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Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

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Published by: ifrahrashid on Sep 08, 2010
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A Critical Review
One evening following my usual routine of skipping through the channels on my TV, a piece of news on one of very popular news channels’ caught my attention. For a lot of us this piece of news is an ordinary piece but for the more sensitive ones this is not only news but a nightmare. Most of you might have guessed what piece of news am I talking about. Yes it is the very news of a bomb blast, a shoot-out or some other similar pieces of news often flood our TV screens, and haunt us for days to come yet have we ever thought what are they inculcating in us? Are they helpful in portraying a peaceful of our country? Are they really making us feel sorry for our dying brethren or they are just making us insensitive toward all this? Well in my opinion these news are causing a lot of nuisance. They are not creating difference instead they create indifference. Everyday and sometimes even twice or thrice in a day our TV screens flash with such news and we watch them, condemn them, and feel aggrieved for sometime but forget about all this as soon as we switch to another a channel. I’m not suggesting that our news stop showing this news but why show it 20 times in a day can’t they only show it twice? People of all ages are being affected by this nuisance, the elderly show anxiety and depression, us youngsters show violence and aggressiveness and the children are the worst affected they show not only violence and aggressiveness but also are scared to go out and explore. Freedom of expression does not mean that the media is free to show anything and everything they want it means more responsibility which our media unfortunately is not showing. This is not the only case of irresponsiveness the others revolve around the content of some TV programs, like those of fashion and the very own drama. The fashion industry has just seen boom and is flourishing well but does this mean that we show models wearing sleeveless and backless clothes while walking the ramp? Is this the culture of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Well I don’t think so. Fashion should be for all and it should be in limits. The traditional shalwar-kameez with a little variation is also trendy, is it necessary that our models wear western outfits while cat walking? In my opinion here too our fashion gurus are misusing the concept of freedom of expression. Another misuse of freedom of expression is when a man dresses like a woman and shows off on TV, flirting with the men of dignity and honor of our country. When one has been made a man by Allah the Almighty why change your identity for a stupid TV show? This particular show is the nastiest show I have ever seen on TV. The host wears clothes that are inappropriate for family entertainment. In a country where family time is now confined to indoors the TV is the only source of entertainment and the primetime the only feasible time to watch it, and when thing like these show on TV who would want to watch. Same is the case with our dramas, they have good story lines ands plots but the some scenes are too intimate and censorable. Apart from this dramas should be near to reality so as to involve the

Often people lament that we are influenced by the Indian Media and we have to show all this to catch the attention of the audience. Only we can stop this nuisance. We can and so we will!! . Freedom of Expression is a good rule as it acknowledges government misconduct and reveals many truths about governmental affairs but its misuse is causing horrible problems. It is not only creating indifference and insensitivity but also misguiding the youth and destroying the children of Pakistan. Though this problem can partly be blamed on peer pressure and the inferiority complex of being called Paindu. The costumes instead of consisting of shalwar-kameez consist of jeans and t-shirts or saris. but its true promoter is still the freedom of expression and the use of Minglish on TV. We take pride in showing off our English Speaking Skills yet we avoid showing our Urdu Speaking Skills. this is not true because the Indians show their culture as much as they can on their national TV. because I believe Public Opinion matters and we are the Public so wake up guys!! Pick up those pens. and Pakistani culture means shalwar-kameez clad girls delivering dialogues fluently in Urdu instead of Minglish. papers and other stationery use all forms of art and condemn this wrong of the irresponsible Pakistani Electronic Media. Today we hardly understand what the other person is saying if they use some proper Urdu words. Yes Minglish is the new national language of Pakistan. a language created by mixing the English and Urdu languages.audience but our dramas show too much of glamour.

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