GUNSTONE (2004) “RAPESEED AND CANOLA OIL Production, Processing, Properties and Uses” Blackwell Publishing Ltd

Density @ different temperatures Pantzaris et al. (1985) discussed the following relationship, which incorporated temperature besides IV (iodine value) and SV (saponification value): D = 0.8475 + 0.000308SV + 0.000157IV − 0.00068T (4.3) where D= apparent density (g/ml), SV = saponification value, IV = iodine value and, T = temperature (°C)

Cp @ different temperatures For vegetable oils, it is largely independent of molecular weight, but is associated with unsaturation level (Timms, 1985). It is influenced by temperature (Formo, 1979) as follows: Cp = 1.9330 + 0.0026T Additional: nt=a905634947~frm=titlelink?words=&hash=3767250899

Viscocity @ different temperature nt=a905634947~frm=titlelink?words=&hash=3767250899

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