Jennie Blankert, Fall 2002

Toulmin Scheme
Claim: Iraq should be invaded. Claim and Reason: Iraq should be invaded because Saddam Hussein is a threat to world security. Warrants: Threats to security should be dealt with and the way to deal with them is to invade. If your readers accept your warrant you can proceed. If your audience will not accept your warrants – they do not feel Hussein is really a threat or that invasion is the way to handle him – then you will need to provide backing and grounds to defend your warrants and claim. Backing: supports you warrant: In history we have overlooked early warning signs and leaders have gone on to commit this or that atrocity (give specific countries or events). When talking breaks down force can be effectively employed. Examples include Bosnia in 2000, our previous experiences with Iraq, etc (give examples of past events). Grounds: support for your claim: We did not handle Saddam in an effective way in 1992. In the past, he has built chemical weapons that he has deployed upon others and his own people. Over the past few years, the UN has attempted to negotiate arms inspections with Saddam. He has invited inspectors in and they have left because they could not do their jobs Further Resources If this does not help, I have located a few online resources that explain things differently and provide examples. Try looking at an article for these terms in action. Also, look through your text again. Understanding Toulmin’s terms Another layout of the terms PowerPoint using Everything’s an Argument

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