculties.

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