orientation toward or away objects. important and desirable ‡ Norms . folkways.DEFINITION OF TERMS ‡ Values .good. traditions. mores and beliefs .standards of behavior ‡ Attitudes . concepts or situations ‡ Culture ²learned way of life reflected in customs.

Human Weaknesses  Katakawan (greediness)  Katamaran (laziness)  Kayabangan (pride)  Inggit (envy) .

Familism To be reciprocated Social acceptance Social mobility Being a hero . 4. 2. 3.Filipino Hierarchy of Needs 1. 5.

The Security Creed As a SECURITY GUARD. and do my best to uphold the principle. our security and stability of our government and country. maintain order within the my place of duty. without compromise and prejudice. word and thought. protect the interest of my employer and our client. honest in my action. prejudice. my fundamental duty is to protect life and property. . principle.

Conflict Values a. Negative 3.Types of Values 1. Interpersonal . Positive 2. Intrapersonal b.

3. Yourself Factors affecting your identity Your competence Your values Your self-image selfYour work value . 4. 5. 6.SCOPE OF VALUES EDUCATION       1. 2.

Your growth and development of values . Your education 11. Your relations and beliefs in God 13. Your parents 9. Your community 10.Scope of Values Education        7. Your relationship with others 12. Your feelings and emotions 8.

Bata-bata system Bata5. Utang na loob 4. Amor propio 3. Hiya 2. Pilipino time .Dominant Filipino Concepts           1. Paternalism 10. Pilosopo 9. Pakikisama 8. Lakad system 7. Compadre system 6.

Dominant Filipino Concepts        11. Walang tiwala sa sarili 12. ningas cogon . The go-between go17. Walang bigayan. pakikialam 15. pagkatitulado o pagpapahalaga sa may pinagaralan 16. paggalang 14. walang lamangan 13.

27. 26.Dominant Filipino Concepts           18. 21. 24. Lack of sportsmanship Mañana habit Supersticious belief Bahala na colonial mentality relax mentality TayoTayo-tayo mentality Awa mentality KASI mentality LANG mentality . 19. 22. 25. 23. 20.

3. 4. 2. The conscious past rather than the planned future Fatalistic rather than manipulative attitudes Authoritarian rather than libertarian norms Particularistics rather than universal norms .General Filipino Values 1.

Individual Values       Be honest Be punctual Maintain good relation with your workmates Try to overcome your fear Follow instructions and try to do more than what is required with minimum supervision Have a willing attitude to do any task assigned to you .

Individual Values    1. Leadership 2. Communication . Discipline 3.


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