SME01 SME02 SME03 SME04 SME05 DC Motor Speed Control Buck Converter Monitoring of Electrical Parameters Designing of 12V SMPS Over voltage and under voltage protection

Communication RFID
SMC01 SMC02 SMC03 SMC04 SMC05 SMC06 SMC07 SMC08 SMC09 SMC10 SMC11 SMC12 SMC13 SMC14 SMC15 SMC16 SMC17 SMC18 SMC19 SMC20 RFID personal object tracking device Bus identification for blind using RFID RF Modem based home automation SMS based train information system SMS acknowledgment system for student attendance to parents Processing files using DTMF PC Controlled Robot Accident investigation system RF modem ticketing for Railways Remote order booking for e-hotels Information system implementation in Remote and Rural areas using RF modem Public bus tracking system Vital Science Monitoring system Real time tracker Automatic car control using Proximity sensor PC to PC Communication using RF Modem Automatic Speed Control Using Proximity SMS Based Home Automation Steering Angle Prevention System Using Micro Controller Automatic Power Control System For Industries

SDS-01 SDS-02 SDS-03 SDS-04 SDS-05 SDS-06 SDS-07 Implementation of FFT & IFFT for speech signals LPC Wavelet transform (Daubauchies), (Harr) Echo cancellation system Frequency transformation based secured speech transmission system HMM MFCC

SDA-01 SDA-02 SDA-03 SDA-04 SDA-05 SDA-06 Adaptive Equalizer for digital System LMS based Echo Cancellation System Karaoke Wavelet Decomposition for audio compression LSB Audio Stegnography Audio watermarking for Copyright protection of Digital audio data COMMUNICATION PROJECTS Secured Communication using Spread Spectrum. Space Time coded OFDM Systems Time Frequency Spread OFDM/FHMA System Coded Data Transmission System using Iterative Decoding Technique Implementation of FFH System for increasing Frequency Diversity WIRELESS NETWORK PROTOCOL PROJECTS WLAN Building blocks BLUETOOTH Building blocks ZIGBEE Building blocks WIMAX Building blocks ELECTRICAL PROJECTS SDE-01 SDE-02 SDE-03 SDE-04 Voltage Monitor Current Monitor Power factor Monitor Single Phase inverter design AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS PROJECTS CAN based Industrial Automation CAN based CAR Security System Automatic Vehicle Parking System.

SDC-01 SDC-02 SDC-03 SDC-04 SDC-05

SDW-01 SDW-02 SDW-03 SDW-04


600 083 Ph:044-24717456. Chennai . HDFC Bank.IMAGE PROCESSING PROJECTS SDI-01 SDI-02 SDI-03 SDI-04 SDI-05 SDI-06 SDI-07 SDI-08 SDI-09 SDI-10 SDI-11 SDI-12 SDI-13 SDI-14 Finger Print Recognition Performance analysis of Haar wavelet based image compression Data hide and seek technique-Steg analysis Data compression coder and decoder using transform coding DCT based content security system using additive algorithm Visual half toning-mini project DWT based scene adaptive color quantization 2D D4 .wavelet transform in image compression Finger printing-secured technique for Internet applications Color to gray and back:color embedding in to texture gray images Pre \ Post filtering for DCT-based block coding systems Cocktail water marking for secure data hiding Lossless compression for color mosaic images Number plate recognition BIOMEDICAL PROJECTS Wavelet analysis of human respiratory system DSP based time domain ECG wave analysis ECG data analysis to diagnosis cardiovascular diseases SDB-01 SDB-02 SDB-03 VLSI PROJECTS IEEE PROJECTS SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVI-01 SVI-02 SVI-03 SVI-04 SVI-05 SVI-06 Data encryption using DES/AES/TWOFISH algorithm Data decryption using DES/AES/TWOFISH algorithm Implementation of BPSK modulation Implementation of QPSK modulation Implementation of MFSK modulation Forward error correction technique using VITERBI Algorithm COMMUNICATION PROJECTS SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVC-01 SVC-02 SVC-03 SVC-04 SVC-05 SVC-06 SVC-07 SVC-08 SVC-09 SVC-10 SVC-11 Master Slave communication for SPI protocol Interfacing RTC using I2C protocol Implementation of Frequency hopping spread spectrum Implementation of Quadrature amplitude modulation Master Slave communication for I2C protocol Interfacing PS/2 keyboard with FPGA Implementation of I2S Protocol Implementation of scrambler and De scrambler for SONET Implementation of M-array Phase shift keying Implementation of Direct sequence spread spectrum Implementation of 12 bit ADC and DAC using I2C protocol APPLICATION ORIENTED PROJECTS SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVA-01 SVA-02 SVA-03 SVA-04 SVA-05 SVA-06 Advanced traffic monitoring and switching system Remote object controller through RF Home automation through LAN Advanced information annunciator in bus terminals Wireless Robotic controller Wireless LANE monitoring and controlling through RF DSP ALGORITHM IMPLEMENTATION PROJECTS SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVD-01 SVD-02 SVD-03 SVD-04 SVD-05 Implementation of Booth algorithm Implementation of multi rate FIR Implementation of electronic cochlea Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Implementation of Interpolator ARCHITECTURE IMPLEMENTATION SIMULATION AND SYNTHESIS SVR-01 SVR-02 SVR-03 Implementation of RISC processor Implementation of MAC unit Peripheral design of Picoblaze controller Contact Us: SANDS INSTRUMENTATION PVT. Ashok . Old No. LTD.42033656 www.sandsindia.53. 4th Avenue.. 96.Mail: E.

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