ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES (Regd. No. MAH/695/2005) | Approved by Pravesh Niyantran Samiti (Vide no.


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Dr. are appointed by Association as the Competent Authority. The competent authority will supervise and control the conduct of AMMI-MBA/MMS-CET-2009. The chief role of the Association is to be a significant contributor to the field of management and to revolutionizing the study of management at the post graduate level.51 gave the approval to the Association to conduct CET for MBA/MMS for the year 2009-2010 Vide no. which encompass all aspects related to MBA/MMS programme. 8th May 2008. improving the efficiency of the member institutes through faculty exchange program. collecting. protecting the common interests of member institutes. It is hoped that the above specific objectives can fulfill the Association’s larger aim of leading our student community to a bright future. honoring outstanding professional. publishing scholarly books on management. Girdhari. suggesting modifications in the syllabus according to changing industrial needs. Prof. evaluation of answers and declaration of results. conducting CET for MBA/MMS for member institutes. Dastane S. organizing student visits to industrial establishments. Knowing this the association has meticulously formulated a set of objectives. The Competent Authority will issue necessary executive instructions for implementation of these rules and provide relevant information to be published and communicated. forming University level Chapters. symposia etc. B. Indeed achieving the above mentioned motto is not an easy task. G. COMPETENT AUTHORITY The Pravesh Niyantran Samiti. analysis and admission procedures to quality teaching and meticulous evaluation. The objectives envisage setting up a forum for influencing national policy making on MBA/MMS programs. starting from needs. organizing national seminars. Along with this the Association will also provide education to teachers. D. Vice-President of AMMI / Dr. PREAMBLE The Association of Management of MBA/MMS Institutes in Maharashtra is registered as “Association of Management of MBA/MMS Institutes “bearing No. ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . maintaining healthy interaction between the institutes and industries . developing a healthy competition for students through extracurricular and co-curricular activities. PNS-H&T/Meeting/April/2008/2385 dtd. Bandra. compiling and filling useful and advanced information in the subject and making it available to member institutes. Mumbai . MAH/695/2005 Pune dated 26/05/2005.

All admissions will be made by the institute as per the Government norms. After receiving the application the institute will prepare the merit list as per the instructions given in the Information Brochure of (AMMI MBA/MMS-CET-2009) Directorate of Technical Education. entrance of unauthorized persons in the examination centers /halls. ELIGIBILITY & IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Basic Qualification: In order to secure admission of MBA/MMS course. S. Pune and Dr. Controller of Examination: Prof. riots etc. candidate from Maharashtra State and other than Maharashtra State can appear who fulfill the basic qualification. For AMMI MBA/MMS-CET-2009. and Mumbai. and in the contingencies like incidence of mass copying. Note: Vacancies will be filled in first through candidate who have appeared for MBA/MMS CET-2009 of DTE. rendering it impossible for smooth conduct of AMMI-MBA/MMS-CET-2009.B. Former Controller of Examination University of Pune & Presently Director of Neville Wadia Institute of Management. Dr. Dastane. M. The Competent Authorities may cancel the examination at such or all center(s). Sharad Joshi . the candidate should fulfill the following eligibility criteria: Passed with minimum of 45% marks in aggregate (40% in case of backward class candidates from Maharashtra State only) in any Bachelor’s degree of minimum three years duration in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities. Candidates should go through the contents of this brochure carefully and for any clarification and genuine doubts / difficulties approach the Competent Authority. Candidate passing out AMMI MBA/MMS-CET-2009 examination can apply for seats under Management quota also. Candidates passing out AMMI MBA/MMS-CET-2009 examination will be admitted only against vacant seat after the final round of DTE. CONDUCT OF AMMI-MBA/MMS CET-2009 AMMI-MBA/MMS CET-2009 shall be conducted by the competent Authority. The Participating Institute will give an advertisement inviting application for filling up the vacant seats. M. natural calamities. Candidates who have appeared for the final year examination of any Bachelor’s degree of minimum three years duration in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities can also appear for AMMI MBA/MMS CET-2009 but shall have to fulfill the basic qualification as mentioned above (Passed with minimum of 45% marks in aggregate 40% in case of backward class candidates from Maharashtra State only. Please Note: The Association reserves the right to add or delete the examination center(s) due to unforeseen circumstances before and during the conduct of AMMI-MBA/MMS-CET-2009. ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES .Director VIM’s Institute of Management. Maharashtra State. in case seats remain vacant then only the candidates who have appeared for the AMMI MBA/MMS CET-2009 will be admitted. leakage of question paper. Pune are appointed by Competent Authority as the controller of examination.S.S.

