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Orton-Gillingham Lesson Plan

Tutor’s Name____________________________________________

Student’s name:___________________ Date: _________________

Grade/Age________________________ Lesson Number: ________

I. Drill
A. Sounds- Reading Deck Cards (teacher holds up card, student gives sound/sounds):

B. Spelling Deck (teacher gives sound/student spells):

C. Sound Blending:

D. Auditory Exercises:

E. Read Back – last lesson’s spelling dictation.

F. Brief Review of Previous Lesson Skill.
G. Learned Word Introduction/Review (non-phonetic words) Be sure to do SOS:

H. Extra Practice: (Phonics wheel, jewel case decks if applicable)

II. Introduction of New Concept/Phonogram:

III. Letter Formation Work (age appropriate):

IV. Spelling Dictation (core of the lesson and important in building fluency). All
words/phrases/sentences must be read back. Pick an appropriate number/amount to fit into the
A. Words

B. Phrases:

C. Sentences (3-8)

V. Oral Reading (text that is controlled with only skills previously taught):

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