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Published by Steve U
The difference that clothes can make in our lives...
The difference that clothes can make in our lives...

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Published by: Steve U on Sep 09, 2010
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Superman At eight years old, The small yards and houses appear as Estates and mansions full of Larger

than life explorations and secrets. Wonder and fascination always in The next new thing to be seen Around that white metal shed corner, Over that unwatered grass hill (A small rise in the back yard of old lady Johnson, actually), Or up THIS fence. Behind the shed and leading to... Well, he doesn’t know but surely it is an island of dreams. Eight years of blond-hair tilt back Always gazing up at the fence! However, The young boy has never overcome a fear to climb this particular obstacle rising above him like a slippery skyscraper, the kind that only a superhero (or older brother) could scale. But one day he receives a present, A blue and red and yellow superman T-shirt. Putting the new skin on, he smiles and his chest pulls in air. He is now ready and fated to climb the fence: Young muscle pulling young boy up old opponent, Nerves and mind determined that with this new skin He will look down from the fence as hero. Hand over hand, foot carefully placed, He pulls himself up to the very top and Rippp! he tugs at his shirt, but it is caught fast on a ragged piece of fence, the old skin visible under a tear, the new skin now gone. “Mom!!!”

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