ammimah.ammimah.100/. PROCEDURE TO BE FOLLOWED 1 The Candidate should procure the brochure & application form from the Examination Centers mentioned above and from some of the participating institutes. ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . The candidate will receive the score card from the same examination center. The candidates therefore are requested to collect the hall ticket for the examination while submitting the application form & passport size photograph. For detail see the website www. The candidate will receive the hall ticket for the examination from the same center. 500/. the candidate shall be liable for Disqualification from the admission process. (The list of institutes for AMMI MBA/MMS CET -2009 is given in the brochure & website . The decision taken by the College Authority shall be final and binding. The candidate must preserve the hall ticket safely and bring to the examination hall and produce the same on demand by the examination The candidates will submit duly filled application form at the same center from where he has purchased brochure & application form. a duplicate score card can be obtained on making an application on plain paper to the Competent Authority of the Association alongwith a DD of Rs. The candidate shall report to the center at least an hour before the examination time. Please note that Hall Ticket is just an enabling provision for appearing AMMI MBA/MMS CET -2009 and does not imply that the candidate satisfies all the requirements of eligibility conditions of Please Note: Any candidate himself or his Authorized proxy if found obstructing the admission process or trying to influence in any manner creating nuisance.00 a.www. In case of loss of original score card. Candidates will appear for AMMI MBA/MMS CET .m. 2 3 4 5 6 The candidates passing out this examination are eligible for admission only in any of the participating institutes.2009 written test at the designated venue as mentioned on the hall ticket on 19th July 2009 at 11.with sufficient evidence to prove that he/she is the genuine bonafied favor of the “Management Association of MBA/MMS Institutes” payable at the Pune. In case of loss of hall ticket from the examination center in charge not later than one hour before the commencement of examination on payment of Rs.

m. The duration of the examination is 2 hours. All candidates are therefore requested to take the note of the same. you will be given an answer sheet. At the start of the examination.    SCHEDULE OF CET: Sr.00 p. onwards followed by GD & PI 1 2 3 Sale of Information Brochure Last Date of submission of application Date & Time of CET & GD & PI 4 Date & Time of Declaration of result 28th July 2009 Note: The last date of admission is decided by DTE. type of the question that will be set for the CET are given in the Annexure. variety.m. You have to make your answer in this sheet and give it to the invigilator at the end of examination. Activity Schedule First Day 4th July 2009 16th July 2009 19th July 2009 Schedule Last Day 15th July 2009 Up to 6:00 p. The CET would be held on Sunday 19th July 2009 at 11.m.    ABOUT CET – 2009  The marks of the CET would be considered for admission during the current academic year only and would not be allowed to be carried forward to the next year. Please ignore the 26th row in each block. ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . Each answer block has rows for marking answers of up to 26 questions of a paper. The sheet provided has six answer blocks (A1-A6). scope. The CET would be comprised of 100 marks and the duration is two hours The examination consists of : General Aptitude (GA) and Computer Concepts (CC)). DETAILS OF AMMI MBA/MMS-CET -2009   The question paper of the CET will be set in English only. No. The CET will be at the examination centers mentioned below. The detailed information and the instructions about the CET and a few sample questions illustrating the nature. There will be no negative marking. pattern. Translation in any other language will not be available. The CET would have multiple choice objective type questions (MCQs). 11:00 a.

Without this information. You can use all the blank space in the question paper for your rough work. The same name will be used in your score card. slide rules. you will be given an answer sheet. It is mandatory to fill up your QUESTION PAPER NUMBER for each paper attempted by you. The sheet provided has six answer blocks (A1-A6). notes etc. It is mandatory to fill up the following information in the answer sheet. The answer sheet will be machine evaluated. (Unanswered questions will carry zero marks. In case you make a mistake while filling in a choice. ANNEXURE II Instructions to the Candidate Please do not start answering the paper until you finished reading these instructions. Information Roll Number Name of the candidate Remarks This can be found from the hall ticket. erase the wrongly marked choice properly and then fill in the substitute choice. Failure to return these will result in your being disqualified from the examination. Make sure that the ovals are exactly filled and properly darkened. The question paper number (4 digits) can be found on the left hand top corner of each page of the question paper. Paper Number Number of Attempted questions Candidate’s Signature Please do not forget to fill up your ROLL NUMBER on the answer sheet. If you feel that the exact answer is not given. the answer sheet is liable for rejection. You can later transfer them to the answer sheet. Each answer block has 26 rows for marking answers of upto 26 questions of a paper. No additional sheets will be provided for rough work. At the start of the examination. Mark your name in this block. books. Instructions sent to you with the application receipt. Mark your answers first on the question paper itself. choose the best available answer. log tables or other such arithmetic aids and cellular phone. with a pen. This must be marked for each of the question papers.) The questions paper MUST be returned with all the sheets intact. pager etc. Different question paper will have different numbers. You have to mark your answer in this sheet & give it to the invigilator at the end of examination. The examination consists of 2 papers: General Aptitude (GA) and Computer Awareness (CA). Use of calculators. ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . The expected duration of the examination to be completed in one hour. is not allowed. Each correct answer will carry 4 marks. All questions are to be answered by choosing the most suitable of the given alternatives. Fill in corresponding ovals carefully with a pencil. Indicate Number of Attempted questions for each of the question paper Please sign in the space provided. Use a blank to separate the components of your name. If you have brought any of these please leave them with the invigilator. are also not allowed. please ignore the 26th row in each block. Do not seek any clarifications from the invigilator or any one else during the examination.

