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100 Great Time Management Ideas

100 Great Time Management Ideas

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Published by Viswa Teja
Management Ideas
Management Ideas

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Published by: Viswa Teja on Sep 09, 2010
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Clearly anything you must get done but do not do yourself will

save time. Who can help you? Other sections in the book investigate

some possibilities—staff and colleagues, for instance—but who else

is available?

The idea

One option is to use, albeit at a cost, one of the concierge services

that have sprung up in recent years. What do they do? Well, one

of the best known is Quintessentially, which describes itself as

the world’s leading luxury lifestyle group focused on providing its

members with the best things in life. I phoned their offices and

Clementine Brown told me, “With thousands of suppliers across

the globe, Quintessentially offers an unrivaled worldwide network

and is able to offer discounts and added value with only the very best

of products and services. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,

by telephone or email, Quintessentially’s expert fixers are always

on hand to help with our members’ needs—whether it be securing

last-minute hotel reservations, sourcing the hottest music tickets in

town, or accessing the most anticipated sporting events.”

Since its launch in 2000, Quintessentially has added a portfolio

of 14 sister businesses encompassing property, events, wine, art

consultancy, and even a modeling agency. They have 44 offices in

a host of major cities worldwide including destinations as diverse as

Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dubai, Los Angeles, Moscow, Shanghai,

and Sydney and aim to save their members time, hassle, and money.

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In practice

• Such services cost, of course, and may thus be only for those
at a senior level or who can persuade their company to budget

for it. Nevertheless they deserve a mention here. The time such

services can save is considerable and the good operations are well

set up. Even when traveling, you can make one phone call in the

middle of the night (from a different time zone), arrange to be

picked up at the airport, get the dishwasher at home fixed before

you get back, and set up a meeting with your bank to explain

just why you have been spending so extensively in some obscure

foreign currency. Quintessentially has had some exceptional,

even oddball, successes: ranging from organizing a visit to

the North Pole to see the Northern Lights to having a Premier

League soccer player attend the birthday of one member’s twin

sons for a kick-about.

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