30 hrs 14. GD & PI Begins at respective centres.30 hrs to 13. IMPORTANT TIMINgS 11.30 hrs 11. 11.30 hrs 13. Question paper distributed. on the answer sheet. check all pages of the question paper for readability and completeness. Write the paper number on the answer sheet in the space provided and start solving the paper. Write your roll number on the question paper.30 hrs ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . Return the question paper to the invigilator. Fill in the information asked for.00 hrs Answer sheet and instruction sheet will be distributed. Examinations begin. Paper ends.

PROBABILITY AND STATISTIC basic concepts of probability theory. high school mathematics. COMPUTER AWARENESS & BUSINESS AWARENESS (100 MARKS) SYLLABUS BASICS OF COMPUTER GENERAL INFORMATION OF CORPORATE SECTOR ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . A good grasp of the following topics of high school mathematics (up to the 12th std. homogeneous linear differential equations. linear differential equations with constant coefficients.) will be useful: ALGEBRA Fundamental operations in Algebra. vocabulary. The syllabus and sample question papers are available in brochure. SYLLABUS: The questions in this paper will cover: Logical. quadratic equations. ARITHMETI Ratios and proportions. trigonometric equations. problems on time-work. properties of triangle. equations of a circle formulae. spheres. random variable and distribution functions. cylinders and cones. pair of straight line. mathematical expressions. TRIGONOMETRY simple identities. height and distance. midpoint. equations of a line. factorization. curve fitting and principle of least squares. distance speed. MENSURATION areas. quantitative reasoning. permutations and combinations. COORDINATE GEOMETRY rectangular Cartesian coordinates. area and circumference of circles. logarithms. normal distribution. inverse function. solution of triangle. skew ness and kurtosis. parabola. indices. averages. intersections etc. triangles and quadrilaterals. DIFFERENTIAL EqUATIONS differential equations of first order and their solutions. geometric and harmonic progressions. volumes and surface areas of simple solids such as cubes. correlation and regression. poison. reasoning. English comprehension and verbal ability. frequency distributions and measures of dispersion. binomial theorems. binomial. simple geometric transformations such as translation. ellipse and hyperbola. arithmetic. scaling. dependant and independent events. rotation. expansion. General Aptitude (GA) and Computer Concepts (CC). Basic set theory and functions: set relations and mappings. percentage etc. ANNEXURE – III Syllabus for AMMI-MBA/MMS-CET 2009 Examination Scheme of CET: The AMMI-MBA/MMS-CET-2009 examination comprises of two papers (objective type) of one hour duration viz. GENERAL APTITUDE (100 Marks): The main objective of this paper is to assess the general aptitude of the candidate to pursue a Business Management & Computer Awareness.

Bhushan and Shailu start running at the same time from the same point on a circular track of 70 meters radius.5 b) log 12 c) log 36 d) 27 3 Chetan.4 5 What is the maximum no.2 b) 0. If Chetan meets Shailu every 66 seconds and Bhushan meets Shailu every 110 seconds. If one marble is now drawn at random from the bag.3 d) 0. ANNEXURE – IV Sample questions 1 A bag contains red and the blue marbles totaling between 50 and 100 in number.25 + 5 log 2 + 3 log 3 + log 12 = log 53 + log 8 + log 27 + X The value of X is……. what is the probability (in %) of it being blue ? a) 11 2 b) 25 c) 33 d) 50 Consider the following equation : Log 13. If two marbles are drawn at random. the chances of them both being red are 25%.25 c) 0. a) 4 log 26. of points in space that can be equidistant from each other ? a) 3 b) 4 c)5 d) 6 ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . how frequency (in second) will Chetan meet Bhushan ? a) 165 b) 176 c) 330 d) 44 4 What is the probability that the product of 2 consecutive non negative integers will be a number ending with zero ? a) 0. Chetan and Bhushan run clockwise and Shailu runs counterclockwise. and thrown away. 1/3 rd of the marbles are picked from the bag at random.

A) Taking over of one company bye another B) Two companies join together for business C) One company buys over the other company. VAT stands for : A) Vacuum Added Tax B) Valve Added Tariff C) Value Added Tax D) Volume Added Tax Expand the following : A) IPCL B) SAIL C) MRL D) BPCL B. D) One company licenses the other company. ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . BUSINESS AwARENESS 1. COMPUTER AWARENESS & BUSINESS AWARENESS (100 MARkS): Sample Question Paper:Scheme of CET: COMPUTER AwARENESS 1. 4. stands for : A) Business Product Outsourcing B) Business Process Outsourcing C) Business Plan Organisation D) Bharat Petroleum Organisation Which of these is a multinational company A) HCL B) IBM C) CIL D) Telco Merger stands for.P. Which of the following holds more data? A) Byte B) Record C) File D) Field 5. HTTP stands for A) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol B) Hyper tension Transferred Protocol C) HyperText Transport Protocol D) None of these. 2. keyboard and monitor C) Both A and B D) None of the above 2. C++ is a A) Hardware B) Programming Language C) Electric Charge D) Programming Tool 4.O. A) Electronic data processing device B) Integration of CPU. Computer is defined as. What is WAN? A) Operating System B) Network C) Hardware D) Programming Tool 3. 3. 5.

68 q.81 q.75 q.14 q.45 q.32 q.15 q. ANSWER SHEET Exam No.28 q.56 q.08 q.47 q.05 q.21 q.72 q.76 q.37 q.98 q.66 q.20 q.09 q.30 Hrs.02 q.16 q.73 q.50 q.43 q.74 q.40 q.31 q.03 q.54 q.13 q.92 q.58 q.99 q. Name of the Student : : ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ q.80 q.22 q.88 q.17 q.94 q.36 q.69 q.29 q.84 q.30 – 13.39 q. ANNEXURE V AMMI – MBA / MMS Entrance Test for admissions to MBA / MMS 2009 – 2010 Date : Sunday 12th July 2009 Time : 11.77 q.52 q.70 q.49 q.85 q.57 q.25 q.41 q.53 q.95 q.65 q.19 q.67 q.26 q.55 q.24 q.10 q.60 q.18 q.35 q.86 q.44 q.89 q.59 q.82 q.64 q.11 q.33 q.12 q.78 q.42 q.34 q.06 q.91 q.83 q.71 q.01 q.63 q.87 q.04 q.07 q.93 q.62 q.27 q.48 q.100 ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES .90 q.51 q.30 q.23 q.79 q.97 q.96 q.61 q.46 q.38 q.

Aurangabad A.H.Gawade Member Dr.E.Deshpande Member ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES . Rajashri Shahu Institute of Management.Khedkar Member Dr. Jalgaon. IMSCD& R.D.U.Khopkar Treasurer Prof Dr. Sangli. Salunkhe Designation President Name Of The Instiute S.S. Mandal’s Welingkar Institute of Management.M’s Institute of Business Management & Research.S.Dr. Nagpur Institute of Management of Career Development.Gokhale Joint Sectretary Dr. Prof.Y.C.S.Uday.Chitale. P.B. Prof & Head of The Dept of MBA. L.A. Vasantdada Patil Institute of Management Studies & Research.Arya Member Member Dr. Rajashri Shahu Institute of Management.M. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies & Research. Mumbai.G.Capt . Institute of Technology & Management. Mumbai.L. Member Dr. R. Shri Sharda Bhawan Education Society’s. Aurangabad M. Y. Asha.V. Pune. Mumbai. Ahmednagar N. Punjabrao Deshmukh Institute of Management Technology & Research.Kolte Prof P. University of Pune.Ranjit Shinde Member Dr. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS Executive Council Members of Management of Assocation of MBA/MMS Instiutes. Solapur. Dr.Mrs.Arun Ingle Member Dr. Pune.Society’s Allana Institute of Management Sciences .G. D.Pune Dr.B.Padalikar Member Dr. Khandesh College Education Society’s Institute of Management & Research.Pachpande Secretary Dr. Name & Address Dr .S. Pune. Patil Institute of Management & Research.M. Pune.H. Giridhari Vice -President Dr.Patil Member Dr.S.C.E.D.

in | info@ammimah.AMMI ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT OF MBA/MMS INSTITUTES (Regd.ammimah. Office : Audyogik Shikshan Mandal's Institute of Business Management & Research | Website : www. Near Chinchwad Rly. Station. PNS/2005/August/CET-2005/328) Regd. Pune 411019. No. MAH/695/2005) | Approved by Pravesh Niyantran Samiti (Vide no.27471753 Email : ibmrc@vsnl. : 020 . No. Ph.27475090 or 27478666 | Fax : 020 . Block 'C'.org . Chinchwad.